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The Basics

Patrick Hart Consultants helps clients seeking help with mental health issues, eating disorders or substance abuse navigate the process of locating facilities, enrolling in treatment and reintegrating into daily life in recovery following their program. Hart and his team provide coordinated case management that ensures each client has an effective team in place to position them for success in recovery.

Patrick Hart is a licensed CAADAC addiction counselor and physical trainer who endured addiction, violence and homelessness before committing his life to helping others. Hart has been in recovery for over a decade and has been guiding others through the process since 2007.

Treatment and Staff

Hart and his staff work with each client and their families individually, identifying where they are in the recovery process and helping clients understand which treatment options will give them the best chance at lasting recovery. For some, that means staging an intervention. The consultants use a variety of formats, including the non-confrontational Johnson Intervention. Other clients may be transitioning from inpatient to outpatient care, in which case Hart and his team may identify therapists and convenient peer support meetings to help the client while they return to work and family life.

The consulting team includes psychiatrists for treatment of those with co-occurring disorders, case managers who can help clients access additional services and health care providers and therapists. Mollie Birney, MFT-I, is an eating disorder specialist who works with many clients on intuitive eating techniques and eating disorder coaching and treatment placement.

In Summary

Patrick Hart Consultants is a team of coaches, counselors and case managers who are trained to provide coordinated treatment consulting at every stage of the recovery process, from interventions to on-going aftercare. Hart and Birney specialize in helping clients access the treatment setting best-suited for the stage of the client’s disorder and their unique personality, enabling them to create long-lasting customized treatment programs that meet their recovery needs and goals.

Patrick Hart Consultants
14560 Benefit St #303
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Patrick Hart Consultants Cost: Call for details. Reach Patrick Hart Consultants by phone at (844) 4646-6434 or by email at [email protected]. Find Patrick Hart Consultants on LinkedIn and YouTube 

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  1. Cassidy Cousens on

    I’ve worked for the past 17 years in the field of mental and behavioral health treatment as a counselor, interventionist, advocate, trainer, program director, and facility owner.

    I recently had the opportunity to work with Pat Hart and his team on a series of cases that required a level of attention and clinical individuation that were challenging, to say the least.

    I discovered that his entire team was professional, exceptionally talented, and perhaps most importantly, incredibly passionate about the work they do. The results of their approach are certainly transformational, for both clients and their loved ones.

    As a practitioner myself, I must say that if you are lucky enough to find your way to Pat Hart and his team, you will be in good hands. Their approach is highly supportive of recovery and ensures the best chance of success in difficult or “outside the box” situations. They definitely take a wrap around approach that works well with the concept of the Integrated Model of Care. In other words, they do a great job at making complex situations simple, and work in a highly collaborative way with other professionals in order to keep situations tidy and on track.

    I’m thoroughly impressed with the work they do and I’m confident you will be too!

  2. Patrick Hart consultants company is comprised of 4 people including Patrick. These people, especially Patrick operate from a place of moral bankruptcy. He cares first about money and second about the client but only insofar as what they can do for him. internally (within the company there is a lack of communication, trust, and loyalty. Most notable is the lack of unity/ cohesiveness within the company which affects the clients and makes it difficult to trust the coaches as individuals and the company as a whole. The issues amongst them which I suspect is rooted in their fear of Patrick spills over onto the client and makes for situations that create triangulations, mistrust, and a lack of boundaries. The company run by Patrick Hart who bears in mind is without an education operates from a place not of compassion, care, and understanding but manipulation, strong holding, and bullying. Their lack of professionalism, moral compasses, transparency, and clear communication has illustrated to me time and again that this company is not only unethical but dangerous. They are handed huge responsibilities- people lives and instead of handling with respect, humility, and care they take advantage, manipulate, and disempower the client when it suits there needs – never taking responsibility, care, or time to protect and honor their clients. Patrick is calculated, condescending and just mean. He shoots from the hip and justifies his actions by blaming clients, putting it on others, or just ignoring you until he wants or he needs something which only ever has amounted to money. Patrick Hart Consultants company tells you that you’ll pay the most starting out and then less as time goes on but now 1 or so years later he as told me that to continue I must pay approx 90,000 dollars and sign a one year contract. He has raised the fee but is not offering anything additional to me but instead feels I should pay this to show my commitment to wanting change and my investment in my life. Its all such BS and noise used to distract and get what he wants. He goes too far crossing boundaries, employing scare tactics, using the intimate info against you, etc. when it comes to getting what he wants- he will tear you town, wear you out, and manipulate you all for the sake of his own interest which includes first and foremost money money money. The kicker is that if you give him what he wants you don’t ever end up getting what you want/need/ were promised bc he simply doesn’t have the tools, skills, infrastructure, or integrity to deliver. It is really very sad that people like him work in the recovery field. If you do your due diligence you’ll see that has a terrible reputation and negative reviews from past clients, his own employees, and colleagues. No one has anything very positive to say about his character, integrity, professionalism, etc. Dont trust this review? go see for yourself.

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