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the lodge at peachfordPeachford Hospital Review

Peachford Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia offers several programs for adults and adolescents seeking substance abuse treatment. The main hospital campus offers the acute inpatient program for adults and all the adolescent programs. Approximately three miles from the hospital, The Lodge at Peachford provides services for adult clients who are participating in the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Though their program is primarily outpatient-based, The Lodge also has a short-term residential program which can accommodate men and women 18 and older transitioning back to normal daily routines.

Accommodations and Food

The main campus of Peachford Hospital is home to the adult inpatient substance abuse program and the adolescent inpatient, IOP and PHP, as well as the setting for acute mental health treatment for those of all ages. Peachford’s clean, modern facility accommodates clients in comfy double-occupancy rooms that look more like they belong in a hotel than a hospital. Children, teens and adults are separated into their own wings. Clients can enjoy a swim in the pool or lounge in one of the common areas that feature big screen TVs. There is also an outdoor playground adjacent tot he children’s wing.

Just a few miles away, The Lodge features traditional bedrooms with two beds, closets, a nightstand, reading lamps and desks. Rooms at The Lodge can be comfortably shared by two people, but clients often have their own room spending on occupancy. Two common areas are available as well, one designed to be a quiet sitting space and while the other comes with cable TV. The Lodge can accommodate a total of 28 residents.

Meals are all prepared in the main hospital cafeteria. Lodge residents eat meals in their own dining room. Special dietary concerns addressed when necessary.

Treatment and Staff

The acute inpatient program at Peachford Hospital provides 24-hour intensive medical and psychiatric stabilization for individuals with life-threatening substance abuse and mental issues. For those experiencing withdrawal symptoms, medical detox is available, as are services for those with a dual diagnosis and Suboxone for those coming off opiates. The acute program is generally a quick stop, designed to stabilize crisis symptoms and prepare clients to enter longer-term care, namely one of the facility’s outpatient options. The average length of an inpatient stay varies between one and three weeks. 

After inpatient, adult clients can step down to The Lodge or adolescent clients can move home and transition to the PHP or IOP track at the main facility. The treatment process begins with a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose the underlying medical or biochemical origins for substance abuse. After that, an individualized plan is created incorporating each resident’s special needs and goals, with medication management when necessary. 

Lodge residents participate in daily treatment programs on-site and and in aftercare and support groups at the hospital. Transportation to and from the hospital is provided. PHP is held every day of the week from 9 am to 3 pm and lunch is provided as part of the program. PHP includes four group therapy sessions with a short wrap-up session at the end of each day. Group therapy is the primary mode of treatment and clients also have two individual sessions per week with their assigned psychiatrist. Talk therapy and CBT are the primary modes of treatment. When requested and clinically appropriate, family therapy can also be incorporated into the program.

IOP consists of four two-hour groups a week, with both day and evening sessions available. Individual sessions are two times per week. A standard outpatient option is also offered for those looking for a truncated version of the same treatment. This involves one group session a week and monthly individual therapy. The length of all the outpatient programs depends on the individual. 

Led by a psychiatrist who specializes in addiction, Peachford Hospital’s staff is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of 15 doctors in the fields of internal medicine, social work, case management, activity therapy and substance abuse counseling. Along with nursing assistants and other staff, the ratio of staff-to-client is one-to-two.


In addition to traditional therapeutic modalities, recreational and pet therapy are also available. Residents also get access to the hospital pool and playground. 

In Summary

Peachford Hospital offers a continuum of care that’s perfect for those struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. The unique transitional living and outpatient treatment option offered by The Lodge is a great alternative for adults who don’t want to commit to a long term inpatient program. With plenty of medical support and relapse prevention education, clients who spend time in treatment at Peachford Hospital are sure to find themselves better prepared to meet the challenges of sobriety.

Peachford Hospital Location

2151 Peachford Rd
Atlanta, GA 30338

Peachford Hospital Cost

$500-$2,000 (self-pay, 30 days; most insurances accepted). Reach Peachford Hospital by phone at (770) 454-2302  or (770) 455-3200 and by email at [email protected]

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  1. AnnMarie S Haight on

    I hope an investigation was started on this hospital. I was there for three months back in 1984 and all beds were kept occupied at all times. When insurance ran out, you were released. If your insurance was good and still paying, you were marked “AMA” and you were not released without a lot of interference. I saw some things in there that I will never get out of my head. Unfortunately, most of these places are like that and if they are state funded, the state pays based on the head count per bed. As an adult, I asked to get out of Summit Ridge with a 72 hour request and was told no. My insurance ran out and they offered to pay my first month’s cobra. I refused to sign the form and was released the very next day. Imagine that!!!

  2. Naveed Ummed MD told my husband who has been 1013’d for 5 days that if he doesn’t take Seroquil (which is NOT prescribed by his primary doctor) that he will not get out and he will commit suicide if he does not take it. He took him off of his 200mg Effexor and put him on 37.5mg which is very dangerous. He constantly suffered from brain zaps, numbness, and memory loss. Those medical concerns are not being treated by Naveed Ummed MD. I called his primary psychiatrist and he is also concerned of his well being. He tried contacting Naveed Ummed MD, but can not get a response. He has been compliant through his 72 hour observation and has gotten an OK from his counselor and social worker. The only person that will not sign off is Naveed Ummed MD. I think he may have a personal problem with my husband, but that is no reason to keep him confined. I am afraid we have to file a lawsuit to get this figured out.

    • Absolutely horrible. Lies, 7 hours to get a child hospitalized when told 1 hoyr wait. Staff is untrained. Intense, blatant, and calculated everse (black on white) discrimination. DO NOT AT ANY COST SEEK TREATMENT THERE. forget any favorable review you might find. It was certainly a paid endorsement. They will keep your loved one as long as insurance will pay. As soon as that ends, yoyr lived one is miraculously fit to go home. Cold at night, rude staff, valid fear of physical attack, this place has it all.

  3. This place is horrible. I am not a patient but my son was. My came about PTSD from the military. I drove to pick him up and the front office had no numbers to the building units. Finally my son called from his cellphone and I walked from front building to meet him. Mind you my can was still at front building. Once I got to him he led me I inside where a older white female was…she didn’t introduce herself, she pointed and told me to have seat over there and she disappeared in room with glass windows then it was apparent she was the counselor. I didn’t know what I was walking into I thought I was picking up my child. I knew I had to move my car, so I told someone to pass the word I would be back. My son emerged and said Mom you can’t go through that door. Before he could finish this lady was back yelling at him to get back in the room. He did what she instructed. Realizing I couldn’t get out the door, I sat down. Then, over the loud speaker was a call for me to move my car. I knocked on the window to get this lady attention and she was pissed. She told me don’t come back here wait at the front! I asked, Why are you so rude? You are supposed to be helping them but you need help. Sadly, on the weekends there is no one on the grounds to take a complaint. Don’t send anyone to this [email protected]

  4. Susan Burtley on

    lies, Peachford is great !!!!!! A lot of these stories are half told most of these people sounded like they were 1013 from hospital or police. so of course you can not leave at will. If you are at a hospital and say anything suicidal or odd they will surely 1013 you. Yes, its for safety and yes , its because they all work together money wise. A adult person can leave in 72 hours if they have shown no signs of agitation or aggression. A child however if given medications may have to monitor for suicide since medications have high side effetcs of suicide on children. Peachford actually have many outpatient programs I am wondering why these people check their child in for only a day and expect to get them out ????? Admission paper work take longer than that. Its not a day care. If you want to just talk and leave maybe outpatient was the correct path. I have been to Summer Ridge also Regency and Peachford is by far the best one.

  5. I have been in recovery for 31 years and cannot believe what I am hearing about Peachford. I am so sorry to hear all this feedback . Anyone who has the courage to go to treatment should be treated with respect and compassion; not like being in a “dog kennel”.
    I know when i was trying to get clean and sober I did not get to go to a treatment facility. After hearing this I am glad that I had to tough it out…if i had been given drugs I would have stayed in as long as I could…
    Please get some help for this hospital if these statements are true and if they are not, get help for those who wrote them.

    I only know that the addict and the sick person always find someone else to blame the mess that had been made of their lives…me included

  6. My 7 year old suffers from ADHD and PTSD from Abandonment. He’s been to peachford 3 times within a year. Has pulled and threatened me and his brothers with knifes. Beat up a few kids at school and. The insurance company Amerigroup… denied him first… then they had a D2D and then the 2nd dr denied my son treatment!!! How can anyone deny a child that has no clue how to work through their and handle their feelings and emotions this type of service!!!! I’m beyond upset….. I know one thing I pray for the Parents of the 20 1st graders killed because it was a case kind of like this…. insurance denied and Dr. Denied…. insurance says it’s ok if something bad happens….. Dr says here’s a PILL it will do wonders for your mental state!!!

  7. Peachford is absolutely awful and unprofessional. It was NOT helpful at all. Our family member was falsely sent here and even after diagnosis by the psychiatrist on staff, the facility would not release our family member. When we FINALLY got our family member OUTof this “jail” (72 hours later) and taken to a truly professional psychiatrist, the new psychiatrist agreed that our family member should never have been sent to this faciity and shoud have been released as soon as the doctor assessed our family member. The group of “professionals” at Peachford are not helpful to us and the experience our family member and we had at this facility was horrendous!!!! I would not recommend anyone go to this facility for anything. They lump all patients admitted voluntarily or involuntarily into one group regardless of condition and severity of problems which is completely unacceptable. Our family member who is a teen was horrified and frightened the entire time they were at this awful prison-like place.

  8. Our 17 year old voluntarily admitted himself last week for help with severe depression. Can not get any feedback from anyone at Peachford. Different people tell you different things and then they all claim that the other is lying! Was told that we could have our son discharged after 72 hours and they refuse to return phone calls to tell us why they won’t release him. It’s as if they are holding him hostage for money!!! If you need a hospital, do a lot of research before sending anyone you love there. It’s ridiculous and unethical what they do.

  9. Attention!!!!!! People need to careful when having kids, Parents want to blame everyone for the crazy kids that they make its all in the bloodline!!! Crazy parents make crazy kids, and then you want to complaint about the hospital staff, he’ll these people have so much on there plates!! They have problems as well!! Then they come to work and have to deal with your crazy ass kids!! I can only imagine how difficult it is..

  10. First and foremost!!!! What did you do to get there, misbehaving is a crime !# and listening is a must!! Some of you kids think that you can do whatever you want without consequences!! Parent do the best that they can to take care of you and you all are still not doing what you are told!! So here you end up at Charter!! So suck it up a do better…

  11. Sad. The third shift on the geriatric unit invaded my privacy by placing a camera at an angle to see me naked. I had bedsores and surgical wounds. Staff was allowed to come into my room and view the footage.

  12. Terrible place, cannot get the doctors to call you back.
    They also prescribed Prozac to my 15 year old daughter without my consent.
    Funny, they needed my consent to give her Tyenol but I guess they figured they could do the Prozac without permission. When I pointed out that doing so was a criminal offense they took her off the Prozac.
    Seems like they try to keep people in their “program” in order to get more money from the insurance company. I had a nurse on Unit 1 hang up on me because she said I call too much, yet another nurse told em to call whenever I wanted.
    I have comlained to the “Patient Advocate” but have not heard anything back and it has been 4 days now. I am wondering if they are trying to cover up their mistakes or if they have so many complaints that they just have not had time to get back to me yet.

    • Horrible hospital indeed! I spent a week there, and there back in May and I kid you not I’m still recovering. The things I saw & experienced there were traumatizing! And I only have an anxiety attack to begin with! ??? you’re literally stripped of everything and ignored like a level 8 patient! It was horrible.

  13. peachford is an awful place. the nurses do not do anything at all to help and they overmedicate you. when i was there a girl was having a huge hallucination episode and told me to go get a nurse and when i did, she told me to go away because she was faking it and to mind my own business. the nurses are overall rude, and made me come out worse than i was when i came in.

      • Please, please, please do! This is the worst and most disgusting hospital I have ever stayed at before…. Only after finally threatening lawyers and news crews, I was released by lunch the next day… For 10 days, our room, nor shower, nor the daytime area was ever mopped or cleaned. Tried giving medicine I had a heart episode with, and kept saying I was non-compliant… So many unreal experiences in a ten day period. I never imagined this lack of care went on in this day and age.

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