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Since 2014, Orlando Recovery Center has provided residential, outpatient and aftercare services for the treatment of chemical dependency in adults. Located in Orlando, Florida, Orlando Recovery is state and nationally licensed and assures safe and competent care. Boasting new facilities, Orlando recovery specializes in providing dual diagnosis support for clients with co-occurring disorders, including eating disorders.

Accommodations and Food

Orlando Recovery boasts a secluded, beautiful facility with separate spaces for men and women. Clients share rooms with one other person, and have the privacy of an adjoining bathroom. Private rooms are available at additional cost, but are not recommended as they exacerbate the tendency to isolate. Rooms are appointed with new bedding and furniture, and ample space for personal belongings is provided.

A dietician oversees the client’s nutritional needs, educating and assisting with meal planning. All food is provided and prepared on-site by a chef who trained at the famous Cordon Bleu culinary institute. Meals are delicious, and highly nutritious.

Treatment and Staff

A clinical team assesses clients and an individualized treatment plan is devised. Special care is taken to address co-occurring disorders, with medication management and specialized individual therapy implemented as needed. Treatment may range from 30 to 90 days, but typically lasts around 45 days.

Clients participate in highly structured and personalized treatment. Individual therapy is offered three times a week, which is a much higher rate than most facilities offer. Group therapy occurs daily, with sessions focusing on psychoeducation, life skills training, relapse prevention and other emotional issues.

Upon completing the residential program, clients continue treatment in the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). This may occur while the client is in sober living or having returned to independent living. The IOP occurs three nights a week for three-hour sessions, and clients sign on in month-long blocks. If relapse occurs, clients are admitted immediately into detox, then re-enter the IOP to continue treatment.

The multi-disciplinary team of doctor, psychiatrist, LADCs, behavioral technicians and support staff provide around the clock supervision and care for clients. If certain needs cannot be met by existing Orlando Recovery staff, additional support is brought in.


Healthy, holistic living is of primary importance at Orlando Recovery, and clients enjoy massage weekly and meditation daily. Pet and equine therapy is also offered, with clients specific needs determining the treatment modality. Art and music therapy can also be incorporated, with sessions scheduled throughout the week. Clients can relax by the idyllic pool, take yoga, play volleyball, or participate in other recreational excursions and activities both on and off-site.

In Summary

Orlando Recovery Center offers a great continuum of care for clients in Orlando, Florida. With gender-specific residences, and holistic treatment methods, a stable and supportive recovery environment is assured. Detox is not included in the 30-day rate, and is charged at $900 per day. The IOP is $3,000 per month, but Orlando Recovery provides luxuries amenities and individualized, holistic care.

Orlando Recovery Center Location

6000 Lake Ellenor Dr
Orlando, FL 32809

Orlando Recovery Center Cost

$25,000 (for 30 days). Reach Orlando Recovery Center by phone at (855) 625-9093 or by email. Find Orlando Recovery Center on Facebook and Twitter

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    Published 39 seconds ago Verified order
    Do not go here!!!

    Let me start by saying I am a professional educated woman in my 40s. I went here because they promised me many things- individual therapy, massage, acupuncture, equine therapy, and a “professional program.” Most importantly, they told me on the phone that my HR paperwork would be filled out in a way so my work wouldn’t know the exact nature why I was here as I work in a sensitive environment where I could loose my job for drug use. Needless to say, I received NONE of these things. I was told day two while still detoxing and feeling horrible they had to put my diagnosis on my paperwork. As you may have read in other reviews, there is NO acupuncture, massage therapy, or equine therapy. OK, I was a little annoyed by this as I feel this isn’t what is going to help my recovery the most, but the main problem is you will barely see your therapist while here as they are completely overworked. I saw my therapist twice in 27 days, that’s it. When I complained about this, I was told the promises to see a therapist twice a week are “only a guide” and that “individual therapy isn’t really helpful, it’s what you learn in groups.” Bottom line, they will promise you anything on the phone, then once you are there they treat you without respect, and basically hold you hostage by saying they will tell your work if you leave (my true story) or your insurance won’t cover your stay if you leave without completion and you will have to pay. You are another dollar sign to these people. Case in point, some patients there with insurance that didn’t pay as well who obviously weren’t doing the work (i.e. never went to a single group) flew through the program, while those of us with good insurance who went to every group were told we would be there for at least another month. The way this place is run has serious flaws. I won’t even get into the annoying details of how horrible and un-nutritious the meals were, the rooms not having any hangers, the facility constantly running out of towels, etc. I actually still have nightmares about this place. The only good thing I can say is that I am still sober, and I met some amazing people here (other patients) and in the end learned more from them than any of the counselors or staff. Do your self a favor and keep looking for other facilities where they will treat you with respect and as a human being and not another dollar sign.

    • How did you finally get out. My husband is there and he is getting the run around as to when he can leave. I keep telling him to just sign out his 30 days was up yesterday. Getting frustrated. We were also lied too. Promised everything under the sun. Any advise would be appreciated.

        • And if he, like myself, needs a certificate to walk out the door in order for insurance to pay and/or an employer to accept him back then you will have to get in their faces and demand to be let go! Cortina holds the power reigns. Troy is the other go to person. You have to daily track them down and demand release. They pull out the “but its recovery there is no timeline” or at least they did with me. And with your family and boss believing the “experts” its a hard road to get out of that place. We patients called it the Hotel California.. you can check it but you can’t leave.

  2. ORC “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” by Mark Porter


    FOOD – It was always a crapshoot, by this I mean the good aspect was there was always yogurt and salad as an option if the main meal sucked. The main meals were fair to good about half the time. I understand the overworked kitchen staff could only do so much with the low quality food provided by Sysco.

    MEDICATIONS – The medications distributed to me where exactly a perfect combination to mellow me out enough to get me through my alcohol withdrawal, (This lasted 3 or 4 days).

    FLAT SCREEN TELEVISION – In every room made the stay easier.

    CLASSES, PATIENTS AND STAFF – The one thing that really clicked and made ORC beneficial was the caring and enjoyable level of the classes/meetings. Also, most of the staff that ran these meetings tried to make them a little fun so as not to get monotonous. The staff really seemed to care about each individual and make it a point to say, “If anyone had any questions they would see them privately after class”. Secondly, the camaraderie amongst the patients was fantastic! Although, I might have just gotten lucky during my stay, these people are what I call my new rehab friends. This would include Jillian, Triple B or aka Brad, John, Colton, Ashley, Hillary, Laura, Leslie, Jax, Greg, Little James and Eric (My roommate) we formed a tight group that allowed us to bond and worked through the recovery process better. The flipside of this was after approximately one week we were all being split apart due to some being bumped up the ladder to the second floor and some going home. Anyone not on this list, I apologize for not putting your name in.

    My favorite person on the med staff by far was Selman (Sean) Manuel, MSN!!!


    First of all I was lied to by the call center. They made it out to be a spa like atmosphere. They said there would be use of the pool lounge chairs and volleyball courts which we were never allowed to use in either detox or residential. Only the second floor on Step 3 and Step 4 were the patients that were given approximately one hour a day to use these facilities per day. By moving to the second floor were told not to fraternize with the 1st floor patients even though we had all come from the 1st floor and had become friends. By the way, there were no massages or equine facility at ORC. Several times the nurse’s dispensary ran out of meds. This was extremely disparaging to the many heroin addicts coming in to detox as they had syboxin or lithium for up to two days during their detox (They even ran out of my Gabapentin for two days even though the pharmacy was suppose to deliver meds 3 times a day to ORC).

    ROOM CONDITIONS – As one of the counselors said jokingly, “Well, this is not the Four Seasons. You are here to learn about yourself”. The ironic part is that the Four Seasons cost about $400.00 per night and we were paying anywhere to $600.00 and $1200.00 per night depending if you were insurance or self-pay.

    Sheets were of the cheapest and poorest quality and did not fit the bed correctly. I am assuming they shrank in the wash.

    Pillows were like jail pillows and often times it took five requests over two days to receive an additional one and a second blanket.

    Mattresses were uncomfortable on your back.

    The rooms did not have individual thermostats so that after a hot week they flipped the main system to AC which could not be turned back to heat. I arrived during the two day cold snap and froze my ass off for the first two days with no extra blanket. It was almost impossible to get hot water for an evening shower and no hot water in the evening from the faucet at the sink. As far as bathroom amnesties there was almost none. You had to use their shampoo and conditioner, no bar soap and we were promised shaving cream and a disposable razor every two days and they never had shaving cream in stock. They confiscate any item that contains alcohol including some shampoos and all cologne/perfume. After 5 days I realize those items could have brought down to the floor in a plastic bag and locked up by the staff so you could still use it. However, no one told me this. There is no maid service and the floors were filthy for the first 6 days until they super nice janitor lady came by and I asked to have them cleaned. The ORC bought the cheapest toilet paper I have ever seen or used. It was see through.

    Many coffee drinkers were upset because the coffee machine was turned off just prior to lunch for the rest of the day.

    Inconsistency of Rule Enforcement – The rules where followed differently depending who was the counselor or tech that was on duty. Ex: In the group meeting room they had signs to divide the group male and female. After 15 meetings in this room only one counselor enforced this. This rule was really stupid as they entire 1st floor was co-ed.

    I have a seizure disorder which requires me to have a full night sleep to ward off any seizures. Unfortunately, the tech on duty would come in and wake me up at 12:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. to take my vital signs.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank individuals of the staff. 1) Cortina/Keisha 2) Catherine 3) Elizabeth 4) Char These were my favorite counselors/instructors 5) Norma (My caseworker) 6) Entire kitchen staff including Ms May. Special thanks go out to Lyle, Jason, Justy and especially Catherine Flowers (She makes a mean smelling caramel cookie), Kelly, Steve, Sharon, Pauline, Danielle, Jamica, Tamiko, Jennifer and finally my two favorite nurses Sondra and Murial. To any of you I may have missed, you know who you are.

    Helpful Hint: Start your discharge process with your caseworker at least 24 hours prior to your leaving.


    1) COUNSELOR CHRISTINE, CHRISTINE, CHRISTINE. On several occasions, I witnessed her extremely unprofessional behavior. This includes interrupting meetings, chastising a meeting volunteer host in front of the patients. Screaming at three people that where talking to techs regarding sober living homes. They were told to go to their rooms. An she expressed to another patient that she was cold, had no soul, didn’t care about our problems and had no empathy for us. SHE SUCKS!
    2) TECH – BLUESHIRT TAWAKO? Has an extremely snarky attitude, was extremely lazy and made the rules with his own interpretation. Although, he was extremely fat and had gone ahead of the patients to make a giant plate for himself. He was reprimanded by Ms. May and tried to turn the whole thing into a joke, unlike the way he treated us.

    Overall, ORC could use a lot of improvement. However, I am more than 2 weeks sober with no desire to drink. ORC must have done something right. Hopefully, this will find everyone well and the facility can be more streamline and less BS.

    • I hope you are still sober. I lasted 90 days after my ORC debacle. Kelly, my counselor, was the one shining star during my stay. And the other addicts that I became close to and are still close to. Other than those two positives, I have nothing positive to say about ORC. What a shame that they are allowed to stay in business.

  3. ORC has been horrible so far. My husband arrived there last Wednesday and it is now Monday and I have not heard anything about how he is doing or how long he will be gone. I have called several times and they have told me he should be able to call me or should have had call time already and he has not. Nobody there actually cares about the family or the patients.

  4. I was a client at ORC this past month. I was there a couple of weeks and decided it wasn’t the right fit for me. ORC is not very organized or structured as far as the programming and medication times . When you’re going through the intake process it seems nice at first everyone is eager to get your admission done but once you are in that room and just another number that’s exactly how they treat you. Troy is the Operations Manager but he does not have much control over the staff and no one is held accountable for anything. The director of nursing Luc is not involved and when you complain about his nurses (certain one) he ignores your concerns. There was a nurse who I could tell was becoming frustrated with me asking her for help. I asked her for help and she immediately told me to find my nurse because she was the… and I quote “float”. What the hell does that mean? You’re the float so you don’t have to do anything? I mentioned this to another nurse in passing about how poor this nurse attitude was and her response was more or less to just to let it go because she is “Luc’s supervisor”. I kept seeing this nurse in the director’s office sitting around but she couldn’t help me? So I knew what her co- worker said to me was true. How unprofessional can you be? The BHTs are over worked and severely short staffed on a daily basis. I hear the staffs all the time tell clients “I’m the only one up here give me a minute”. Why isn’t there enough staff in the evening? The nurses have to leave the unit to do admissions and this was a big concern for me. You wake up to speak to the nurse and the nurse is gone down stairs to do admissions. It’s very unsafe and some of the nurses they have scheduled at night are slow, unskilled, and have no idea what they’re doing. I don’t even blame the nurses I blame ORC for hiring a nurse manager who is not knowledgeable or people person. Luc is anti-social and fake. I never got a real feel on what his true personality is because he stuffs his face and stays in the office. He does not have leadership capabilities. Cortina is the clinical director and she has not one clue what she is doing the program schedule is designed to accommodate ORC doctors and therapist. The schedule makes no sense for the client and I for one suggested many times that the schedule should be changed but was met with Cortina’s resistance and poor sistah-girl attitude. She wants people to know she runs the programs and she’s in control. If Cortina keeps that attitude see how in control she is when people start leaving and refusing to pay for the services. ORC needs new administration and programming. At med times the nurses are outside smoking and you can’t find anyone to help you. The detox patients get to come inside the med room while the residential clients wait in a room. You have two nurses trying to pass meds from one cart and watch everyone take meds. Several people I was in detox with were passing pills to one another, drying the pills, crushing, and snorting the medication in their room. My advice to you, go somewhere else for treatment. The nurses and BHTs talk about clients in front of you and the nurse Muriel likes to make sure everyone knows there was a death at ORC. It’s like they think scaring you from drug use will work. If that worked there would be no need for treatment centers. I think some of the staff is too good for this place and their not appreciated. The individuals I witnessed be rude and foul mouth toward clients continued to act unprofessional and nothing done about it so I left.

    • I was a patient at ORC Sep-Oct 2016 and I have only one thing to add to the above. I recently got a notice from a collection agency ( a year after my stay) saying that I owed $40,000.00 to ORC. Insurance already paid them $55,000.00. So, perhaps it shouldn’t be classified mid range? I have no intention of paying them and every intention of suing them for mental and physical damages.

  5. ORC is a joke. The nurses are incompetent and have no training. They are not very knowledgeable and they do not care about the people paying for treatment. I was there in July 2016 and I left AMA after a patient died in the facility. He was in room 217 I still have nightmares about this place. The nurse Carla is an asshole she doesn’t like to be bothered with anyone who has a question or needs her help. She is a horrible nurse and has no skill set. I was there for 62 days and was over it after she cursed at me for the last time. I told Mr. Troy how rude and disrespectful she was to me and I don’t think they ever talked to her because she was never nice and her attitude only got worse the longer I stayed there.

    • Wonderful place on

      As I am going through and reading these comments, I find them quite disturbing. Here is what I have seen: kind, compassionate, respectful nurses. It takes a special kind of nurse to work with clients in the addiction field. Props to those nurses who manage to maintain their sanity while doing what they love. Its a nurses natural reaction to jump in and help if someone is truly needs assistance. While I do believe that some nurses personalities are to curse like a sailor or be a bit abrupt I have never seen that from Nurse Carla! I have total faith in the nursing staff, BHT’s, therapist and management at ORC!!

        • I didn’t post my name because I felt it was irrelevant just like “turn up queen” is what you like to call yourself. Let me fill you in, I’m a 32 year old woman who is still focusing on getting my life back in order after being heavily addicted to certain prescription meds. I am very thankful for the care and treatment I received and wanted people to see that thanks to the staff and lots of hard work on my end of things, I am moving forward to a better and brighter future for myself. I hope you can do the same turn up queen <3

          • It shouldn’t be too much longer before the truth comes out about what happened in July 2016 at ORC.

            Hopefully, some positive changes will take place so no one else gets hurt or dies.

          • Turn Up Queen on

            You fucking work for the place POS. You see every1 posting true negative comments and turn around and post lies….Where is your irrelevant comment for every other post? The shit is TRUE. ORC is a joke. Stop killing people. Stops staff from trying to huck up with patients. Stop watching ppl choke. Stop your bullshit and maybe you will be relevant one day

          • Turn Up Queen on

            You fucking work for the place POS. You see every1 posting true negative comments and turn around and post lies….Where is your irrelevant comment for every other post? The shit is TRUE. ORC is a joke. Stop killing people. Stops staff from trying to hook up with patients. Stop watching ppl choke. Stop your bullshit and maybe you will be relevant one day

          • Turn Up Queen on

            I woke up with a headache thinking about this place. Now I want some Oxy. I would pick up but I’m sober bitches! No thanks to this place. T h is place deserves a ZERO. One is too high.

        • I believe you. The nurses are not skilled and until they get better people in there I will be reviewing and getting the word out to all my friends to go elsewhere! I will not stop until they really get people in there who care about being a help to those struggling with addiction. Detoxing is too scary to have a child like brain adult caring for you.

          • I too am contacting everyone that I knew in treatment during my stay Sep – Oct 2016 to get them behind the movement to shut down ORC. It is criminal to take advantage of the vulnerable addict. Family trusts the facility and won’t listen to the patient. It is only a money making operation causing more harm than good. Go elsewhere!

      • Because you haven’t seen this from nurse Carla doesn’t mean it did not happen with this client or myself. ORC is only concerned with protecting their staff and interest which is to make money. I truly understand what JB Stylez is talking about because she is the nurse I am speaking of. Keep defending your staff instead of trying to male the place better.

        • @KJ

          If you notice any good comments then it is prolly from a staff member. Sad, sad, sad.

          If the administration at ORC actually wanted to improve then they would read the comments and make changes. How can MORE THAN ONE patient have a complaint about the same nursing staff?

          Maybe if they spent more time hiring qualified nursing staff and less time treating the patients like they were criminally insane or in prison with stupid restrictions then they would have less people getting hurt.

          This is why BHTs talk about the leadership like dogs in front of and sometimes to the patients. The leadership allows staff to talk about patients in front of and to other patients. Its a cycle.

          A patient had 2 major seizures at ORC before the nursing staff would send her to the hospital. Incident after incident after incident.

          Everyone is not making negative comments because they are in active addiction or treatment resistant. At some point, ORC is going to have to look in the mirror.

          Just something to think about.

      • You must not have stayed there very long or perhaps you saw a doctor more than only once while you were there? Were able to find out when you could leave? Had food you could eat? Or maybe your medications were correct? Perhaps the pool was not green and draining? No deaths during your stay? Read the lists above and that was what I experienced during my stay. NO TO ORC

  6. My son was initially referred to this place, but then psych ended up sending to the University of Florida. He’s almost done with a 90 day program at UF and is doing well. We’ve been impressed with staff and treatment plan. Good luck to all going down this road.

  7. I was a patient at ORC during the summer of 2016 and again in October 2016. I ended up leaving AMA both times. The first time, I was upset because another patient overdosed and a few days later the same nurse that failed to revive the patient [she could not find the crash cart] told me it was okay to take Metformin on an empty stomach. Then when I got sick, felt light headed, and almost passed out she just ignored me. A BHT, another nurse who responded to the scene because the BHT called her, several patients, and the Detox therapist assisted me. Later that day, I left the facility AMA. I did not feel like the nurse was competent to care for my medical needs or other patients for that matter. Although, I did feel that there were several clinical staff and BHTs that were supportive and caring.

    The second time, I left AMA because two nurses watched me choke during lunch and walked away. I was in the dining room, eating lunch when suddenly I started choking. Several patients came up to me trying to help. Thankfully, the food popped out of my throat. A BHT called for assistance because two nurses were just standing there watching. Several patients followed me into the bathroom where I was gagging. Two nurses watched the whole commotion and walked away without offering any assistance. One of the nurses was the same nurse that failed to provide quality care during my first stay at ORC.

    For two days, after the incident, I felt like something was in my throat. I was never sent to the hospital or even a doctor. No medical doctor at the facility examined me. I filed a DCF Abuse complaint. DCF is still investigating the matter.

    Because of the DCF complaint, one of the nurses refused to provide medication to me after the incident. She slammed the door in my face and threatened to have me put out of the facility.

    The next day, I left the facility AMA. When staff found out that I was planning to leave AMA the clinical director, lead therapist, and detox therapist went out of their way to make sure that I was safe. They tried to help me find another facility that can better meet my needs. I do believe there are some great clinical staff at ORC which care about the patients.

    However, I would not trust those two nurses to take care of my dogs. In addition, to the above, several of the nurses dispense medication by touching the patient’s meds with their bare hands. This is against protocol and increases exposure to blood borne pathogens. One nurse was doling out meds with blood on his fingers. I could say his name but I won’t. Another nurse was passing out meds with a large cut on her arm. I could say her name but I won’t. I’ve complained about it several times but was viewed by the director of nursing as a trouble maker.

    I pray for the safety of the current/future patients that they [DCF, corporate, and/or leadership] take a look at the nursing staff and make some critical changes. ORC really is a great program and there are some very caring clinical staff. However, the nursing team needs to be reevaluated and patients should have a way to voice serious concerns without retaliation. My overall rating would be a 3 out 5.

  8. My son needed detox from Methadone. He was all set to go a different facility that could do the medical detox with a methadone taper since he’s on 100 mg. While waiting for an open bed which was to take a couple of days, the rep from ORC came into the hospital and told him they could take him today! He also told him he could use his vape – So we made the decision to go to ORC. After arriving, he was told he cannot use the vape and the do not do the methadone taper but he would have to go cold turkey on the methadone while using other drugs to help with the withdrawl side affect.s After speaking to the director, he made it seem like he was completely unaware of my son’s case until he walked in the door. The rep had told me that the ORC medical team had met several times to discuss his case and they were prepared. I was so frustrated with all of the miscommunication. Long story short, ORC called the other rehab facility to make sure there was still a bed available and paid for his flight to get there that day.

  9. Dianna Vannatta on

    After completing a 44 day stint in Advanced Recovery System’s ‘Recovery Village at Palmer Lake’ in Colorado our AD felt ready to go to aftercare. Since her previous experience with ARS’s rehab was good, we felt we should continue to work with them in the sober living portion of her recovery. We called and scheduled a visit with ‘Sheldon’ to tour the Orlando Recovery Center’s aftercare facility (We live in Tampa). On April 1st, 2016 I drove there with our AD and her fiancee. Upon arriving at the facility (very nice), and meeting Sheldon we were redirected to another location by Sheldon. 30 minutes away. Hmmm. This location was in a VERY bleak area in Maitland, FL. We pull into the parking lot of the converted hotel/motel and see two incredibly flashy vehicles (porsche/mercedes) which REALLY stand out in this desolate area. No other cars there. Nothing like making it obvious they are making LOTS of $$ from their clients misery. 🙁 When we entered the facility there was a heavy, unattractive smell and no one greeted us for awhile. We stood there waiting. Two young ‘recovering’ addicts popped out of a single bathroom (young men). And a man much like a ‘used car salesman’ asked us why we were there. As told by Sheldon we asked for Melissa and a tour. ‘Used car salesman’ YELLS out to Melissa that we are here. Melissa YELLS from the back of the building “I am counting MONEY – no one should be here to see me, I am BUSY”. (No joke). Super awkward. ‘Used car salesman’ calls out to Cynthia to assist us, a meek woman appears from the back. At this time I let them know a tour would not be necessary as we had seen enough to be certain it WAS NOT the place for our AD. As we left my AD and her fiancee thanked me for handling it, as we ALL felt the same way. YIKES. A waste of an entire day, it took us the remainder of the day to shake off that truly uncomfortable experience.

    • Reading your comment is not comforting….we just sent our son to ORC for detox and recovery on Sunday Sept 18. we relied on an interventionist to choose the facility and were not aware where he was going until that morning. I am concerned about the next part of his recovery. My nephew lives in Maitland; is there anywhere i can find the address of this facility so I can ask him to go check it out for us.

      • I’m also worried because we sent our son to ORC a couple of days ago and now i’m sick worried that this facility will fail my son’s detox and recovery. I should have read the reviews first before sending him there, but I was so desperate to get him help while he was willing to accept it. Now, i’m not sure I did the right thing, i guess i’ll find out when I get to speak to him on his first phone call.

        • Hi Linda, I just dropped my husband off last night at ORC for recovery from alcohol abuse. I am just now seeing all these comments and I am very nervous. Can you share any insight as to how this experience went for your family ?

      • Hi Sue, I just dropped my husband off last night at ORC for recovery from alcohol abuse. I am just now seeing all these comments and I am very nervous. Can you share any insight as to how this experience went for your family ?

      • I am leaving to go Saturday how was your son’s stay. After these reviews I’m very afraid to leave Texas and go there.

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