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Ouachita Medical Center


Ouachita Medical CenterOuachita Medical Center Review

Ouachita Medical Center’s Chemical Dependency unit, located in Camden, Arkansas, was founded in 1985 and is one of the most highly regarded inpatient treatment facilities in the nation. The program offers both detox and residential treatment in a hospital facility, with constant medical supervision. Dual diagnosis issues can be addressed, but to be admitted clients must be deemed psychologically stable.

Treatment at Ouachita includes a blend of 12-step groups and evidence-based practices in a very safe and supportive environment among a large pool of qualified medical professionals.

Accommodations and Food

The chemical dependency unit has 23 beds in a hospital ward setting. Clients either occupy private rooms with baths or share a room and bathroom with one other person. Detox clients stay in a private room. Clients are allowed to walk outside to get a breath of fresh air and there is a group room where clients can relax, eat snacks and work on recovery assignments.

Food is prepared by the hospital kitchen. All clients meet with a dietician and any special dietary needs can be accommodated. The meals are designed by the kitchen staff and a nutritionist to ensure they are well-balanced and healthful. Meals are eclectic and change daily and vegetarian options are available.

Treatment and Staff

Clients in detox receive medication to help them withdraw from alcohol, opiates and other substances comfortably. They are constantly supervised by physicians and nurses and a dietician. Length of detox depends on the individual and, after they have fully withdrawn, they can enter the chemical dependency program.

Clients in the chemical dependency program first meet with a treatment team to assess the nature of their addiction and what modalities might work best. Following the assessment, an individualized plan is designed. Therapy takes place in groups and in one-on-one counseling sessions. Groups include addiction education, coping skills, CBT, psychological and psychiatric education, on-site 12-step meetings and relapse prevention. The program typically lasts between one and four weeks.

Clients get a good deal of individualized attention at Ouachita. Staff members include physicians, registered nurses, psychologists, LADCs, licensed chemical dependency counselors, registered nutritionists and an activities assistant. There is nursing staff on duty round the clock. The staff-to-client ratio is kept at around three-to-one.


A crucial part of treatment is the development of a solid aftercare program, which includes the maintenance of a support network through 12-step programs. Families are involved in this program as well.

In addition to the psychological, psychiatric and addiction assessment, clients are given a complete physical and a full set of lab tests to ensure they are healthy and don’t have any nutritional deficiencies or other physical problems. These issues will be addressed by the medical facility if necessary.

Clients in the chemical dependency program who are not in detox are taken to the gym once per week. On the days 12-step meetings are not held on site, they are taken to a meeting in the community, which gives them the opportunity to start building connections for a support network when they graduate.

In Summary

For those looking for a multi-faceted treatment program that combines the 12 steps with evidence-based modalities in a hospital setting, Ouachita Medical Center is a great option. With a qualified team of medical and addiction professionals from varied backgrounds, along with the medical resources that come with a hospital, clients will feel safe, cared for and supported.

Ouachita Medical Center Location

638 California Ave SW
Camden, AR 71701

Ouachita Medical Center Cost

$8,800 (30 days, most insurance accepted). Reach Ouachita Medical Center by phone at (870) 836-1289. Find Ouachita Medical Center on Facebook

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