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Phoenix Futures Sheffield


Phoenix Futures SheffieldPhoenix Futures Sheffield Review

Phoenix Futures offers substance abuse treatment services within community, prison and residential settings in England and Scotland. It operates one of its five residential treatment locations in the Yorkshire city of Sheffield. As a side note, potential clients should be aware that among its many treatment methods, Phoenix Futures uses therapeutic practices associated with Synanon.

Accommodations and Food

Phoenix Futures Sheffield accommodates residents in a 16-bedroom Victorian house in a leafy area of Sheffield, just a short ride from the city. The rooms are fairly large and fit between two and four single beds comfortably. There’s one private room, but it’s reserved for longtime clients (no extra charge). While three of the rooms have ensuite bathrooms, the others are shared between four people.

The facility’s business-media suite comes furnished with computers and doubles as an educational classroom—job searching comes for residents in later-stage recovery. TV viewing is limited; clients can watch the morning news for half an hour in the breakfast area and for a little while in the evening (8:30 pm until lights out).

Though food items are not organic, all meals are home cooked. Breakfast items include corn flakes, muesli, porridge and fresh fruit. Residents enjoy dishes such as chicken stew with French baguettes for dinner. Clients do most of the cooking in the professional restaurant-style kitchen, but an in-house French chef oversees and assists with food preparation. Sugar and caffeine are allowed.

Treatment and Staff

Phoenix Futures Sheffield uses CBT as their main method of treatment. The minimum stay here is six months and, while this facility isn’t strictly 12-step oriented, residents can participate in meetings every other Friday. Clients are welcome (and encouraged) to attend off-site SMART and AA meetings after four months.

The rehab provides group therapy and one-on-one sessions. Residents meet individually with their primary therapist every 10 days, though this can be increased to once a week if desired. For medical needs, there’s an off-site doctor’s office within walking distance. Transportation is provided if walking isn’t an option, and senior residents accompany newer clients. In terms of detox, they do have a doctor who specifically oversees that department. Depending on a client’s substance of choice, detox can last anywhere from five days to eight weeks. While Phoenix primarily deals with addiction, they also have the capacity to work with dual diagnosis clients.

The treatment day starts at 7 am when breakfast is served and medication is doled out. At 8:15 am, the community gathers for a group checkup and morning meeting which ends at 9 am. After that, residents work together to clean the house. Upon completing chores, each client partners with a “keyworker” to learn how to maintain a garden, cook in the kitchen and other domestic life skills (with a break at 10 am). Lunch and medication occur at noon.

Group sessions run from 1 to 4 pm. After that, residents can use their free 12-week membership to Sheffield University’s gym or participate in a daily reflections group. At 5:30 pm, the evening meal is served, then everyone takes part in clean up before attending another house meeting.  At this gathering, residents receive “pull ups” and “push ups,” which are basically positive and negative reinforcements from their peers. Around 8:30 pm, they get down time to take care of any pending work (for example, journaling), make personal calls or take medication.

There are no outside electronics at Phoenix Futures Sheffield. While there is a house phone and office phone, outgoing calls are restricted to medical needs. Daytime calls are allowed between 10 am and 5 pm while evening times fall between 8:30 pm and 11 pm—calls are 10 minutes in duration.

Children of residents may visit immediately but residents must wait two weeks before seeing anyone else. Normal visiting hours are between 1 pm and 5 pm on the weekends, but Phoenix Futures Sheffield is flexible with clients’ schedules—with advanced notice.

The mix of highly credentialed and peer-counselor staff consists of four therapeutic workers, three care-team members, two managers and a department coordinator. Additionally, there are six relief workers/drug-alcohol practitioners who cover for any employee absenteeism, ensuring round-the-clock assistance—along with one overnight employee and a few on-call team members. If the facility is full, this makes for a one-to-11 staff-to-client ratio.


Once every two months, Phoenix Futures Sheffield allows families and prospective residents to visit the center and learn about its recovery methods. Their version of a family program begins with only therapists and family present; for the second half, clients join in on these sessions.

In addition to Sheffield University gym access, yoga classes are also available. For outings, Phoenix Futures Sheffield offers supervised “Recuperation in Nature” trips to the nearby Peak District National Park, where residents spend four-to-five hours doing conservation work. Other outings include visiting the local museum, pantomime performances, bowling, roller skating, ice skating, swimming, camping and sailing. Most unusually, Phoenix Futures sets sail every year on “Voyage of Recovery,” an annual five-day boat trip around the coastal waters of the U.K. Working on the boat in three-hour shifts, residents learn that staying off drugs can lead to positive experiences.

In Summary

Those in the UK or those looking to travel abroad could consider Phoenix Futures Sheffield if they’re in the market for long-term residential treatment. The rehab provides support for AA/NA and SMART recovery, and also offers a handful of recreational bonuses—all at a competitive price. Combining all this with their emphasis on training clients to live in the real world, Phoenix Futures Sheffield emerges as a contender for those seeking recovery.

Phoenix Futures Sheffield Location

29-31 Collegiate Crescent
Sheffield S10 2BJ
United Kingdom

Phoenix Futures Sheffield Cost

£2,480 GBP ($3667.57 per publishing day exchange rate, 30 days). Reach Phoenix Futures by phone at 01144+ 114 263 2010, or by email at [email protected]. Find Phoenix Futures on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr

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