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Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center


palmetto reviewPalmetto Addiction Recovery Center Review

Set on a lush 70-acres surrounded by Lake LaFourche, Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center in Rayville, Louisiana is a rural recovery retreat. With over 20 years of experience, Palmetto’s facilities are a real boon for anyone seeking a relaxed environment with state-of-the-art treatment techniques and accoutrements. It encourages a 90-day stay with an emphasis on 12-step recovery and individualized care, despite a relatively large enrollment of  between 75 to 100 residents.

Accommodations and Food

Palmetto makes good use of its lakeside property with clients housed in multiple cabins, each holding approximately eight between four bedrooms. The women’s residential facilities are separated from the men’s by Palmetto’s administrative buildings. Each bedroom has two twin beds, basic furnishings and a private bathroom. The cabins also feature their own kitchen and living room area, for a more communal feel.

That each cabin has its own kitchen comes in handy since everyone is expected to cook their own meals. In each unit, residents take turns doing the shopping for and cooking of three hot meals every day, which Palmetto enforces to foster better life skills among their clientele. Outside the men’s cabins is a pavilion with a ping-pong table and an area to socialize. The cabins also have TVs, which are free to use on weekends and during down time.

Treatment and Staff

Days at Palmetto begin with exercise whether that means a workout at the gym facilities, a game on the tennis court or just a brisk walk. After that, clients attend a brief community meeting with their household to promote accountability and better life skills. After breakfast, clients attend small group therapy. The sexes are kept separate at these sessions and, given the large number of residents, Palmetto makes attempts to have many small groups to maintain a more individualized approach.

Following lunch, clients attend more group therapy, one-on-one counseling, lectures or educational groups. There is a break before dinner where residents can relax, exercise, socialize or go on occasional trips to the local Wal-Mart to pick up whatever they might need. There are on-site 12-step meetings every evening, and clients also attend off-site meetings two to three times a week, with men and women alternating each night.

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center does offer an on-site medical detox in two separate apartment facilities when needed, though some clients integrate directly into the population during detox anyway. The process is facilitated by a medical staff (including an around the clock nursing team), though the majority of Palmetto’s staff are licensed counselors with a psychiatrist serving as the medical director. They do offer treatment with medication when necessary, though that’s determined by a resident’s medical team on a case-by-case basis.

Given Palmetto’s expansive grounds, there are plenty of opportunities for recreation. There is an on-site gym as well as tennis and volleyball courts. Overall, exercise is highly encouraged with time to work out offered every morning and evening.

As far as excursions go, residents can work towards certain off-site privileges. After 42 days in residence, clients enter “Phase II” of treatment where they receive a five-hour pass to visit the nearby downtown of Monroe (about a 20 minute drive from Palmetto) to shop or take in a movie. As time goes on, residents can even get 36 and 52 hour passes.


For potential clients who are unsure if they need treatment, Palmetto offers a Three Day Evaluation program. Potential residents are admitted to Palmetto for three days to evaluate their involvement with drugs or alcohol. This program includes a medical history and physical examination, an addiction medicine evaluation, a psychiatric evaluation and more.

In Summary

Given the lower price and folksy natural settings, Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center scores points in many respects. Its large client base is off set with create small group sessions. While some may also bristle at the thought of preparing their own meals in the kitchen, this further allows for community intimacy and personal responsibility within the context of the 12-step based recovery atmosphere offered on Lake Lafourche. If all of this sounds amenable, Palmetto is definitely worth consideration.

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center Location

86 Palmetto Rd
Rayville, LA 71269

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center Cost

$11,800 (first 30 days, incrementally less for additional months). Reach Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center by phone at (328) 728-2970. Find Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center on FacebookTwitter and YouTube

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