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Park Place Behavioral Healthcare is the Community Mental Health Center for Osceola County, providing its services to the surrounding area since 1976. Having expanded tremendously in the almost 40 years since its inception, Park Place now has are over 30 programs that provide mental health and addiction treatment services across multiple campuses in Central Florida. The 60,000-square foot main campus offers residential and outpatient programs to address mental health issues, substance abuse and co-occurring disorders in Kissimmee, half an hour south of Orlando.

Accommodations and Food

The palm tree-lined entrance to the huge main campus looks like it could be the driveway into a hotel. The fountain out front only amplifies this effect and yet the actual residential substance abuse program is very small, usually with 10 or fewer clients at a time. It all depends on numbers, but frequently clients have the modestly furnished rooms to themselves without having to pay extra. It seems like a lot of space to roam, what with the on-site gym and an outdoor basketball court. But on a scale of one to 10, 10 being a very strict rehab and one being completely lax, Park Place is about a six. While some rehabs go by the buddy system, residential clients here aren’t allowed even to the gym or cafeteria without the company of a tech. These escorted clients eat in a cafeteria three times a day where vegetarians can be accommodated; there is always a salad bar at the very least.


To be admitted to one of the substance abuse programs located on Park Place’s main campus, clients must first go through a screening process to determine the severity of their addiction and the correspondingly appropriate level of care, which may or may not involve living at Park Place while in treatment.

The residential program is 28 days, with the option of starting in detox when necessary for an additional fee. Once detoxed, which may take anywhere from a few days to a week or more, clients move to residential lodgings. Most clients share a therapist, who they meet with once a week. Residents work together in process groups to discuss the cycle of addiction and relapse. Educational groups focus on the stages of recovery and making the life changes necessary to stay sober. Groups meet every day, but less frequently on the weekends. On Saturdays and Sundays, clients are taken to 12-step meetings off-campus. Family therapy can be arranged at any point during treatment by the client’s request.

Many of the same services are offered to clients who come to Park Place for outpatient addiction treatment. These clients are encouraged to find work if they are not already employed, and learn to balance recovery efforts with regular life. They can choose to join the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), where groups are offered three days a week for three hours per day, or the regular outpatient program, where groups meet for one hour once or twice a week during off-peak hours.

In Summary

Park Place Behavioral Healthcare’s program is small but the facility is large and there is a lot of staff, increasing the possibility of personal attention and individualized treatment. Its solid treatment philosophy; 12-steps meetings and fellowship and the access to dual diagnosis support shouldn’t be overlooked.

Park Place Behavioral Healthcare Location

206 Park Place Blvd
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Park Place Behavioral Healthcare Cost

$11,200 (28 days). Reach Park Place Behavioral Healthcare by phone at (321) 402-0690 or by email at [email protected]. Find Park Place Behavioral Healthcare on Facebook

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  1. On 11/4/2016 I flew from Houston Texas to Orlando to be a character witness in my brothers escape case. As I entered the building I was approached by officers asked where i was going, what for and was asked to show Id.I have been coming to this court since 2010 concerning my brother . It was a high profile case they know exactly who I am . I showed Id and the officer then asked me to come talk with him I said for what he then grabbed my arm. I started screaming Justice4rigby in the middle of the court house lobby. I screamed out Scott Polodna’s name then about 3 officers threw me to the ground put they knees in my back then one proceeded to shock my leg. I was then hog tied cuffed raised in the air and carried out the front door of the court house down the steps and into the back of an awaiting police car. I was placed in the same jail my brother escaped from and charged with resisting.I bonded my self out with a cash bond. They gave me my property and drove me to the mental hospital And i was baker acted . On 11/6/2016 Sunday morning i saw the doctor he suggested i take a chill pill later that afternoon i was released. Before I arrived to the court house . I went to Penny Dickersons office I spoke with her on the phone weeks before i came to Florida. She works with the court system and is frequently found in the court room speaking about incompetent and mental health cases. And just months before this incident she would of been the one to write up my brothers conditional release plan for which he qualified for because he was found incompetent at the time . The Hon. Judge Marquez was accused of being biased by him in a properly formatted motion to the court asking her to step down because she was not properly applying law. After that they declared him competent and set a re sentencing date. Before his re sentencing the paid lawyer withdrew from the case called it a conflict of interest . So i basically went to the office to ask if she would be testifying as well . Her office just happens to be located inside Park Place Behavioral mental hospital . she was not in . I spoke with an employee Jessica Wolfinger who sent Penny a text. While we was waiting for penny she read my business cards . ASked what does The Osceola Scapegoat that was stamped on my shirt mean. I eloquently to the best of my ability explained. I played some recordings of various conversations of county officials screaming at me saying how people is getting pissed off and that how they are going to hurt me and my brother legally with vindictiveness. The employee ran out the room because she did not want to hear anymore. she asked me to sign a form after reading it i said no i have a court date to go to. And walked out the door. She then Called the police and said ” a man wearing a justice4rigby shirt just escaped from the mental hospital and is going to the court house to hurt them with law. ” In her signed statement she said i looked schizophrenic with rapid speech.
    I was not able to speak at the re sentencing I was being booked into the jail at the same time as the proceedings after they gave him 22 years with a 10 year minimum mandatory. The new prosecutor. New I say because the old Michelle Heller passed away. Robert Haulborn Said right after the sentencing . that the reason they gave him 22 years is because of his motions that contained prophecies of death and ill misfortunes of people that chose to sin and go against the word of the Lord. Two weeks later Scott Polodna passed away in front of his house.I feel my harm was caused when park place breached the duty and created a proximate cause.And my two day experience was filled with patient rights violations which was discussed and recorded with the hospitals advocate. Because of the unprofessional observation of Jessica Wolfinger my clean streak of over 15 years of never being in trouble with the law was broken . I currently have a full pardon from the state under investigation that has now been affected by the malpractice. it was put in on November 26,2012 EC#323788 you have to have 10 years no problems to even apply. My conviction is from 2001 no probation a day in jail and a felony sentence. She had selfish motives only thinking about her career and her future with the hospital. So because i did not sign a paper she vindictively called the police. Now I have a charge case# 2016 MM 003590. When I returned back to Texas I went to the Va hospital and i was placed on heavy medications to help with my mental distress. That park place and some if its workers put me through This case is looking bad again and another judge is not wanting to respond . So I made a website to help you understand the timeline of which this matter stems from. all i ask is justice for me and my brother. and for Jim Shanks to have my check for my pain. suffering and humiliation.

  2. I don’t usually write comments but I wanted to share my experience with Park Place Behavioral Health. My son saw Dr. Minto 3 times. Our second apt. with her, she walked in and asked if she had seen my son before. I was disturbed that she had not reviewed his file before his apt to prepare herself for his apt. and that she did not remember seeing my son before, but I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. She told me that my son needed to be seen at Nemours children hospital (he suffers from Pseudo seizures) . I explained to her that he had been seen in the emergency room over 7 times over the past months, he had been to a children’s neurologist, he had been monitored at Arnold Palmer hospital overnight, he spent a month at LA Amistad and had several seizures there (which the team of doctors and therapists all agreed that his seizures are a result of extreme anxiety and stress) and he was in intensive therapy weekly. Despite the fact that all of these professionals had told me my son’s seizures are from anxiety, she still insisted I call Nemours. So I called and their neurology dept has a 6-8 month waiting list for an apt. Their psychiatry department does not take my insurance. So on our third apt with Dr. Minto, I told her this and she said she no longer felt comfortable treating my son and I was being negligent for not taking my son to the ER everytime he has a seizure. (a trip to the ER costs me a $250 copay plus 20% of the bill) Not to mention, that there is nothing the ER can do. They give him anti-seizure medication, and my son still has a seizure. I also thought is was interesting that Dr Minto told me not to listen to what the ER doctors told me and yet she was calling me negligent for not taking him there everytime he had a seizure. She told me she was discharging my son, told me to call Nemours again or Arnold Palmer and that I would be receiving a letter in the mail stating she was discharging my son. Well, I received the letter yesterday and basically, since she couldn’t help my son, she put the blame on me stating that I was “non-compliant” concerning calling Nemours and not taking my son to the ER during every seizure. I am utterly disgusted with Dr Minto and the fact that since she couldn’t help my son, she put the blame on me. She was so eager to have me call Nemours and when I asked her for names of doctors to call, she couldn’t give me one name. I wasted months taking my son to see her, when we could have been seeing a competant psychiatrist who actually remembers their patients. I’ve already shared my experience with numerous friends, doctors, and therapists. My advice…. Don’t waste your time and money with this doctor!

  3. Don’t bother calling or leaving a message because they will never pick up or listen to your voicemails.. then they blame you if you don’t come in for your appointment.

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