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CaliforniaThe Basics

Pat Kelly is a Certified Addiction Treatment Specialist (CATS) and a certified interventionist based out of California. Working independently as a lecturer on the topics of addiction and recovery and training healthcare professionals on the intake and admission process, Kelly has numerous years of experience in the field of addiction. Her services are offered specifically for substance abuse and chemical dependency.

The Background

Kelly has more than 15 years of experience as an addiction specialist and interventionist. Additionally, she also has extensive knowledge of admissions procedures and inpatient intake at hospitals and treatment facilities. Her years of work in the field makes Kelly a good resource for finding the right fit for each client’s unique recovery needs, with numerous substance abuse treatment facility contacts.

The Approach

Kelly modifies her approach based on case-by-case needs. She has an initial two- to three-hour meeting with family, loved ones and associates to be involved in the intervention process to assess the background of the client and the particulars of the case.

Kelly’s thorough knowledge of many different models allows her to choose which process is the best approach upon meeting the support team. Once treatment is determined necessary, Kelly offers a variety of program options for families to research. Prior to the intervention, Kelly makes arrangements with a treatment facility where the client is sent immediately following.

The intervention process aims to confront the addict’s “wall of defenses” rather than the individual and their character and all clients are treated with dignity and respect. The family is prepared to encounter defensive behavior and are encouraged to educate themselves on the facts of addiction and to establish consequences for harmful and hurtful behavior.  The intervention itself is scripted with the addict sitting in the center, surrounded by loved-ones who have detailed and specific accounts of hurtful and harmful behavior.

All clients and their recovery support-team are encouraged to become involved in the 12-step community to sustain lasting sober behavior and mental and emotional wellness.

Post-Intervention and Summary

Kelly is a good choice for those seeking a private and intimate intervention. Typically meeting with the family once or twice prior to the intervention, Kelly also follows up with loved ones with additional sessions as required or desired. Individuals who are not ready to attend treatment are promised support 24/7 until the time comes when they are willing to accept help. Although she does not personally facilitate aftercare, Kelly does have contacts with many treatment facilities and follows each case as the client progresses in their recovery.

Pat Kelly-Intervention Consultant

Reach Pat Kelly by phone at (714) 883-4934 or by email at [email protected].

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