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Pacific Northwest Adult and Teen Challenge Men’s Programs


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Pacific Northwest Adult and Teen Challenge Men’s Programs operates six residential treatment facilities for adult men under the worldwide Adult and Teen Challenge umbrella. Teen Challenge is known for its Christian faith-based addiction treatment, which teaches that the key to abstinence from substance abuse is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Teen Challenge was founded in New York in 1960 by Pastor David Wilkerson and has since grown to more than 1,000 facilities in 95 countries that serve adults and adolescents. The Adult and Teen Challenge recovery program is 12 months, broken into five phases. Each Pacific Northwest men’s location operates two or more of these phases but they all subscribe to the same basic program and principles.

Accommodations and Food

The Central Oregon Campus is located in Bend and provides an intimate home-style setting with the capacity to accommodate up to 20 residents. Spokane Men’s Center is just outside Spokane, Washington on a 30-acre farm with a residential building that can comfortably fit 35 clients. The Tri-Cities campus in Pasco, Washington offers treatment for up to 15 men. The Portland and Seattle Metro Men’s Centers each house 40 residents and the Willamette Valley Men’s Center is home to 20 clients in the rural community of Shedd, Oregon.

Typically, rooms are dorm-style—offering bunk beds and basic storage. As residents progress through the program, they can earn more privacy and (in some locations) eventually live in semi-private rooms. Depending on the facility, residents can enjoy outdoor spaces on campus as well as weight rooms, basketball and volleyball courts. All the facilities have TV but it is only used for educational purposes or approved programs, which are only watched during designated free time. Residents eat together family-style and meals are usually simple and hearty, including menu options like burgers and fries, grilled chicken and vegetables.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment at the Teen Challenge Men’s Centers revolves around daily chapel devotions, pastoral counseling, religious addiction recovery education, life skills and on-site vocational training. Training includes kitchen management and food preparation, facility maintenance and repairs, janitorial duties, grounds maintenance and job skills training. The men are also taught how to create resumes and search for jobs, as well as obtain a GED if needed. While this program emphasizes Christian faith above all, staff members choose Bible readings and educational topics that are relevant to overcoming addiction.

The 12-month program consists of five phases, but not all locations offer all of them. Residents in need of longer-term care than their home facility offers are given referrals to the closest location. Program begins with phase I, the outreach period, where individuals learn about the program through Teen Challenge volunteers who conduct outreach through street meetings, jail and prison service, help-lines, literature distribution in detox programs, drop-in counseling centers and other efforts. Phase II is for short-term residential care, crisis intervention and referrals. During this one- to three-week stay, clients are given a place to stay in their immediate crisis and to evaluate whether they need or desire the long-term program. Phase III is the induction stage, which involves three months of Bible study in a structured living environment. Those who successfully graduate move on to Phase IV, the nine-month residential phase, where emphasis is placed on building good work habits, wholesome relationships with family, a local church and the community. Phase V is reentry, which involves finding temporary housing, personal and family counseling and assistance in securing suitable employment and church fellowship.

The Spokane and Central Oregon Men’s Centers offer all phases of the program. The Portland Metro Men’s Center program offers Phases I, II, III and V. The Seattle Metro Men’s Center program consists of Phases I, III, IV and V. The Tri-Cities Men’s Outreach program provides Phases I, II and III. The Willamette Valley Men’s Center one-year residential program is split into two parts: Phase III and Phase IV.

Staff at the Teen Challenge Men’s Centers includes Christian counselors and administrative staff, most of whom are graduates of the programs. Because Teen Challenge is a faith-based organization, they are technically exempt from obtaining a state certification or hiring a licensed staff.


Occasionally, these programs escort residents on outings, such as trips to nearby lakes or parks for rest and relaxation. They also frequently hold fundraising events, like car washes, which give residents a break from their daily schedule to help raise money for the program.

In Summary

The lifestyle change offered at one of the Teen Challenge Men’s Centers could be ideal for someone seeking highly structured spiritual guidance rather than an evidence-based treatment. Though this is a serious time commitment and the Christian values may not suit everyone, Pacific Northwest Adult and Teen Challenge Men’s Programs may be a good fit for men in the northwest looking for a Christian-based recovery program.

Pacific Northwest Adult and Teen Challenge Location

Regional Office
6220 SE 92nd Ave
Portland, OR 97266

Pacific Northwest Adult and Teen Challenge Men’s Programs Cost

$2,500 (30 days, sponsorships available). Reach Pacific Northwest Adult and Teen Challenge Men’s Programs by phone at (877) 302-7149 or (971) 255-0658 or by email. Find Pacific Northwest Adult and Teen Challenge on Facebook

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