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Open Sky Wilderness Therapy Adolescent


Open Sky Wilderness Therapy Review

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy is a wilderness treatment organization. It has two divisions, one for adults and one for adolescents. The adolescent program specializes in the care of boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 17 struggling with mental health conditions as well as substance use disorders, process addictions, eating disorders and learning disorders. Founded in 2006, the facility incorporates a comprehensive treatment approach into a wilderness experience. 

Accommodations and Food

Open Sky operates out of two regions throughout the year—southwestern Colorado during the summer and fall, and southeastern Utah during the winter. This flexibility enables Open Sky to provide students with the best possible all-around experience. In stark contrast to regular life, the program offers a beautiful and rugged environment without even the most basic amenities like lighting or showers. Students are forced to rely on themselves, performing necessary chores like cooking, cleaning and building shelter. 

Open Sky offers a nutritious menu of organic food. There are options available for persons with dietary restrictions and allergies. 

Treatment and Staff

The facility seeks to heal the “whole person” rather than simply treating symptoms. As such, before beginning treatment clients go through an extensive intake evaluation that includes a physical and psychological exam as well as a complete account of substance use and personal and family history. These results are used as a foundation to design the best possible individualized care plan tailored to address the unique challenges, circumstances and goals of the person.

Open Sky’s model of care focuses on recovery as well as empowerment. As such, the facility integrates a number of therapeutic methods including evidence-based therapies, holistic approaches, psychoeducation, and life skills, as well as psychiatric assessments and psychological testing. Students engage in individual and group therapy with therapists trained in CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI) to help resolve indifference to change. The facility also utilizes EMDR to treat trauma as a cause of current conditions. Psychoeducation courses focus on a range of necessary topics like general wellness, hygiene, self-esteem, addiction, communication and personal development. 

It’s worth mentioning, the 12-step recovery model is not a component of the programming. 

The multidisciplinary Open Sky team includes therapists, guides, physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, mentors, EMT’s and nurses. Medication management and medical services are available.


Holistic practices include yoga, mindfulness meditation, art and music therapy. With so much time spent being in nature, students learn to enjoy simple pleasures such as journaling and connecting with peers. 

Open Sky understands the powerful impact of family involvement when it comes to recovery. Moreover, the facility believes that therapy should involve the entire family. To this end, Open Sky provides a comprehensive family program that includes regular correspondence, weekly calls, online support groups, a parents weekend, transition preparation, coaching

In Summary

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy provides comprehensive wilderness programming for adolescents. In addition to outdoor experiential therapy, the facility boasts a range of therapeutic methods and individualized aftercare and transition support. For anyone seeking a well-rounded wilderness program that emphasizes client potential and empowerment, the family unit and clinical expertise, Open Sky Wilderness Therapy is an excellent option. 

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