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Pierpoint Review

Located in St. Annes on Sea in Lancashire, England, Pierpoint Addiction Treatment Centres is a network of facilities that specialize in the care of clients struggling with substance use disorders. It was founded in 1988 by John Noel Grady, the Director of the facility who converted his aunt’s home into a nursing home and then into a treatment facility. Pierpont believes in getting to the root of the client’s addiction, and offers a full curriculum of treatment that includes detox, a residential program, outpatient services and sober living as well as a family program.


Pierpont has four locations through the Perry Clayman Project, in Luton, Chelmsford, Leicester and Clapham. Clients stay in shared housing located within walking distance to the facility. The environment is communal without sacrificing the client’s privacy. Most clients have private rooms, though some are shared. The facility is equipped with common areas with TVs and residents are allowed visitors one weekend a month. Clients are allowed to use their electronic devices after the first week.

All locations have a detox unit with live-in staff as well as between 16 and 20 beds for clients in residential treatment. Clients can expect creative treatments like art therapy, meditation and music therapy, in addition to wellness classes like anger management.

Treatment and Staff

Upon intake, clients undergo an assessment to determine the most effective treatment for their specific needs. Based on the assessment, the client may have to undergo detox. Pierpont offers DetoxPlus, a medical detox process for clients struggling with a number of addictions including alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines, heroin, cocaine and methadone. Detox length ranges from 10 to 28 days, depending on the client’s needs. DetoxPlus provides auricular acupuncture, an around-the-clock nursing staff, peer support groups and massage therapy. After finishing with detox, clients typically transition into the residential program.

Pierpoint offers the Beyond Addiction program that includes a primary and secondary rehabilitation. Primary treatment is a 12-week program that provides residents with 35 hours of therapy and recovery activities a week. While treatment is 12-step based, there is no spiritual element, and the program also includes a range of therapeutic methods including group and individual therapy, family support meetings and addiction education. In addition, clients are taught how to change thought and behavior patterns. By the end of primary treatment, clients will have completed the first five steps of the 12 steps.

The secondary program is also 12 weeks long and focuses on steps six to 11. Long-term recovery goals are introduced as well as general wellness, social and leisure activities. Clients learn relapse prevention techniques and participate in AA and NA support groups. Following the completion of the primary and second programs, Pierpoint offers sober housing, consultations with a re-integration worker, employment assistance, and month of daily telephone sessions with a recovery counselor. In addition, individual sessions are provided for six weeks.

Pierpont employs a team comprised of a nursing staff, therapists, a children and families coordinator, interventionists and counselors.


For clients that are not comfortable in a facility, Pierpont also offers home detox as well as a 28-day online treatment program. There are only eight clients at a time, and clients participate in daily activities as well as interact online with their peers.

Pierpont believes that family is a key aspect to the success of a sustained long-term recovery. To this end, the facility emphasizes the family’s participation in weekly groups every Sunday at the Pierpoint House. Groups focus on communication and addiction education.

Residents that have gone through the Pierpont program have lifetime access to their telephone support service.

In Summary

Pierpoint is an upscale treatment facility that provides a thorough treatment program. The detox process is advanced and expansive, and the Beyond Addiction program utilizes a non-spiritual 12-step structure through the primary and secondary steps. In addition, Pierpoint has a strong aftercare that includes sober housing and regular consultations with a counselor. For clients seeking a 12-step treatment program, Pierpoint is a great option.

Pierpoint House Location

385 Clifton Drive North
St. Annes on Sea

Pierpoint House Cost

9,995 GBP [$13,093.45 USD, per publishing day exchange rate] (12 weeks) . Reach Pierpoint by phone at 0845 3881 543 or by email at adushealthcare@gmail.com. Find Pierpoint on Twitter

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