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Parker Valley Hope is located south of Denver, a half mile outside the small town of Parker in a comfortable, country setting. It opened in 1989 to provide affordable care under the umbrella of the already established Valley Hope Association, a nationally known non-profit that has been offering drug and alcohol treatment services for over 47 years. The facility relies primarily on 12-step philosophy to treat clients, and will work out payment plans for those who can’t afford to pay up front (or for those whose insurance won’t cover their treatment).

Accommodations and Food

Parker Valley Hope is a freestanding lodge with 10 detox beds (five for men, five for women) and 40 residential beds, with two residents to a room. Each is decorated in basic dormitory décor and features two full size beds, a closet, dressers and a shared bathroom. Aside from the bedrooms, PVH also boasts a dayroom with a pool table and comfy couches where residents can socialize or journal during down time. While food service is nothing too fancy, PVH’s kitchen staff provides three wholesome, home-style meals daily with a salad bar available during lunch.

Treatment and Staff

Parker Valley Hope offers an on-site medical detox with medication when necessary, all administered by medical professionals including a pharmacist, an MD and a nurse practitioner. They also employ a 24-hour nursing staff for assessment and medical care, as well as an on-site psychologist and a non-denominational chaplain.

Residential treatment means 40 hours a week of therapy with CADCs, and a staff-to-client ratio of one-to-five. The approach includes psycho-educational groups, off-site AA meetings, 12-step discussion, films, lectures and individual and small group counseling. While PVH does not offer DBT or EMDR, it can refer clients to therapists who can provide those services upon discharge. The facility also offers an outpatient program for residents and family members alike, as it strongly believes that family involvement is an integral part of comprehensive recovery; the program runs six to eight hours a day, seven days a week (though program duration is flexible).


One bonus PVH offers is the ability to receive treatment online, which includes a blend of face-to-face therapy and phone therapy; DUI services are also available online. While this is an interesting add-on, it should still be mentioned that this is a specialized option only and not a substitute for a longer inpatient program.

In Summary 

While Parker Valley Hope may be a basic, old-fashioned recovery facility, it still does its best with a relatively modest set of resources. Additionally, the Valley Hope Association has plenty of experience helping addicts across the country, and have developed a trustworthy reputation for affordable treatment. Finally, PVH’s payment plan is a definite perk for those who would otherwise have trouble seeking help, and goes a long way in expressing their sincere desire to help all addicts and alcoholics get a fair shot at recovery.

Parker Valley Hope Location

22422 E. Main St
Parker, CO 80134

Parker Valley Hope Cost

Parker Valley Hope Cost: $9,500-$13,500 (30 days). Reach Parker Valley Hope by phone at (303) 309-0674. Find Parker Valley Hope on Facebook

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  1. Biteme Parker on

    Worst rehab I’ve ever seen
    I’m a 28 year recovering addict so not new to rehabs. Sent my son and they were awful! Dirty run down etc. they also had balls to pull a person with cognitive distinction amd addiction with a legal adult guardianship into an office and harass him about removing a service dog because their employee tried to abuse him by putting her hand in his mouth and he spit out (witnessesed by multiple patients) This all against the law Ada and hippa
    They are being sued for this
    This was done for two reasons One because staff was afraid of dog (lab/shep) service dog and two because they got a patient that has allergies and his pays more (according to him and other staff).
    The director also tried to tell my son (again disabled and has adult guardianship and conservership) that he was approved for 14 more days. Insurance claims they never said any such thing and did not speak with them since they told them the last 14 days would be paid at 50%
    So basically they tried to take advantage of my cognitively disabled son. This won’t fly
    The patients are awesome and most staff good. The cindy lady is useless and the admin is no way qualified for her “job”.
    I am coming and guess what one witness is a patient and a lawyer. He can write his deposition

  2. Anna David on

    Steve — We don’t send out information for any of the rehabs we review. But you can contact Parker Valley Hope directly at (303) 309-0674.

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