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Pacific Hills Treatment CenterThe Basics

Though it falls under the umbrella of Covenant Hills, Pacific Hills Treatment Center boasts separate male and female facilities in picturesque San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano, California, respectively. Both offer a Christian-oriented recovery path, in keeping with Covenant Hills’ overall philosophy of restoring their clients’ contact with God.

Accommodations and Food

Housing at both Pacific Hills locations is similar. The men’s facility, located in San Clemente, just four blocks from the beach, is broken up into small separate apartments, with two twin beds per room (a few have three residents a time), with private bathrooms and minimal furniture (a dresser and desk for each); clients do not have cooking facilities in these apartments.

The women’s facility located in neighboring San Juan Capistrano is about a half mile from the beach, and resembles a large house in a residential neighborhood but is actually broken up into several apartment complexes for lodging (with rooms similar to those in the male facilities). There is a kitchen, dining room and group therapy rooms at the largest of these three complexes; additionally, there are small exercises rooms at both gendered facilities, with CrossFit workouts offered multiple times a week.

There is a chef on-site at the men’s location who prepares lunch and dinner for both facilities each day, and is careful to provide healthy and nutritious options that avoid excessive sugar or junk foods. However, those who place a hot breakfast each morning at the top of their priority list should be warned: the first meal of the day is only served continental.

Treatment and Staff

Both Pacific Hills facilities keep enrollment relatively low in hope of maximizing one-on-one attention, with no more than 24 clients at the men’s facility and no more than 14 at the women’s. The separation of the sexes is a major cornerstone of their approach, as Pacific Hills believes that men and women require different therapeutic approaches to promote long-term sobriety.

Residents have the option of choosing between the Christian 12-step program and AA‘s traditional Higher Power-oriented program, but Covenant Hills hold steadfast to the idea that the Big Book of AA is “squarely rooted in Biblical truth.” While a client’s stay includes therapy sessions, 12-step meetings and other traditional features of a rehab experience, the standout detail is an emphasis on restoring a connection with God. The days start early with a group therapy meeting every week day at 8 am. Residents then have a daily regimen of individual therapy, exercise and usually a trip to the beach before dinner followed by an off-site 12-step meeting. Afterwards, they work on their personal recovery homework or enjoy social time with fellow clients before lights out promptly at 11 pm.

While their minimum stay is 28 days, residents can stay longer at a reduced rate for additional months beyond that. Both Pacific Hills facilities provide aftercare, which includes placement in sober living homes in the area; rent for one of Pacific Hills sober living homes is $500 a month.

While detox isn’t offered on-site, Pacific Hills coordinates with clients before enrollment to recommend a local detox program when necessary. Pacific Hills does employ a medical doctor on staff who makes regular visits with residents, and also has a staff psychiatrist to treat co-occurring disorders. Clients who have a history of psychiatric or emotional disorders (or those who are currently taking psychotropic medication) can meet with the consulting psychiatrist; any prescribed medication schedules are closely monitored for efficacy, and only non-addictive chemicals are prescribed when needed.


Pacific Hills definitely takes advantage of its beachside locale, with frequent trips to the ocean a big part of the week’s events. While there aren’t any particularly glamorous excursions in comparison to other facilities, residents do enjoy trips to their respective downtown areas for shopping. Pacific Hills also takes advantage of its proximity to Pastor Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church by holding field trips every Friday night to Warren’s Celebrate Recovery ministry. The two facilities never travel concurrently, so each client can expect to go on this trip every alternating week. Finally, in keeping with their God-centered recovery, the program holds monthly baptisms for the recently converted in the Pacific Ocean.

In Summary

As with their sister facility Covenant Hills, Pacific Hills takes strides to include anyone struggling with addiction and promises comprehensive recovery in a comfortable setting; still, potential residents must be prepared for a Christian-oriented recovery. Their Christian foundation influences everything from the daily routine to the staff, so those attracted to more open definitions of a Higher Power may find this environment somewhat stifling. Still, those who identify as Christian or who are open to Christianity may enjoy their religious emphasis—especially paired with their enviable location.

Pacific Hills Treatment Centers
32236 Paseo Adelanto, Ste G
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Pacific Hills Cost: $32,200 (28 days). Reach Pacific Hills by phone at (877) 947-2604. Find Pacific Hills on Facebook and YouTube

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  1. Btw, found out from one of the patients with my son, that they’d left in bed, without treatment, taking our trust, insurance and cash, for the last month of his life. Shame, shame shame on them. Blood on their hands. They’re being investigated for more than a few loves lossed. Do not trust them!!!

  2. Do not send your loved ones to Pac Hills!!! They don’t care & left my son in bed for a month & released in far short of the time they promised. Shame, shame, shame on them!!! He’s gone. My heart is forever broken to trust them. Do not trust them with your loved ones! They speak & promise garbage. This place should be shut down for good. Lying life theives!!!

    • My name is Kirby Dean, Chief Operating Officer of Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, and I Just saw this review. I am not aware of anything happening of this nature and that is very unusual as I know everything that happens on my units. With no names I can not even begin to look into this. It sounds like a loved one was lost and I am truly sorry for your loss but as of this date, we have not been investigated for the above issue nor have we been contacted by any local or state departments.
      We have been around for over 24 years and one of the reasons for that is we do our best to provide excellent treatment to both family and clients. And if any issues arise, we do our best to make sure they are dealt with immediately and hopefully to a resolution that is fair to all involved.
      Please call me at 800-662-2873 as I would be more than happy to talk about any concerns or issues you may have. Again I am so sorry for your loss and I am here to talk anytime you want to.

  3. Our son, feeling suicidal, checked himself into Pacific Hills Treatment Centers….My husband and I arranged this through our minister….His change was dramatic in a short time, he found God and turned his life around….He is now back with his family and in school full-time….I can’t express my gratitude enough to the staff of Pacific Hills for the help that they gave my husband, my sons and me….Without the program and God, I feel that we could have never reconciled and have the relationship that we do now.

  4. At age nineteen I found myself in an unbreakable cycle of addiction to meth. After being hospitalized to many times for malnourishment, watching them draw black blood out of my body, I knew I either had to find help quickly or die. I crawled into my father’s office and told him I was an addict and he immediately contacted Pacific Hills Treatment Center and took me there within a matter of a few days. At first I rejected their program and let my withdrawals get the best of me, not paying much attention to what the counselors had to say. I tried to justify that meth addiction and alcoholism were not the same. I tried to read books during meetings, or draw. Eventually I gave in. I soon realized that addiction is addiction and I didn’t expect myself to drink like a normal person ever since I left from there. I met a lot of wonderful people and attended many inspiring meetings. The church that we attended, during my time there became my church even after I finished with the program.
    I am 22 years old FREE of addiction and celebrating my first year wedding anniversary with the love of my life (who is also now FREE of addiction) .We have a beautiful 10 month old baby boy. And I would just like to thank the people here for giving me the tools to overcome the strongholds of addiction. And I’d like to thank God for being present at this place.

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