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Pasadena Recovery Center


Pasadena Recovery CenterPasadena Recovery Center Review

If Pasadena Recovery Center  seems to have drummed up a lot of mixed press, it may be because people show up expecting it to be like Celebrity Rehab. Though Dr. Drew’s show was filmed in a special wing of the Pasadena Recovery Center, it’s actually one of the more affordable rehabs in town.

The 98-bed facility was founded in 2000 by Dr. Lee Bloom and is currently run by his son, Mike, with plenty of help from the rest of their family. The family business culture permeates the place, and Mike checks many clients in personally. After this greeting from Mike, every incoming client is matched with a buddy who is usually an experienced resident.

Accommodations and Food

Amenities are befitting of the price point. Unlike the high-priced rehabs, Pasadena Recovery Center is nothing fancy—albeit quite nice. Clients share a room with another resident, but if they are willing and able to pay a little extra, PRC can arrange for them to have a single room. The food has been met with mixed reviews but most say it’s surprisingly good.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment is based on a traditional 12-step model without a lot of bells and whistles to, though clients with co-occurring disorders are also admitted and receive personalized dual diagnosis treatment plans. Pasadena Recovery Center’s most widely praised asset is its staff, including Celeb Rehab alum Shelly Sprague. Compassionate and professional, the counselors and therapists at Pasadena Recovery Center reportedly excel at connecting with the residents and some form lasting relationships with them. A typical day is blocked into group sessions on topics like gratitude and anger management, H&I panels or outside 12-step meetings, as well as structured recreational time.

As far as rules go, neither phones nor computers are allowed during treatment and residents are required to do a weekly deep cleaning of their room. But unlike some comparably sized rehabs, Pasadena Recovery Center permits men and women to mix.


In addition to yoga, acupuncture and music therapy, there’s also a foosball table in the rec room. On Sunday mornings, there are organized walks around the Rose Bowl, and on Friday afternoons, residents compete against other local rehabs in softball tournaments.

Pasadena Recovery Center is one of the better deals out there and it something many other rehabs do not—big-name speakers from all over the treatment industry and beyond for their monthly speaker events, including White House Drug Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske, bestselling author Gabor Mate, and Dr. Drew Pinsky.

In Summary

But no rehab is entirely perfect. A few former Pasadena Recovery Center clients claim they encountered problems when trying to get their deposits back after leaving treatment early and others say they were being admitted because their co-occurring disorder(s) were too severe, but the grievances of those who may still be active users should be taken with a grain of salt.

On the whole, Pasadena Recovery Center offers plenty of great treatment at a great price. It may be a more relaxed environment than some of the more old-school rehabs, but it maintains the traditional 12-step structure that is sure to help those who truly want to recover.

Pasadena Recovery Center Location

1811 North Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103

Pasadena Recovery Center Cost

$9,000-$11,000 (30 days). Reach Pasadena Recovery Center by phone at (866) 663-3030. Find Pasadena Recovery Center on FacebookTwitter and YouTube

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