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parksideThe Basics

Parkside was founded in 1959 in Tulsa, Oklahoma by Herman P. Taubman and other local community leaders as a mental health organization. Today, Parkside offers outpatient substance abuse treatment to adult men and women in the Tulsa area.

Treatment and Staff

Parkside does not offer detox at this time so clients experiencing withdrawal symptoms must complete this phase elsewhere before to beginning treatment. Parkside offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that consists of both group and individual therapy and runs for eight weeks, meeting Monday, Wednesday and Friday for group. Groups have a maximum of eight clients and last for three hours at a time. Counselors use a variety of treatment techniques including CBT, DBT, education, sharing, coping skills, anger management and relapse prevention. Clients are also introduced to the 12 steps and strongly encouraged to attend outside AA and NA meetings while in treatment. Individual sessions are scheduled as needed.

Parkside offers dual diagnosis support by way of individual therapy with a mental health counselor. The organization also offers residential treatment for mental health for adults and adolescents.

All of the counselors are of a mixture of LPCs, LCSWs and LADCs.


The aftercare program that consists of an hour-long group meeting once a week, which focuses on relapse prevention techniques and additional resources to help clients maintain long-term sobriety.

In Summary

Parkside offers dynamic outpatient treatment program residents of the Tulsa area. The presentation of the 12 steps in group meetings helps introduce clients to the outside support community and the aftercare program provides a smooth transition when clients step down from the IOP. Finally, its mental health services offer a high level of support to clients with co-occurring disorders.

1620 East 12th St
Tulsa, OK 74120

Parkside Cost: $2,225 (eight weeks). Reach Parkside by phone at (918) 588-8888 or by email. Find Parkside on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. I just liked the people there. The other kids like me. They are not crazy like the adults make them to be. They should be more considerate. ALSO THE THERAPIST MADE UP MORE THINGS WRONG WITH ME SO THAT I WOULD STAY..): I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE WHATSOEVER! also please teach the kids better things…..not JUST GROUNDING! it gets old when you do it twice a week for a month! It doesnt help…. to be honest! YOU GUYS CAN DO BETTER………They need to learn stuff like…..medication…anxiety….depression…homoside..and problems that should be fixed like TODAY! Also if you are trying to get a kid to talk…this is not the way to do it! THIS PLACE IS LIKE ISOLATION! The workers were not considerate of the disorders neither the patients past. They kept telling me that i would go to residential…..FOR NO REASON! My parents claimed to wanting me home while i was inpatient…but the facility turned them away! I greatly dont appreciate this! ): IF A PARENT WANTS THEIR CHILD BACK….GIVE THEM BACK!

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