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The Basics

It’s hard to describe Malibu’s most expensive treatment center without talking about its owners—Chris and Pax Prentiss, a father and son team who claim to have discovered a non-12-step holistic addiction treatment which they offer as the program of recovery at Passages, their $80,000 a month rehab that opened its doors in 2001. While a number of treatment centers offer alternatives to 12-step these days, Passages is openly anti-AA, making it arguably the most controversial treatment center in existence.

Accommodations and Food

The 10-acre, $23 million posh Malibu compound will not fail to wow perspective clients and incoming residents who will be more than pleased with their new home. The sprawling marble entrance and high-end décor are aesthetically rich and meticulously maintained by the facility’s staff of housekeepers.  All the bedrooms come equipped with plush mattresses and luxury bedding.

Passages Malibu is a luxury rehab catering to those for whom money is no object—and they do not fall short in delivering perks. Upon arrival, residents are assigned an assistant, who tends to their needs throughout their stay. The on-site gourmet chef serves a wide variety of high-end and healthy meals, taking into account the individual dietary needs and preferences of each client.

Treatment and Staff

The program is made up of an array of therapies—including sound therapy, adventure therapy, equine therapy and meditation therapy—as well as an array of qualified staff members who are at a four-to-one staff-to-client ratio and include a psychotherapist, a family therapist, hypnotherapists, spiritual and life purpose counselors, nutritionists, masseuses and acupuncturists. Passages does not have a medical doctor on regular duty but there is an MD that makes weekly visits.

As a non-12-step treatment program—or rather an anti-12-step program—Passages puts a lot of emphasis on healing and offers many alternative treatment methods like acupuncture, Tai Chi and a ropes course to achieve that. The philosophy at Passage is that to tackle addiction properly, one must address any chemical imbalances, unresolved events from the past, beliefs that are held inconsistent with what is true and an inability to cope with current conditions. The team at Passages feels it takes 60 to 90 days to deal with addiction and the underlying issues properly.

Special attention and focus are strong points at Passages, as it gets extremely specific when it comes to addiction. For example, it doesn’t just treat alcohol addiction—it breaks down the treatment into subcategories like beer addiction treatment, wine addiction treatment and liquor and spirits addiction treatment.


With front row views of the Pacific Ocean, Passages has an on-site, state-of-the-art, glass-enclosed gym complete with personal trainers.The property also houses two gorgeous pools, a tennis court, several fireplaces, a juice bar, a library and a koi pond.

If the ideology at Passages is appealing but the price too much, it also has a slightly less palatial estate in Ventura, California, just 40 miles up the coast.

In Summary

Addicts who have little financial barriers and not much enthusiasm for 12-step programming will be drawn here. Still, no conversation about Passages is complete without an analysis of some of its more extreme claims, whether its Pax Prentiss saying to grads, “You will never use drugs and alcohol again—your dependency has been cured” or to a reporter that he feels like he “could drink in a controlled fashion.”  If none of these issues are deterrents, those who’d like to try taking care of their addiction in one swoop would surely be comfortable here.

Passages Malibu Addiction Rehab Center
6428 Meadows Court
Malibu, CA 90265

Passages Malibu Cost: $80,000 (30 days). Reach Passages Malibu by phone at (866) 239-6470. Find Passages Malibu on Twitter and Facebook

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  1. Total BS cons that suck the money out of people who don’t know any better. There is a special place in hell for that father son duo of scams and treachery. Go to AA or NA, it’s free except for any donations you can make during a meeting ($1.00). It appears this is just a place for the rich to go escape for $80K a month and get spoiled with all the anemities. This is not an alcohol/ drug program. Do your homework, don’t be fooled.

  2. Once an addict, always an addict. I don’t care if you’ve been clean for 20yrs, your just a recovered addict. There is no cure for addiction, just strength, courage and the willpower to make the right choices!

  3. Now they are addicted to M-O-N-E-Y
    Where is their COMPASSION to anothe rhuman being, they say everyone is a friend and charge 80.000 PER MONTH????? since when junks have money, let alone THAT MONEY!???

  4. I know two people who have been to Passages.

    One of them is a wealthy filmmaker and goes, gets “cured”, relapses, goes again, and on an on.

    The other person is not wealthy, believed what they were selling, convinced a parent this was the solution, the parent got into financial trouble fearing that her child would never get well otherwise, and this person did not get well at all. After leaving, the person relapsed within two weeks, and returned a second time, this time because the first person I mentioned thought he’d help his newfound friend and paid for it himself. After leaving a second time, this person relapsed again.

    Bottom line — this place is beautiful but will in no way cure anyone. They will, however, be happy to take your money.

  5. Chris Prentiss is a lying thief. He hired me and my children to get a property in Belle Glade Florida off the ground because I had worked there many years ago when it was Glades General Hospital. Everything was going great until I told him about all the asbestos that had to be removed, he promptly fired us all on the basis of lack of work. If you ever go there hold your breath. I contacted many authorities and no one wanted to do anything about it because the commissioner of belle Glade needs jobs because the town is a slum!!! If you dont believe me I was the asbestos removal person in house trained to identify and remove the product.

  6. My nephew was there for 4 days under malibu passages care. He was completely clean of any drugs. Someone brought drugs to the facility and he overdosed. He is now fighting for his life. Quick question – Whats the difference of being at malibu passages for 80,000 a month or being on the streets

  7. I’ve been an addict for 12 years and I haven’t done any dope for 9 years because I choose not too not because I’m cured I have a family which includes a wife and 4 beautiful children and I’ll tell you after being so called “clean” for 9 years there are triggers still to this day if I see the wrong person or smell the wrong smell I instantly want to use but I choose not to remember not because I’m cured but because I have chosen to be me and I have made this decision only for myself
    So that bs about being an addict and now I’m not is so glamorized it makes me sick
    I would like to see the relapse data on the people who have gone to this 80000 dollar center and then slap the fuck out of them for being so ignorant when you can get real help which includeds a structured environment of peers for free 7 nights a week 24 hours a day 365 days a year it’s called AA or NA there is absolutely no charge to join the only requirement is that you be you and in a matter of time you will helping others I hope this helps

  8. Being an addict is a choice. You either want to be Free or ya don’t, simple as that. You make a choice every day that You Live whether you want bacon or sausage and eventually will decide what it’s gonna be. You also make that choice whether you want to get high today or You Won’t get high today. It’s a Choice-Make The Right One!!!

    • Have any of you bloggers been to Passages in Malibu because I am considering to go am a heroine junky. Junky for life ….

  9. I am so glad that others have caught that bullshit. I am not a counselor, but have finished 3 years for my associates degree in substance abuse counseling. It is very true that once an addict, always an addict. Not unless you got a brain transplant that nobody knows about. The brain is re-wired to want whatever drug you are addicted to. Through therapy, a person is taught how to fight the urges and to find pleasure in other aspects of life. So that being said, each time I see the commercial for this place and that dumbass says “I should know, I was an addict for 10 years and now I’m not”, I think, “yeah, now your a fucking idiot for not knowing how an addiction works.” I sure hope that dumbass isn’t portraying himself as a counselor. If so, he needs further education on the topic.

  10. I’ve been to rehab before and you don’t just get cured from addiction it’s stuck with you for life, if you truly are an addict so what y’all say on TV is a bunch of bs

  11. you people are a damn joke you say you’re cured you never cared you always an addict just a recovering addict the guy speaks he was an addict for 10 years but now he’s not that’s b******* you people are nothing but damn crooks people aren’t to sue your asses the line

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