Paris Jackson Battles Addiction and Instagram Trolls
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Paris Jackson Battles Addiction and Instagram Trolls


Paris Jackson Battles Addiction and Instagram TrollsLike most people, I have always been fascinated with Michael Jackson’s children. I can’t imagine what it would be like, being brought into the world with that much fame thrust upon you (and being named “Blanket” to boot). Now that The King of Pop is gone, the spotlight is even brighter on Paris, Prince and Blanket—who now prefers the nickname “Bigi.” Paris Jackson, his middle child, recently lashed out in the infamous Instagram comment section. She made a reference to AA meetings, so now the world knows Michael Jackson’s daughter is in recovery. Welcome to the tribe, PJ. I’m sorry for the course of events that led you here.

Tumultuous Times

According to a recap on Inquisitr, Paris attempted to kill herself in 2013 and was in rehab for a full year in the aftermath. She got out of the facility, moved in with Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine and seemed to be doing better. Then she apparently got involved with a guy named Chester Castellaw and that’s when the drug and alcohol abuse escalated. Now she is attending meetings and working with a sponsor. And telling haters on social media to f*ck off.

I am surprised more celebrities don’t do this considering some of the venom spewed by random strangers creeping on their Instagram. I guess it’s part of the deal now: having a massive Instagram following helps artists’ careers overall, but Paris Jackson isn’t even 18 yet! She will be pretty soon though. Word on the street is she wants to move in with her mother Debbie Rowe after her birthday. Grandma is apparently keeping a sister down.

No Hearts Here

Back to the Instagram manifesto. I went to Paris’ account to research this story and there were thousands of comments on every, single picture she’s posted. They were mainly of the supportive variety, but some very hateful and others just plain ole’ crazy town. Somewhere among all of the comments Paris wrote, “This is f*cking ridiculous. I am expected to sit on my ass all day replying to comments people leave me (positive and negative)? I have aa meetings to go to. Family obligations. PERSONAL obligations. It’s so f*cking selfish that I am literally attached on every f*cking thing I post just because people that I DON’T EVEN KNOW aren’t getting what they want.” There is more where that came from if you want to check out @parisjackson on the ‘gram.

Good for her. She’s right. There is this fine line between showing you’re a fan and having expectations of being owed something. When people beg a celebrity to retweet them or say “hi” on their birthday, I wonder why they don’t have better things to do. Also, social media isn’t real! It’s not human connection. These lunatics can try to make contact with Paris all day, every day but at the end of the day (see what I did there?), she doesn’t know them and shouldn’t be obligated to respond.

Stars: They’re Just Like Us, Weary of Creeps

There was a time when you had to mail a fan letter to a celebrity and cross your fingers he or she might return a signed headshot or autograph. Now poor Paris Jackson is having to explain her lack of response to these strangers using AA as an alibi. The times, they are a changin.’ She could always remove herself from social media, but no 18-year-old should be deprived of that cultural mainstay, right? Ugh, maybe not if she wants to stay sober and not go down the “compare and despair” vortex. I don’t think even someone as wealthy and beautiful as Paris Jackson is spared that trap.

Was This Bound To Happen?

Of course, I ask myself, when your father is mega star Michael Jackson and he dies suddenly and tragically, does that lead to the addictive, substance abusing tendencies, or was the gene there all along? I don’t know what his drinking habits were like, but Michael Jackson clearly had an unhealthy relationship with prescription medication. So maybe Paris’ focus on sobriety at such a young age is a really, really positive thing. I don’t envy anyone dealing with the stress of early sobriety, but factor in the super stratus level celebrity factor and I really feel for her.

I definitely think she should put a disclaimer at the top of her Instagram profile: “I appreciate every comment of love and support, but please understand I simply cannot respond to all of them.”

Or maybe just, “Haters gonna hate but I’m busy dealing with the [wo]man in the mirror right now.”

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