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Located in Greenville County, South Carolina, Phoenix Center offers detox for adults and residential substance abuse treatment programs for women with children and for adolescents. With over 35 years of experience, the facility offers high-quality, individualized care. With 12-step based recovery, education and life skills, long-lasting sobriety becomes an attainable goal.

Accommodations and Food

Located on Phoenix Center’s sprawling 29-acre campus, White Horse Academy is a 16-bed, male adolescent program. The boys are housed in dorm-like set ups, each in a private room with a shared bathroom. Rooms include a twin sized bed and a dresser. The facility also includes a school, a dining hall, a common area with a TV, therapy rooms and offices.

Serenity Place is 16-bed facility for women and their children. Clients are given their own room and are permitted to bring up to two children. The facility includes therapy rooms, offices, a dining hall and a child care area.

Three healthy meals are provided for the adolescents. The food is served buffet-style and eaten as a group in the cafeteria. Special dietary requests can usually be accommodated. The women’s program requires clients to help prepare all meals for themselves and their kids.

Treatment and Staff

The Phoenix Center operates an adult, coed 16-bed medical detox unit on site. It is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with counselors, nurses and on-call physicians. For safety and comfort, clients are closely monitored. Once detox is completed, usually within five to seven days, discharge planning is provided to transition clients into treatment services.

White Horse Academy’s residential treatment program is for males ages 13 to 17, with a typical length of stay falling between 90 and 120 days. Treatment is primarily focused on substance abuse, but dual diagnosis support for co-occurring mental health issues is provided on a case-by-case basis.

Prior to admission, the client undergoes an individual assessment. The program includes weekly individual and group therapy, education sessions with a certified teacher from Greenville County Schools, art therapy and family counseling. Group topics include life skills, relapse prevention, the 12 steps, family communication and anger management. Family therapy gives clients and their family members a chance to work on communication, boundaries and codependency.

In the Serenity Place program for women and children, admissions priority is given to pregnant women. Referrals to detox facilities can be made upon request. The typical length of stay is six months, giving clients plenty of time to put new tools and life skills into action. The treatment is quite intensive, with up to 50 hours per week of therapy and recovery work required. Both individual and group therapy are offered, with group topics revolving around parenting, anger management, introduction to the 12 steps, life skills, relapse prevention and trauma. The women also have the opportunity to attend several off-site AA/NA meetings per week.

The staff includes registered nurses, a licensed psychiatrist, a teacher, MFTs and CADCs.


Child care is provided for Serenity Place residents while they are in therapy.

Clients may care for an organic garden on the grounds as well as take part in a ropes course to help with team-building exercises

In Summary

Phoenix Center offers a medically-supervised detox and residential care with a focus on life skills. Adolescents have the benefit of an on-site school, so they don’t have to add catching up with coursework to the daunting list of life changes that come with early recovery. By building each client’s elf-esteem and teaching them how to live, Phoenix Center helps them learn to thrive in the outside world.

Phoenix Center Location

1400 Cleveland St
Greenville, SC 29607

Phoenix Center Cost

Depends on program. Reach Phoenix Center by phone at (864) 467-3790. Find Phoenix Center on Facebook

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  1. Cindy Caldwell on

    I went for “treatment” for getting pulled over and getting caught with a prescription bottle that was not marked properly, So I had to go in twice a week for rehab, though alcohol was not my issue. I was taking prescribed klonipin….I passed EVERY single urine test and after 10 classes at $60 per class, I was told that I had successfully completed the classes. About a month and a half after completing the classes, I got a call from Phoenix center saying I had failed the last exit urine test. I told them there was NO WAY and said I would come to the center within 15 minutes and take another urine test. They said they couldnt do that, that I would have to be re assessed and take 4-6 more classes. Needless to say, my license were taken AGAIN, and NOW, almost 4 years after that fiasco, I am STILL trying to get this mess straight. It’s THEIR word against yours when it comes to the urine test, which they said was “negligable” I researched their urine tests and they are not 100 positive. If you eat fermented foods, use certain lotions, hairsrpay, etc. you WILL fail the test. I also found out that there were 4 other people in MY classes alone, that this VERY same thing happened to. They failed their very last urine test. You can either hire an atty for $500 plus and fight them, or pay the $60 per class. Either way, they got you. Damned if you do and damned if you dont with this situation. why be forced to go to these classes for medicines thats prescribed? May as well make alcohol illegal too.

  2. This place should be avoided! The staff seems to be tired of doing their jobs, and bored…it’s a scam deserving of my drug dealers…I left the Phoenix Center, and they never showed any compassion. This center is horrible, I would rather be in jail! Staff is hard to trust,mean faces, and NO compassion! A fraudulent horrible place to be, and I was not court ordered to attend this hell hole. Went through the whole program learned nothing!

  3. Concerned Family Member on

    I had a family member go for an assessment. He was negative on his marijuana test. However, they wanted him to go back for sessions at $60.00 a pop for 8 weeks at 2 sessions per week. Sounds like a scam. I have notified my EAP program and my insurance agency about how we were treated. I feel really suspicious about this place. I am getting a second opinion.

  4. The phoenix center staff treated me and my wife horribly. They treated us like we were strung out drug addicts. When in fact that was not true. A doctor created this animal and a doctor was supposed to cure it. Or, so I thought. When I arrived at phoenix center it was okay but overall I was repeatedly abused by staff and directors. I was treated like I was constant liar and they were the only ones capable of telling the truth. On several occasions, I was humiliated in front of other patients, and abused because I did not have the money to pay them (for urine tests $15.00) but I had dosing money. I was told to go to er and come back when I get them their money! That is the same thing that a drug dealer would say. In fact, after arranging a title loan, I returned with their money. At first, (when they thought I was coming back to beg), they again where getting hostile, however, just as soon as I paid them, their whole attitude changed. The fake smiles were there again. If you can afford it, stay away!

    • Cindy Caldwell on

      Same happened to me. I was pulled over for a traffic violation. Cop saw my prescription bottle and asked what it was. I told him Klonipin that I have been taking for 15 years or PTSD. Because the label was faded, I went to jail for 3 days, waiting to see a judge. After THAT nightmare, I was ordered to take 6-8 weeks of classes twice per week at $60 per class. I didnt drink before, during or after the classes, but on my VERY last class, took an exit urine class. 6 weeks after my last class, I get a call that I had failed my exit urine test and would have to come back for 4-6 more classes and have ALL clean urine tests. This is the biggest scam going, with a class of 15-20 people, most hard working people who may have got caught with a joint, or a beer, or prescription medicines. I met NOT ONE druggie while taking these classes and felt like I was judged for taking prescription medicine to help with my anxiety. To get my license back, I have to take their classes. AGAIN, as there is NO WAY to prove that their urine tests show false positives.

  5. Our son participate in this center. We enjoyed the fact that he was in a safe atmosphere.

    Although, we later learned that night staff would allow the kids to wrestle in non-camera areas. Some staff would participate and encourage this as a way to resolve conflict.

    The staff encourage parent participation until critiquing is viewed as negative.

    Aftercare involved two telephone calls and NO work with the Phoneix Center Counselors and aftercare progress.

    We later learned that most students with our son relapsed or were later incarcerated.

    Our son later relapsed and has enter another treatment center.

  6. In 2008 I was there covered under Medicaid in the beginning of 2016 spoke with a Jackie jones in finance of a bill and was told to write in to dispute this bill by Jackie jones and I did she informed me that she’d review the file with the board members and resolve the issue, being that I filed taxes this year and prior to this has not come up until now this bill is eight years old and as I stated in my letter Medicaid should have covered the bill I would please appreciate it if the board of directors would contact me mrs. Jackie jones has not done what she told me she was suppose to do. My number is on file and current

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