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Parshall Resource CenterParshall Resource Center Review

While there are often overwhelming numbers of treatment facilities in big cities, rural America can be overlooked as a place to find similar resources. Parshall Resource Center is designed to address that absence. Located in Parshall, North Dakota on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, PRC is small but vital to those in the area seeking drug and alcohol treatment.

PRC is operated by and for tribe members within the boundaries of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nations on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. It is a non-profit organization governed by a five-member Board of Directors from the surrounding communities. The city of Parshall is approximately half a square mile, and has roughly 903 residents. To put the importance of PRC into perspective, the next closest AA meeting or rehab facility is an hour away in Minot, or two hours away in Bismark. While larger cities can offer larger facilities (at significantly higher prices), PRC serves a vital purpose in bringing resources to an otherwise resourceless Native American communities in North Dakota.

Accommodations and Food

PRC can house eight residents and six extended care clients at a time, all with bare-bones accommodations that resemble a cross between a small school house and a mid-sized hostel. All beds are in one large communal space, and bathrooms are shared among the residents. Food is prepared on a rotating basis by the residents, but all menus are planned together in advance to support a sense of community.

Treatment and Staff

As a low-intensity (Level 111.1) facility (according to the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s placement criteria), PRC guides residents through a personalized plan of counseling and empowerment that are key elements in this holistic, strength-based philosophy (though a caveat is that they don’t offer on-site detox). PRC believes that life skills, educational activities and “community-based treatment opportunities” will create a strong foundation for residents’ sobriety. Participation in individual counseling and 40 hours of weekly activities—like working in the community garden or assisting at the local food bank—is required for all residents. Participation in community-based support groups like AA, relapse prevention groups and talking circle (a tradition in Native American communities) are required weekly, and DUI classes are offered when needed. Residents stay approximately six weeks (extended care residents stay an additional four weeks), and must be 18 or older to apply.

While there’s a minimal staff, they’re committed and include counselors and therapists to address co-occurring disorders as well as addiction. The five board members who govern the Resource Center also donate their time and guidance as advisors and mentors. Qualifying residents must complete detox prior to admission, and undergo a medical evaluation from a licensed addiction counselor. While there is no doctor on-site at PRC, Parshall does work with a medical clinic that can provide evaluations to assist in diagnosing chemical dependency.


Visitors can come on Saturdays, and phone calls are allowed during the evenings. In addition to treatment, residents and their families can gain assistance from PRC’s emergency food pantry, which is the first of its kind for the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, in a treatment facility or otherwise.

In Summary

In comparison to other economical recovery facilities, Parshall is somewhat lacking on paper. Still, when put in context of the community it serves, they’re exactly what they claim to be: a simple community resource, intended for citizens of the Indian Reservation to guide and support other tribal members on their journeys to sobriety.

Parshall Resource Center Location

104 Main St
Parshall, ND 58770

Parshall Resource Center Cost

Parshall Resource Center Cost: Sliding scale. Reach Parshall Resource Center by phone at (701) 862-9362. Find Parshall Resource Center on Facebook

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