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If Pasadena Recovery Center  seems to have drummed up a lot of mixed press, it may be because people show up expecting it to be like Celebrity Rehab. Though Dr. Drew’s show was filmed in a special wing of the Pasadena Recovery Center, it’s actually one of the more affordable rehabs in town.

The 98-bed facility was founded in 2000 by Dr. Lee Bloom and is currently run by his son, Mike, with plenty of help from the rest of their family. The family business culture permeates the place, and Mike checks many clients in personally. After this greeting from Mike, every incoming client is matched with a buddy who is usually an experienced resident.

Accommodations and Food

Amenities are befitting of the price point. Unlike the high-priced rehabs, Pasadena Recovery Center is nothing fancy—albeit quite nice. Clients share a room with another resident, but if they are willing and able to pay a little extra, PRC can arrange for them to have a single room. The food has been met with mixed reviews but most say it’s surprisingly good.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment is based on a traditional 12-step model without a lot of bells and whistles to, though clients with co-occurring disorders are also admitted and receive personalized dual diagnosis treatment plans. Pasadena Recovery Center’s most widely praised asset is its staff, including Celeb Rehab alum Shelly Sprague. Compassionate and professional, the counselors and therapists at Pasadena Recovery Center reportedly excel at connecting with the residents and some form lasting relationships with them. A typical day is blocked into group sessions on topics like gratitude and anger management, H&I panels or outside 12-step meetings, as well as structured recreational time.

As far as rules go, neither phones nor computers are allowed during treatment and residents are required to do a weekly deep cleaning of their room. But unlike some comparably sized rehabs, Pasadena Recovery Center permits men and women to mix.


In addition to yoga, acupuncture and music therapy, there’s also a foosball table in the rec room. On Sunday mornings, there are organized walks around the Rose Bowl, and on Friday afternoons, residents compete against other local rehabs in softball tournaments.

Pasadena Recovery Center is one of the better deals out there and it something many other rehabs do not—big-name speakers from all over the treatment industry and beyond for their monthly speaker events, including White House Drug Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske, bestselling author Gabor Mate, and Dr. Drew Pinsky.

In Summary

But no rehab is entirely perfect. A few former Pasadena Recovery Center clients claim they encountered problems when trying to get their deposits back after leaving treatment early and others say they were being admitted because their co-occurring disorder(s) were too severe, but the grievances of those who may still be active users should be taken with a grain of salt.

On the whole, Pasadena Recovery Center offers plenty of great treatment at a great price. It may be a more relaxed environment than some of the more old-school rehabs, but it maintains the traditional 12-step structure that is sure to help those who truly want to recover.

Pasadena Recovery Center Location

1811 North Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103

Pasadena Recovery Center Cost

$9,000-$11,000 (30 days). Reach Pasadena Recovery Center by phone at (866) 663-3030. Find Pasadena Recovery Center on FacebookTwitter and YouTube

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  2. Disappointed Customer on

    Please DO NOT go to this facility for treatment. If you think it is affiliated with Dr. Drew, you are wrong. They are deceptive, unethical and conduct illegal activity. Their sole purpose is to make money off people’s misfortunes. I thought I was sending my loved one to a safe, clean and effective facility. Not only is the physical shape of the building and the rooms in much needed repair, it is filthy, infested with rodents with exposed asbestos. It is no wonder they don’t allow family members in the rooms of patients. Several people got sick here after only a few days. People go through withdrawals in rooms with no AC. It’s like a prison. People who have no addiction issues are sent here on court orders. There are criminals at this facility who get into fights daily and smuggle in drugs. There is also a great deal of theft and they don’t allow patients to lock their doors and their belongings. All the patients are over-medicated and heavily sedated with a cocktail of stage 3 anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds, even those who have no official diagnosis of mental health issues. There is no encouragement for physical activity so everyone resorts to heavy chain smoking. The facility is severely understaffed and most counselors don’t even have the proper certification to counsel addicts. The owner of this facility and his extreme lack of care shows as he underpays his staff. They’ve owed me thousands of dollars for several months because my family member decided to leave this dump and they have yet to pay me back. This place needs to be shut down. I’m filing a complaint with the public health department. Please do not go here to seek treatment. They replace illegal drugs with legal drugs.

  3. Sorry to hear about your experience. I hope you pursue your legal rights. I’m currently seeking legal remedies. Perhaps we can join efforts to get rid of this nightmare for others.

  4. I checked in August of 2013, I’m sober till today and many thanks to PRC.
    look … you can complain and find all kinds of excuses to A wall, when you ready to change you life and save it, then nothing matters except to listen and fallow the positive.
    It’s a school of life, filled with experts to help those who are ready to change and have made a decision to change their life around.
    I’ve seen all kinds of people the time I was there and all kinds of things did happen, none of it stopped me from a change because I was there for a change not excuses. So if you looking for a rehab that’s gonna be a Disneyland or we used to call it pancakes and blowjobs then you are not ready my friend.
    Check in or your loved ones if you are truly honestly looking for a change and concentrate on the people who want to help you, and not on some bullshit theory of negative events. I’m happier then ever in my life because I check in with sole purpose of making my life and my loved ones great again. SO HELP YOU GOD There’s only one way out of this and that’s being honest to your self.

  5. Ashely Marie Moore on

    I totally disagree with you….the staff was very friendly, I was able to score some Meth by day two and it helped me to moderate my use of drugs. Very beneficial…..and the sex was consensual

  6. This place is a sham. They are crooks who charge desperate families credit cards without authorization, allow people to use in the facility until the money goes through. I’ve been told by staff members that MB steals cash from the safe, and pockets cash intakes> the sister-lawyer double dips as she makes sure her clients are sent there so she gets both her lawyer fees and money from the facility. the place is dirty, the counseling sub-standard ( if you even get time to meet with your counselor), there are few activities and nothing to do but hang around the concrete patio and smoke. Yoga? if she shows up. Outings? 1 a week after you’ve been stuck there a week. The food is all frozen, overly saturated in fat and salt and literally made residents sick, myself included. Please don’t send your loved ones here unless you mean to punish them.

  7. Mahsa Jaeger on

    My name is Mahsa Jaeger. I just discharged myself from PRC and I can not tell you how insane my experience was in the 9 days I was there. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. Not only do they steal your money and ask you to pay in cash and refuse to give you a receipt,  they are also putting people’s sobriety in Jeopardy and Danger. Every staff member passes the ball and no one knows anything. I’m contemplating a lawsuit, haven’t made a decision yet since I just left PRC a few days ago.. I’ve read so many reviews that I could relate to and I wish my Family would have done that before choosing PRC. The place is filthy with cockroaches and ants running the halls, rooms and showers and people kept getting sick from the food. However the big reason that I left was because I checked in on a Thursday with a broken foot, I was supposed to be taken to an orthopedic doctor the day after I arrived, which did’t happen and then they told me because it was the weekend they would arrange it for the following monday…..Didn’t happen! Anyway 8 days later after repeated request I was finally able to see a real doctor (orthopedic) after examining the original X-rays and compared to the new ones they took 10 days later, the doctor said that I severely damaged my foot even more by not getting the proper medical care. This is only the tip of the Iceberg. When I Checked in there were 25 Clients/Patients and out of 25 at least 10 were verbally Assaulted and 2 women and their Families  including myself and my child was Threatened to be harmed by another Client/Patient. That’s when I decided to obviously either HE leaves or I leave!! PRC kept promising Us that they had asked him to leave and had Discharged him already just for everyone to wake up the next morning and see him roaming around the facility still insulting and threatening the Clients. Finally I decided to come through on my Promise of Leaving. He was still there when I exited the facility. Don’t believe a word they say, non of the questions I asked and was promised was true. There is No actual Medical Physician on staff, people are nodding off in meetings due to being over medicated or ?, the staff is extremely rude and not qualified for giving the right care, there is way too much free time with nothing to do, and if you are a women there is constant Sexual harassment by other Clients and Staff……I can go on and on…..
    I’ve been asking for a copy of my intake documents which I’ve yet to receive after 13 days and when I discharged myself there was nothing given to me to sign and no proper discharge procedure. I’m still waiting for a refund and all the documents I signed while in their care!
    I’m SO SORRY for the long reply….

    I plan on looking into my Rights as no one should go through what I went through. If you LOVE your Loved ones, Please read the reviews on line including the filtered ones on Yelp and draw your own Conclusion and don’t send them to this prison!!! They will come out worst then they went in!! These people are only interested in your money and not your welfare.

    All my Best in Your Recovery


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