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Oxford House Bellefonte


Bellefonte DEThe Basics

Oxford House in Bellefonte, Delaware is one of 60 sober living homes in the state and 1,200 in the US that operate under the Oxford banner. Founded in 1975, Oxford House is a nonprofit network of self-supporting drug and alcohol addiction recovery houses that meet certain common criteria, receive federal loans and abide by the rules of the umbrella organization. Additionally, Oxford houses are quintessentially democratic in that residents (aka members) vote on certain issues of importance to everyone, such as whether to use funds to buy new furniture. The house in Bellefonte, which accommodates up to seven men in their 20s and 30s, is situated near 12-step meetings, counseling centers and plenty of parks.

Accommodations and Amenities

The Bellefonte residence is a two-story house with donated—albeit somewhat old—furniture. The men stay in double-occupancy or single rooms. Though donated beds are provided, residents can bring their own beds if they choose. The kitchen is large and contains standard appliances, and residents purchase food and prepare their own meals. Once a week, someone volunteers to prepare meals with the assistance of other residents.

Amenities include cable TV, Internet access and Wi-Fi. There’s also a barbecue grill, which was also donated.

Rules and Regulations

Oxford House recommends that incoming residents complete at least 28 days in a rehabilitation program or five-to-10 days in a detox program before admitted. Once they move in, they are expected to attend five off-site AA/NA meetings each week during the 30-day probationary period. After that, the number of required meetings goes down to three a week unless a resident can demonstrate participation in some kind of community service that makes it hard to attend meetings.

Curfew for new members is 10 pm. Longer-term residents have a curfew of 12 am on weekdays and 1 am on weekends. Every resident is expected to pitch in with daily chores and meal preparation. Men are also required to keep their rooms and the bathrooms clean.

If random drug testing turns up drug or alcohol use, a resident has to move out of the house immediately, though he can apply for re-admission after 30 days of sobriety. But because Oxford House doesn’t have paid staff, the residents are the decision-makers. Thus, when a resident violates a rule, all of the men convene to discuss it and vote on the consequences. Weekly house meetings are mandatory and a time for residents to discuss the operation of the house and any related issues.

Nonpayment of rent can lead to eviction, but house officers are willing to work with residents who are late with payments, especially if they have an unexpected expense such as a car repair. Behaviors that fall under the house’s “zero-tolerance” rules include drinking, drug use or disruptive actions.

Residents typically live at Oxford House for about a year, though they can stay as long as they want if they are in good standing.


Under the Oxford House charter, asking residents for security deposits is not legally permitted. Instead, the house charges a $150 non-refundable entry fee.

In Summary

Oxford House Bellefonte—like all houses in the Oxford network—offers a sober living experience where residents participate in the running of the house and collectively make decisions about issues of importance  to everyone. With 40 years of experience, the Oxford House organization knows how to create sober living houses that are both low cost and also effective in preventing relapse.

Oxford House Bellefonte
204 Maple Ave
Bellefonte, DE 19809

Oxford House Bellefonte Cost: $520 (30 days). Reach Oxford House Bellefonte by phone at (302) 331-1774. 

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