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Located in the small city of Kalispell, Montana, Pathways Treatment Center (PTC) has been operating as part of Kalispell Regional Medical Center since 1994. PTC is a short-term inpatient facility that serves those with mental health problems, substance abusers and people with co-occurring disorders. The typical stay is 10 days, and begins with medically supervised detox, then proceeds to lay the foundation for substance abuse treatment and ends when clients are transferred to a longer-term facility.

Accommodations and Food

PTC is a hospital environment where up to 40 people receive treatment at a time. There are two clients per room and they share one bathroom. Each room has two beds and two chairs, but no phones or televisions. For television, residents can lounge in the comfortable day room.

The food is standard hospital fare, but quite popular with the staff and residents. There are staff chefs who prepare a menu approved by nutritionists. Special dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

Clients come to PTC usually through referrals from other places. If an addict is starting a longer-term residential placement, PTC will often take care of the initial detox phase of treatment, as well as introducing clients to some of the “beginning” aspects of staying sober and living in recovery. PTC only accepts clients who are assessed to be chemically dependent on drugs or alcohol.

Although 12-step principles are central to PTC’s philosophy, the number of clients who have dual diagnoses (or straight mental disorders) means that PTC must provide serious psychological treatment along with the 12-steps. The main modalities of treatment at PTC are DBT and CBT administered through a combination of group and individual therapy. There are group sessions pretty much constantly at PTC, and clients maintain a rigid schedule of attending educational and therapeutic group sessions as well as individual therapy with clinicians and family care meetings.

Because of PTC’s nature as an acute facility for people with very serious substance problems or mental health issues, the staff at the facility is top-notch. All the clinicians are Master’s-level in therapy and accredited with substance abuse treatment credentials on top of that. Even the majority of the nurses at the facility have special training in treating the mentally ill, addicts and people with co-occurring disorders. The staff-to-client ratio is one-to-three. PTC employs medical doctors and psychiatrists, so people with physical problems and those in need of psychiatric drugs can receive necessary treatment.


PTC has a family program component. It offers the families of addicts a series of 12 sessions structured to help caregivers understand and support their loved ones.

In Summary

Pathways Treatment Center doesn’t just offer detox, it is truly a specialized facility custom made for those in need of dual diagnosis support. This is a serious program for those who need professional help with mental disorders along with their addiction. With a highly qualified multidisciplinary staff, the is a great option for clients seeking medication-assisted treatment and a helping hand in gaining stability before finding a long-term treatment facility.

Pathways Treatment Center Location

200 Heritage Way
Kalispell, MT 59901

Pathways Treatment Center Cost

$2,600 per day. Reach Pathways Treatment Center by phone at (406) 756-3950.

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  2. This place is a total ripoff my grand daughter ended up in there for a night i called my insurance company to see if they are in network. I found out they are not but the insurance company said if pathways called them and made an agreement with them that i would have a 200 dollars deductible then they pay 90%. I called pathways and they said they don’t do that so i ended up paying a 650 dollar deductible and 40%. This place is all about greed and not about the patients at all! A total rip off !!!!!! I called pathways back and told them i couldn’t afford their rates of 1500.00 a day well i couldn’t believe it when they told me my Grand daughter is all of the sudden ok and don’t have a problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT GO THERE go to the treatment center in Missoula they are in network with my insurance and the drive back and forth will pay for itself in one trip!

  3. Dr. A Waddell on

    On 5/6/18 Mental Health worker PATTI KENNELLY in haughty disregard for my wishes committed my wife to Pathways Treatment Center. Ms Kennelly arrived at Montana’s Whitefish Hospital Emergency Room and insisted on interviewing my wife alone, against my will and over my repeated objections in complete disregard for the Power Of Attorney I hold for my wife that I gave Ms Kennelly. Ms. Kennelly proffered false legal advice by stating I could not be present. I recorded our conversation.

    Over the course of ten days while seeing my wife during Pathways visiting hours (7:00 PM—8:30 PM) I requested, at least four times, a meeting with my wife’s assigned psychiatrist, Dr. Jessica Mosier. Dr. Mosier was present in the facility at the time of my requests. The reason for requesting a meeting was to discuss a number of things listed on Pathways Patient Rights publication, specifically, but not limited to:

    Ø The right to adequate diet
    Ø The right to appropriate treatment
    Ø The right to a treatment plan
    Ø The right to appropriate referral upon discharge
    Ø The right to freedom from unnecessary or excessive medication
    Ø The right to informed consent

    At no time did Dr. Jessica Mosier attempt to honor my request in my attempt to help my wife. Therefore, on 5/14/18 at 9:30 AM I went to the front office of Pathways and again requested a meeting with Dr. Mosier. About five minutes later Dr. Mosier came out of the facility into the lobby and proceeded (in front of another person from the public who had come in to the lobby) in an agitated, machine-gun-like verbal barrage of words, to inform me that she had no time for me, and that she had already spoken numerous times with me (a lie). She afforded no opportunity to say anything during her diatribe, turned on her heel and left me standing in the lobby. In actual fact, I have spoken to Dr. Mosier one time only unconnected with the present Pathways’ stay. Dr. Mosier’s conduct is symptomatic of a rude, lying and conceited, vulgar, arrogant, condescending, unprofessional, person. In view of the fact that JOHN MELLO in his 2/3/18 post above documented the same type of behavior from Dr. Mosier it would seem that $2600 per day that patients pay to be treated in Pathways needs review and oversight. I have had enough dealings with Pathways in the past to unequivocally state that Pathways is not a facility that takes a patient’s well-being seriously.

  4. My wife is currently in Pathways awaiting placement at a Rehab facility for alcohol addiction. I had been working with her doctor, Dr. Shumard, trying to navigate the complex Tricare system. On Friday the 2nd of February, after a long and lengthy email and phone battle with Tricare, I attempted to reach Dr. Shumard. I called Pathways to bring him up to speed on the hopeless entanglement Tricare had me in only to learn he was off and that Dr, Mosier was the attending. I asked the front desk staff to please have her call me as I wasn’t sure what my next steps in dealing with Tricare would be; I never received a call. That evening I attended visitation and I happened upon Dr. Mosier; I attempted to get clarification on questions concerning my wife’s care. Dr Mosier was most disagreeable and disrespectful in her deportment and demeanor. I was shocked; this is not what I would expect from a health care professional. She made it plain that she was ending her shift and it wasn’t appropriate for me to ask questions of her. I found her attitude appalling and totally uncalled for. As a Charter Jet Captain, I deal with the public all the time; my professionalism and bearing have to be beyond reproach, even if I am having a bad day; I expect nothing less from a Health Care professional.

    • These are greedy bastards its all about money at pathways they don’t give a rats ass about the patients this place should be turned in and shut down!

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