Personalized Treatment Options To Help You Stay Sober

Personalized Treatment Options To Help You Stay Sober


Imagine you were told that you can’t see your loved ones for thirty days. That you can’t sleep in your own bed for a month or cook your favorite meal. It sounds dreadful, right? So it’s no wonder that many people who are going to treatment for substance use disorder are hesitant to enroll in in-person treatment. 

And yet, there are treatment programs available that aim to make the separation from home and family a bit easier. By reducing the amount you’re worrying about being away from home, these programs allow you to really focus on healing yourself, discovering the reasons for your substance abuse, and giving yourself the best chances of establishing a thriving life in recovery. 

Here are treatment options that can make your early recovery a little more pleasant: 

Pet-Friendly Treatment

Do you have a cat or dog who is a member of your family? For many of us, pets provide emotional support. It makes sense to have that support nearby when you’re going through one of the most intensive emotional experiences of your life. After all, animal therapy has been shown to have benefits for many people, and what better animal to have nearby than the one you already love. 

That’s why some treatment centers allow you to bring your pet along, even to residential treatment. You’ll have a little taste of home and the emotional comfort of your four-legged friend. And, you’ll never have to worry about whether your pet is being properly cared for at home. 


Treatment is serious business, but while you’re getting help for your substance abuse disorder it’s ok to have a little fun. Choose a treatment center that is able to provide the activities that help you thrive. Do you love the water and boating? A treatment center near the ocean will be perfect for you. 

Speak with your treatment center about what activities they offer, especially during the pandemic. While some activities might be limited right now, there should still be opportunity to participate in socially-distanced activities like yoga, biking or golf. Getting a little adrenaline pumping and a smile on your face can go a long way in helping you enjoy your treatment experience. 

Treatment From Home

Most people think about going to treatment, but in some cases treatment can come to you. Treatment centers with individualized programs offer one-on-one treatment models that are perfect for busy professionals and others who can’t or don’t want to leave their homes for months on end. 

If you want treatment that fits around your life, rather than rearranging your life to fit around treatment, consider opting for a sober companion. This treatment professional will join you at work and at home, providing 24/7 support and accountability as you get sober. 

One of the great benefits of having a sober companion is that you’ll never have to worry about rebuilding your life and career after treatment, since you’ve integrated your home and career with treatment from the start. While some people value the interruption and pause that residential treatment can provide, others would rather continue their lives as usual, while focusing on their sobriety. Knowing that you have the option to get professional help without disrupting your life can make it easier to accept that you need to get treatment. 

Faith-Center Treatment

If your religion or faith is an important part of your daily life, you should leverage that to help you get and stay sober. Find a treatment center that lets you integrate your religion with your recovery is important. These programs will let you attend religious services, and will frame your recovery around the tenants of your beliefs. That way, you can draw on the strength you find in your faith to help you through the challenges of early recovery. 

Getting treatment for alcohol use disorder is a big step. It takes a lot of work, so you should utilize any step available to make the process more comfortable and pleasant for you.

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