AfterPartyPod: Pat O'Brien

AfterPartyPod: Pat O’Brien


Pat O'BrienI had the great pleasure of sitting down with Pat O’Brien, the legendary sportscaster and TV/radio personality who speaks quite eloquently about addiction and is such a good sport that he even played along with a quiz I’d created for him which involved asking him about the potential dangers of an addiction to carrots (spoiler alert: it can cause tinting in the whites of your eyes). I first met Pat when I reached out to him last year about attending an event I put together with the Hills and he’s been nothing but a delight ever since.

The interview starts with him confessing that “as a recovering alcoholic, I put butter, salt, everything I can put in my body except for drugs and alcohol. Lots of sugar. I actually eat sugar cubes” and only gets better from there. You can listen to the interview  here. It will be loaded onto Itunes, where you should be sure to subscribe, give stars to and write lovely things about the podcast to help it rise in the ranks, if you’re so inclined. I’m going to keep trying to land the best guests I can. And like a good DJ, I take requests!

Pat O’Brien photo courtesy of Pat O’Brien. Used with permission.


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  1. Jaqob Jackson on

    Enjoyed the interview. Thanks for sharing my question with Pat! Had no idea you would be asking him that question when you put out the call for questions on Twitter last week. Really touching response sharing his experience with his dad.

    Your kind words about the question are very much appreciated too.

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