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Pathways Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program


Pathways Alcohol and Drug Treatment ProgramPathways Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program Review

Situated on eight acres of wooded land in Annapolis, Maryland, Pathways Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program offers a short term, 12-step based recovery experience with close access to the Anne Arundel Medical Center. With only a 21-day program, Pathways keeps the focus on treatment, with busy days and few off-site privileges.

Accommodations and Food

All clients at Pathways are housed in a free-standing, dorm-style facility which is also where all therapeutic activities are held. While hospital access is convenient, Pathways tries to keep most of the activity on-site. With beds for 32 clients at a time, all rooms have twin beds and basic furnishings.

There are separate wings for each gender and a housekeeping service that takes care of all the basic chores. An on-site chef prepares three hot meals a day, all served cafeteria-style in the large dining hall. There are also select evenings where residents enjoy outside delivery, generally in the form of the occasional weekend pizza party

Treatment and Staff

There is an on-site medical detox offered at Pathways; however, in cases where seizure is a risk, clients can be transferred to the Anne Arundel Medical Center, which is just under two miles away. Detox typically lasts four to seven days, with residents expected to participate in as much of the daily routine as possible during that time—given Pathways’ shorter lengths of stay, this seems like an efficient option (if a little uncomfortable).

There is a medical doctor on staff at Pathways who visits every day as well as a psychiatrist, nursing coordinator, clinical team leader, mental health clinician, primary case manager, intake counselor, family therapist and certified teacher on staff as well. There’s also a team of registered nurses to care of clients from day-to-day.

Treatment is 12-step oriented with daily group and one-on-one counseling sessions. Residents have the opportunity to attend up to ten 12-step meetings a week, which are almost exclusively on-site. While there are trips to outside meetings, Pathway’s fairly large client base (with an average of 32 clients at a time) makes such trips difficult, as the facility only has room to transport 10 to 12 at a time in vans. Generally, residents commonly attend only one to two off-site meetings during their entire stay.

While there is a gym on-site at Pathways, it is a gymnasium in the classic sense of the word, with only basketball and volleyball facilities. Exercise in encouraged at Pathways, but is mostly comprised of organized games of those aforementioned sports, as well as long walks around the spacious grounds. Trips are rare at Pathways and clients should expect to spend the duration of their stay on-site, with the exception of the occasional outside meeting or 12-step related event; for example, Pathways recently sponsored a field trip to see a 12-step related community theater production.

Pathways has a series of lockdown-style rules to maximize immersion in their program. Clients are only permitted one phone call a week, and there is no visitation of any kind save for one hour-long family session during their stay. To give an idea of how seriously Pathways takes this policy, even on Christmas residents can schedule a family for only a half hour.


Pathways offers what they have deemed adventure therapy: an on-site ropes course that features more than 20 high and low climbing activities—including a 45-foot climbing tower and a 12-foot climbing wall—which are designed to help clients incorporate a physical component into their recovery work; residents’ families are also welcome to participate. Still, it should be noted, the ropes classes at Pathways are also open to private businesses as well, which could be a potential detriment to those looking for an isolated, retreat-style recovery.

In Summary

With an on-site medical detox, a large medical staff and close access to the Anne Arundel Medical Center, Pathways Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program offers highly supervised, serious care. Given the short duration of the program and fairly large client roll, Pathways is low on extras like fitness opportunities and field trips, preferring to maximize treatment in their three week program. Those seeking long term recovery in a cozy, isolated setting may want to seek elsewhere but there is no denying the practical recovery offered at Pathways.

Pathways Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program Location

2620 Riva Rd
Annapolis, MD 21401

Pathways Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program Cost

$10,900-$15,100 (21 days). Reach Pathways Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program by phone at (410) 573-5400. Find Pathways Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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