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Oshki Manidoo


Oshki Manidoo Review

Founded in 2008 by the White Earth Nation, Oshki Manidoo offers residential treatment for substance abuse for both adolescents and adult women. Located on 40 acres of woodland in northern Minnesota near Bemidji, this facility is located between three of the largest Indian reservations in the state. Oshki Manidoo, which means “new spirit,” provides holistic treatment rooted in Native American spirituality and culture for those suffering from addiction.

Accommodations and Food

Oski Manidoo has two 12-bed lodges for adolescents and a 25-bed lodge for women. For the youth, there are separate boys and girls lodges. Residents sleep in their own bedrooms for the most part, in single beds, unless there happens to be a high demand for beds. All bedding and pillows are provided by the facility. Clients share bathrooms.

There is ample room in the facility to wander around and relax in. A separate lodge devoted solely to Narcotics Anonymous called “Joe Bush” lodge is on the premises. In addition, the facility has sober classrooms for adolescents, a cafeteria and a gym.

Food is prepared in the on-site cafeteria by professional cooks. Meals are healthy and varied and dietary restrictions can be accommodated if case managers notify the kitchen staff. As the philosophy at Oski Manidoo centers on holistic wellness, the facility takes nutrition seriously. The menu is eclectic and always includes a healthy amount of vegetables, fruits, proteins and grains.

Treatment and Staff

The 90-day treatment at Oshki Manidoo is very holistic. In the first phase of the program, clients are given a period to re-balance from drug and alcohol use. Though traditional medical detox is offered, participation in sweat lodge sessions and spiritual cleansing is another way to detoxify the body.

Following the stabilization period, clients begin a full schedule of therapy. Staff use a combination of Motivational Interviewing (MI), CBT, problem solving strategies, the Native American-oriented “Red Road” to sobriety, the 12 steps, meditation and support meetings. In addition to group therapy, clients have individual sessions with counselors. Medication management is available for dual diagnosis clients.

Counseling also aims to dig beneath the behavior of addiction and address deeper emotional and psychological wounds. White Bison Grief Therapy explores historic and intergenerational trauma, as well as mental health therapy, talking circles and sweat lodges.

Using the White Bison version of the 12 steps, the program aims to bring each client back in touch with their Native American name, clan and spirit colors to free them from addiction. Relapse prevention and connection with the community is also emphasized.

Staff members include LADCs as well as psychotherapists. There are approximately five clients to each counselor on the premises.


The sober school at Oshki Manidoo offers core classes in math, English, science, social studies and physical education. The classes are taught by certified teachers from the Bemidji school district. Classes are also held in substance abuse education, life skills, cultural arts, Native American traditions and languages, and health and wellness.

Additional mental health treatment is offered by White Earth Mental Health Services twice a week.

In Summary

For adolescents or women looking for a holistic residential program with a nontraditional 12-step approach, Oshki Manidoo is a great pick. With a bevy of educational classes for youth and the use of cultural practices such as sweat lodges, this unique facility puts a unique spin on sobriety.

Oshki Manidoo Location

1741 15th St NW
Bemidji, MN 56601

Oshki Manidoo Cost

$29,000 (30 days); Medicaid and private insurance accepted. Reach Oshki Manidoo by phone at (218) 751-6553 or by email. Find Oshki Manidoo on Facebook, YouTube and Google+

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