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Oxford House Denali


Anchorage AlaskaThe Basics

Oxford House Denali is a sober living facility for men located in a pleasant suburb of Anchorage, Alaska. As part of a network of sober living homes, Oxford is a non-profit, democratically-run house for men ages 18 and over. Applications are available through their website and individuals must have at least six months sober for eligibility.

Accommodations and Amenities

Oxford is a two-story home located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Anchorage. The house has six bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, dining area, living room and laundry facilities. All rooms are single occupancy with the exception of a large master bedroom which sleeps three. Furnishings are basic but comfortable and each room has a twin bed, nightstand and a small chest of drawers. Though Denali does not provide linens, food or internet services, the upshot is that electricity, water, gas and cable TV are included in the monthly rent. The backyard is furnished with comfortable patio furniture and also has a built in grill for barbecues.

Rules and Regulations

All potential residents must be at least 18 years old, have six months of sobriety and be fully employed. Substance abuse, violence and stealing are all strictly prohibited. Those interested must meet with the house manager for an initial interview, followed by a meeting with the other clients. Residents then vote to decide if the potential housemate should be admitted. Oxford is democratic, and house managers are elected by the clients for six month terms.

Clients are not required to attend any outpatient or 12-step meetings unless they so choose. Denali subscribes to the idea that residents must develop a sense of responsibility on their own and find a way to stay sober that works for them. The average length of stay is 12 months but clients have been known to live there for as long as three years.

In Summary

Overall, Oxford House Denali is a comfortable, clean home with little structure, though it could be an ideal choice for individuals already in stable recovery. It’s remote location and self-starting attitude might not be an ideal fit for those early in recovery who need more hands-on support, but those who already feel strong in sobriety will find a lot to like here.

Oxford House Denali
6414 Tolhurst Ct.
Anchorage, AK  99504

Oxford House Denali Cost: $525 (30 days). Reach Oxford House Denali by phone at (907) 677-0408.

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