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Platinum Care LA


The Basics

With two locations in Los Angeles in Culver City and Beverly Hills, PlatinumCare LA is a wellness and treatment facility that specializes in providing primary, urgent and cosmetic health care as well as treatment for depression and anxiety disorders. Opened in March of 2010, PlatinumCare offers individualized, client-centered outpatient services for clients with a vast array of conditions. Since it primarily facilitates outpatient medical services, dual diagnosis support and 12-step recovery are not components of the programming.

Treatment and Staff

PlatinumCare LA offers a holistic approach that utilizes a wide range of services including concierge medicine, primary and urgent care, geriatric medicine as well as screenings and the treatment of mental illnesses. Clients begin treatment at PlatinumCare with an assessment that accounts for the individual’s complete medical history as well as screening tests. Following the evaluation, the client and physician work together to cull the most effective treatment options and develop a long-term health plan.

For clients struggling with depression or anxiety disorders, PlatinumCare offers a layered treatment approach that integrates traditional talk therapy with lifestyle changes like a healthier diet and exercising more frequently. In addition, the facility promotes holistic methods like mindfulness meditation, yoga and art. The team prioritizes clients whose conditions have led to substance use disorders.

Concierge medicine is an optimized medical care program geared towards executive and elite level clientele. Clients have the option of receiving treatment whenever they wish to, including open and frequent communication with the physician. Concierge care is essentially one step away from having a personal physician. With increased doctor availability and longer visits, concierge level treatment is ideal for busy clients or those with chronic conditions.

PlantinumCare employs an urgent care program designed to prevent the need for later emergency care. The facility is able eliminate the potential for the client to get sicker, as is the case if they were to wait in an emergency room for hours. A vast array of conditions are treated including the flu, nausea, urinary tract infections, diarrhea, fever and allergies. In addition, PlatinumCare offers medical weight loss programs that are individualized to the needs, goals and lifestyle of the client. The facility also provides care for sleep apnea that includes several innovative options including mouth guards and laser treatments to loosen tissue in the back of the throat.

The PlatinumCare team is comprised of board-certified physicians, registered nurses, internists as well as a nutrition and rejuvenative health expert. While there are physicians on staff, there are no psychiatrists available to provide medication management for psychiatric disorders.


PlatinumCare also provides coolsculpting. It is a non-surgical fat-reduction procedure that uses controlled cooling to eliminate fat.

In addition, the facility offers many different kinds of vitamin IV drip therapy including treatments aimed at strengthening energy levels, improving nutrition and boosting hydration.

In Summary

PlatinumCare is an upscale treatment and wellness center that specializes in a vast range of medical services including primary, urgent, cosmetic, geriatric and treatment for individuals with depression and anxiety. While dual diagnosis is not available, the facility does implement psychotherapy and holistic methods in its approach for those with mental illnesses. For clients seeking a treatment experience that bends over backwards for the individual, PlatinumCare is a nice option

Platinum Care LA
8436 W 3rd St, Ste 601
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Platinum Care LA Cost: Call for cost; all major insurances accepted; Concierge care is a monthly retainer. Reach Platinum Care LA by phone at (310) 295-2255 or by email. Follow Platinum Care LA on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn

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