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PATHThe Basics

Founded in 1983, PA Treatment and Healing (PATH) offers outpatient drug and alcohol treatment in multiple counties throughout Pennsylvania for both adolescents and adults. Adolescents can enroll in an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or after school program for co-occurring disorders, and adults can participate in low-level individual counseling and group sessions. The treatment philosophy at PATH is centered in therapy, not in the 12 steps.

Treatment and Staff

Adolescents who want to participate in the IOP program must be referred by a mental health provider. Once they are deemed eligible for treatment, clients meet with a licensed drug and alcohol counselor or psychologist to create an individualized treatment plan. Counselors use different therapeutic modalities depending on the individual, including both individual and group therapy sessions. Though psychotherapeutic treatment for co-occurring disorders is offered, there is no psychiatrist on staff. Detox is available, but referrals to outside facilities can also be made.

The program also uses a behavior management therapy called “PA Treatment & Healing’s Normative Systems Approach,” which pushes goal setting, leadership and behavioral modification in adolescents. It is designed to increase accountability and allow each client to take responsibility for their actions. It is hoped that this therapy helps restore social relationships and familial relationships. In addition, therapy offers education in coping skill, stress management and relapse prevention.

The IOP program meets five days a week from 10 am to 2 pm. The after school program meets 3 to 8 pm five days a week as well. Both programs offer a 24-hour emergency crisis intervention hotline. Typically, clients remain in the program for nine months.

Adults who enroll in the PATH outpatient program also receive an intake with a drug and alcohol counselor, which will review addictive behavior and particular triggers and psychological problems or mental illness that fuels the addiction. Treatment includes individual counseling sessions as well as groups, and frequency of sessions depends on each client’s needs. Some clients may receive more than one individual session a week. One-on-one therapy for adults focuses on stress management, building positive coping skills, CBT, DBT and relapse prevention.

Staff members include licensed drug and alcohol counselors as well as psychologists or psychiatrists who oversee each facility. Staff numbers vary according to each location, but each client receives plenty of individual attention. Group sizes are limited to under ten.


Transportation is available to pick up adolescents from their homes and bring them to PATH for treatment. There are weekend activities and outings scheduled such as camping, which reminds clients that there is a still fun to be had outside of drinking and using drugs. PATH counselors also offer home visits to keep in contact with family members. Family programs to help parents deal with their children’s addictions are also available.

Family therapy is offered for adults participating in the PATH outpatient drug and alcohol program.

In Summary

For those in Pennsylvania seeking treatment that doesn’t involve the 12 steps, PA Treatment and Healing will most likely be a good option. This program avoids a “one size fits all” approach to recovery by utilizing many treatment modalities and individualizing therapy according to each client.

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