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Piney Ridge Treatment Center


Waynesville MissouriPiney Ridge Treatment Center Review

WoodRidge Behavioral Care is a network of seven residential treatment facilities in Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee that treat children, adolescents and senior citizens with mental health and substance use disorders. Its Piney Ridge Treatment Center is located in Waynesville, a small town in the Missouri Ozarks in Central Missouri, and has been in operation since 1991. Piney Ridge provides residential mental health treatment and substance abuse treatment for children and teens.

Accommodations and Food

The facility houses up to 96 residents, both girls and boys between the ages of six and 18. The facility is locked, meaning residents cannot leave or go outside unattended. Boys and girls are housed in separate gender-specific wings of the facility and attend school and treatment groups together. Children and teens have roommates and shared baths and security is stationed outside their doors each night.

Residents take their meals in the facility’s cafeteria. They have daily chores and can earn privileges to watch TV and movies through successful participation and good behavior. Cell phones and computers are not permitted, but residents may sign out time on their unit’s phone sheet to use the communal phone to call home.

Classrooms are on-site. The facility is surrounded by green space and residents can use the facility exercise room, play basketball or go for supervised walks for recreation.

Treatment and Staff

Most residents stay at Piney Ridge for six to nine months. All residents receiving substance abuse treatment suffer from co-occurring disorders and receive significant mental health therapy during their stay. Each child’s treatment plan is customized with daily group and individual therapy alongside their academic coursework.

The staff-to-client ratio at Piney Ridge is one-to-four. The treatment team includes psychiatrists, Master’s-level therapists, LPNs and a head substance abuse counselor with a Missiouri’s RASAC credential. Treatment uses CBT, DBT and trauma-focused therapy. Security staff and a Charge Nurse supervise at night.

Residents are motivated by Piney Ridge’s Level System. Each resident petitions to move up from one level to the next and their treatment team determines whether the resident can handle more responsibility. As residents are approved to advance levels, they earn more privileges and autonomy—such as the right to choose their roommate, decorate their room and attend special leisure activities like canoe trips and dances.


Piney Ridge also has a dedicated treatment program for young sex offenders. Its Bridge Program helps adolescents and young adults between the ages of 16 and 21 who have been in a therapeutic community learn the skills to transition to independent living.

Additionally, family can visit at any time with approval of the resident’s treatment team.

In Summary

WoodRidge Behavioral Care’s Piney Ridge Treatment Center has been treating children and teens with mental health and substance use disorders since 1991. This highly structured motivational program and secure facility make it an effective choice for young people who have not had the developmental benefits of clear boundaries and stable routines.

WoodRidge Behavioral Care Piney Ridge Treatment Center Location

1000 Hospital Rd
Waynesville, MO 65583

WoodRidge Behavioral Care Piney Ridge Treatment Center Residential Cost

Accepts Insurance. Call for pricing. Reach Piney Ridge by phone at (573) 774-5353 and by email at

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