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Patricia Peters, Interventionist


Interventionists in Chicago, ILThe Basics

Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Patricia Peters is a certified interventionist with a range of other accreditations including LAC, CADAC II, CIP and BRI. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Governor’s State University and over 20 years of experience in her field. She works with people who are struggling with addiction, eating disorders and dual diagnosis issues. Though she lives in Chicago, Peters is an independent counselor whose expertise allows her to travel and work nationwide. She sometimes provides services through Lake Haven Recovery Center in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Her clientele ranges from female victims of domestic violence to those with eating disorders, as well as people battling process addictions and chemical dependency. She also provides educational services to corporations, individuals and their families.

The Background 

Peters is openly sober and has been in recovery for over 25 years. Her interest in addiction began soon after she turned her own life around, returned to school and earned a degree in psychology and addiction. Now, with over two decades of experience in behavioral health services, Peters has facilitated over 500 interventions.

The Approach

Peters brings a range of treatment methods to her practice, including knowledge of family dynamics, psychodrama, experiential therapy and integrative breath work. Her philosophy is to deliver heartfelt and hands-on treatment. When staging an intervention, Peters’ approach is gradual, with plenty of family involvement and education along the way. The duration of the initial preparation varies on a case-by-case basis.

While not all clients who go through an intervention with Peters ends up in treatment, that is ultimately her overarching goal. If an intervention is successful and the client agrees to enter treatment, Peters will often help pick out the facility and drive the client there herself.

Post-Intervention and Summary

Peters remains in touch with family members as necessary throughout the treatment process and she provides aftercare services consisting of three months of weekly communication. In addition, she provides at-home family intensive coaching for codependency, relapse prevention and other related issues important to maintaining long-term sobriety.

In all, Patricia Peters brings education, training and decades of experience in dealing with addiction to all of her clients. Being sober herself, Peters also offers the unique connection of one addict talking to another—something that has shown to be highly effective in treatment. The combination of her credentials, extensive repertoire of treatment modalities and caring objective makes Patricia Peters a solid choice for anyone looking to help a loved turn their life around.

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