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Pasadena Villa is a residential treatment program located in Orlando, Florida that focuses primarily on mental health. Founded by three people who shared a vision of teaching “life skills and social manners that encourage positive social functioning,” Pasadena Villa opened its doors in 2002. It soon expanded to include the Transitional Living and Learning Center in 2005 and two Community Residential Homes in 2008. It also has a second location, Smoky Mountain Lodge, which opened in 2009.

Accommodations and Food

The facility offers residents a stay in an urban, upscale and artistic community in the heart of the “cultural corridor” near Winter Park. It is a 14-bed, co-ed program with private rooms for each guest, and the building resembles a large, white-columned 1990’s-era suburban home. The interiors are airy with lofted ceilings and tiled floors but for the most part, Pasadena Villa offers dated but comfortable decor. There is no pool on the premises, but clients have access and membership to an athletic complex only five minutes away, with both indoor and outdoor pools available.

TVs are available in each room which residents can watch at will around scheduled sessions and activities. Cell phones and electronic devices are permitted and even encouraged, as they are considered important tools to social integration. Time is scheduled specifically for Internet use in order to participate in social networking—unusually enough, this is viewed as an integral part of their clients’ mental well-being.

All meals are served family-style at one large table. The facility considers this a form of group therapy where staff and residents eat together, in order to help clients model and learn better social skills. The kitchen staff have all been trained at reputable culinary schools, and can accommodate all dietary restrictions and recommendations. Nearly every meal offers at least one vegan option, and on-staff dietitians work with clients to develop food plans for healthy bodies and minds.

Treatment and Staff

Pasadena Villa offers treatment for people suffering from cognitive, emotional and social disorders through their unique Social Integration Model. The facilities offer psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care for adults (18 and older) who live with schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder (with and without psychosis), autism spectrum disorders, schizoaffective disorder, Asperger’s syndrome and co-occurring mental illness and drug addiction (though there is no on-site detox).

The program helps each client practice life and social skills with the end goal of healthy independent living. The Social Integration Model is a process that integrates residents into the community at large, practicing everyday activities with licensed and professional supervision. The staff can intervene if necessary, but each community outing is geared towards instilling confidence and coping skills in real-life situations and environments.

There is a minimum of one psychiatric session, one therapy session and one family therapy session every week, though more are available when necessary and possible; the average is four group sessions a day. Therapy for chemical dependency and relapse prevention is available as well, with 12-step meetings for those who wish to attend; still, it’s worth noting that Pasadena’s focus is more on mental illness than addiction by itself.

With various levels of care available at Pasadena Villa, its inpatient program has a one-to-14 staff-to-resident ratio, with each clinician having a caseload of about five to seven clients. Those living off-campus in community-based residential treatment (it can accommodate 10 individuals residing in single family homes) will have access to assistance 24/7. Day treatment and transitional housing are also available for potential clients needing less intensive treatment. Overall, the staff is culturally diverse with a good balance of men and women, and includes psychotherapists, registered nurses and psychiatric technicians all on-site.


Aside from the aforementioned treatment options, there’s also art, music and recreational therapies incorporated into the program, on top of career, academic and life skills coaching. In terms of recreation, activities such as bowling, Frisbee, fishing and trips to the movies put clients in social situations out of their comfort zone, all to challenge their limitations and help with behavioral correction.

In Summary

Overall, Pasadena Villa offers a unique approach to recovery and mental health with a heavy focus on integrating into mainstream life. With regular one-on-one therapy, group sessions and the social rehabilitation program, clients with mental health issues have every tool at their disposal to learn to live a normal life. Since mental illness is rarely discussed in our culture, Pasadena Villa offers hope to a very specific group of sufferers.

Pasadena Villa Location

119 Pasadena Place
Orlando, FL 32803

Pasadena Villa Cost

Pasadena Villa is a private out-of-network provider that is joint accredited. It works closely with families and their insurance benefits to assist client access care that they can afford. Reach Pasadena Villa by phone at (877) 845-5235 or by email at [email protected]. Find Pasadena Villa on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn

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  1. Frederick Hershman on

    PasadenaVilla in Sieverville, TN
    Gee whiz Dave, I see your looking to extract another 3,290 in cash from me. This is not a good Afternoon. I would not plan on payment will be taken on October 15th.. I hope to not need to go to Orlando to personally resolve further payments. I’m profoundly livid about how you handled my son, Eric and Timothy (Jay’s ) decisions culminating with a final outcome of him being sent to the local
    emergency room then shortly thereafter being tazed and jailed by local police.
    Treatment of psychologically diminished individuals is your organizations specialty, placing blame or responsibility on Eric is absurd.
    Please adamantly suggest that C.F.O. waive this added 3,200 charge and chalk it up as a big win for PasadenaVilla.

    Feel free to review my note to Maggie below and discuss with the CFO. Due to Timothy (Jay) having Eric dumped at the Airport and not considering his psychological state or that fact that I’m over 700 miles away, and not allowing me sufficient time to smoothly retrieve my son, I believe over 10K for 12 days
    “treatment” is exceedingly far more than Pasadena Village is justified in receiving.

    Your initial statement:
    After this payment, insurance will cover at 100% as long as Eric continues to meet medical criteria for Residential Treatment. In the end, evidently Eric never met criteria for Residential Treatment. I plan to arbitrate with United Healthcare to possibly reimburse some amount for this Out-of-Network expense. It seems Pasadena-Villa had zero success getting any insurance coverage from
    United Healthcare. To add insult to financial punishment, after 12 days Jay accomplished dumping Eric at the Airport with no confirmed flight. Two days after that, Eric returned to Pasadena Villa where staff called Police and had him taken to the Local Emergency room. Ultimately, I was able to
    get my son from Siever County Jail after paying a 500 fee for disorderly conduct. He had been tazed by police and his suitcase of possessions was gone. As of Friday, I have a receipt $ 10,175 paid to Pasadena Villa’s Orlando CFO. I’ll use this to request some or any United Healthcare re-imbursement, to dispute denial of services , I need the Medical analysis or evaluations Pasadena-Villa should have generated, which PasadenaVilla has requested a release form to be signed by Eric for me to receive. Considering Eric was ejected by Jay from your facility, then later was sent by your facility to the Emergency room, It seems Eric certainly should have qualified for residential treatment in my perspective, to be discussed with United Healthcare.

  2. My son was there for treatment for several months. Many of the staff are not caring or rude. They are extremely expensive. They provide poor support and poor documentation for insurance reimbursement. They often collect more from the insurance co then they charge and they keep the difference rather than crediting the family to offset non covered treatment costs. They make you pay in advance and if there is any refund due, they take many months (6+) to reimburse clients.
    Some staff members are conscientious and caring and they do have beautiful facilities and good food. But don’t let that fool you. The overall experience is v bad. Most patients spend their days just lying around or playing on the computer, smoking. They are not sufficiently encouraged or motivated to go to treatment. Activities are very limited. Psychiatric support is extremely limited. Staff does not do a good job encouraging medication compliance. If patient doesn’t go to get meds at designated times, they are not administered.
    It seems that the facility is managed with the priority to make money over helping the patients.
    Unfortunately the options for residential mental health treatment in the US are very limited and expensive but this facility is not one of the better choices in my experience.

  3. Even though my sons treatment was a success, the people in Orlando are terrible. Billing is a nightmare and nothing but excuses. when the corporation gets more money from insurance and you request for some help due to all the billing errors still no good response not even from CEO. I was told thats why ther is a chain of command. He was busy. If you dont have a boat load of money, dont go here.

    • James Goodman on

      We were out of state clients living in Florida but looked for treatment in Smokey Mountain.

      As stated earlier we pulled our son out after a month due to lack of treatment. The facility was pre paid for the month. When Pasadena Villa finally filed an insurance claim, They filed it as a payment to the facility not to the insured.

      After learning about this, I called Pasadena Villa and was told in an email “Our policy states that we cannot grant a refund until all dates of service adjudicate, which could take six months post discharge.”

      I am now in agreement with the March 17th review “These people are crooks. STAY AWAY”

    • Grace lighthouse on

      I caution anyone, this is by far no rehab, this place will only make one worse. All my years working in healing arts, and growth, I stand firm, if you love yourself and want health, stay far away from this particular facility. This I and many pray is seen and heard. We the people chose life, this is the worst place to ever try to heal! I say again ever! If people knew truth about Dr Ramon, Dr mckinzie and Perry at Tennessee location it would be a movie in the making. Please pray they stop these people now! Enough said.

  4. James Goodman on

    Crooks I can not say that, we knew going in what the cost were and money was not the issue.

    After 16 days, I received a call from my sons local psychiatrist questioning why Pasadena Villa did not request his pass treatment records, I went to the Smokey Mountain facility and questioned this and was told by the executive director “no one was assign to my sons pass records it was a communication snfu ”

    My son was there for 20 days without seeing a Psychiatrist. After I complained the next day he saw Dr. John Kupfner, who simply increased the amount of medication without reviewing his pass history.

    Smokey Mountain reminded me of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest before Jack arrived. DRUG THE RESIDENCE OUT AND LET THEM SLEEP ON ONE OF THE 18 SOFAS IN THE MAIN HALL. That is not what I consider Social Integration Methodology.

    James Goodman
    [email protected]

    • OMG my family member is in the Orlando property right now and we’re starting to see the same thing! It just looks like he’s getting worse!

    • Pasadena Villa on

      At Smoky Mountain Lodge we work tirelessly to engage our residents, their families, and their outpatient providers. Our psychiatrists are actively engaged in the care of our residents, and they work collaboratively with therapists, nurses, and our psychiatric nurse practitioner. Our family satisfaction surveys consistently show that 90% of our families are satisfied with their loved ones care, and our outcome studies consistently demonstrate that our residents get better as a result of both their medications and the therapy they receive.

  5. I bet that dude is still there. What a loser. 30 years old and still lives in a group home. most of their clients are lazy losers who don’t care about anything

  6. Worst treatment center ever-more like a group home for undesirables and feeble minded and in some cases mildly retarded.

    therapists are unqualified and unethical. Violations of HIPPA are completely evident. They are monetarily driven on keeping clients there as long as possible

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