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Located in tiny city of Gassville, Arkansas, OMART Inc (which stands for Ozark Mountain Alcohol Residential Treatment) is an affordable inpatient facility that provides a strict emphasis on recovery. OMART is one of the more affordable inpatient programs available with a higher than average duration of stay.

Accommodations and Food

OMART offers co-ed dormitory style housing (with the genders kept separate by hallway) in one large facility buffered by trees and green fields. Rooms are shared, but each comes with a private bathroom, twin beds and simple furniture pieces. While the facility can accommodate as many as 40 clients at a time, there are generally only between 24 and30. There is a cook on staff who prepares three hot meals a day, as well as healthy snacks during class sessions.

Those looking to spend some of their allotted free time on a workout or excursion. There is a sand volleyball court on-site and residents frequently take walks around the ground after lunch during free periods. In addition, during the summer months, they can enjoy trips every Friday afternoon to the nearby White River.

Treatment and Staff

Average stays are between 28 and 42 days and those days start early at OMART with a 6 am wake-up call every morning and a morning mediation session. Breakfast follows shortly thereafter at 7 am, followed by a schedule of group therapy and educational classes. Each of these sessions is around 45 minutes long.

At 4 pm, clients can enjoy a period of free time before dinner. Twice a week, OMART holds a 12-step meeting at their facility, with occasional off-site trips to local meetings as well. Residents in need of medical detox must schedule on their own before arrival. While OMART does offer a non-medical detox for clients undergoing only minor withdrawal symptoms, those suffering from severe symptoms must be transported to nearby Baxter Regional Medical Center for stabilization. OMART does have a medical director on staff who provides an initial intake assessment, but there is no real medical or psychiatric staff available for day-to-day concerns.

Residents are permitted certain medications, though which ones are determined before their stay; the on-site staff handles the distribution of any necessary medication throughout the day. OMART also offers extended care through a facility in Gassville, which aids clients in finding employment and sober living situations once their inpatient stay is over.


A standout feature of the OMART program is the specialized women’s services, which provide specific care for pregnant women, or those with children ages six and under. This means that women can bring their children with them to OMART, with the facility shuttling them to a nearby daycare facility each day. OMART can also tailor individual and group therapy to these women, offering education for psycho-social issues, women’s health, parenting skills, childcare, job skills, budgeting, nutrition, aftercare planning and family education. Case management and drug testing are also a part of the package. This program tends to last longer, with average stays between 90 days and six months.

In Summary

Given the low cost and relatively small client rolls, OMART is a dependable facility with highly structured, 12-step based care for those living in the Ozarks. Overall, for those in neighboring counties looking to start their recovery at a low cost, OMART Inc. may be a good fit.

OMART Inc. Location

116 Snowball Dr
Gassville, AR 72635


$4,000 (30 days). Reach OMART Inc. by phone at (870) 435-6200. Find OMART Inc. on Facebook

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  1. Julie Timmerman on

    My son recently went here on his own trying to get help and things were going well until he refused to turn his pockets inside out which was not part of treatment and he only had a week left and instead of a warning or write up they kicked him out, at 5:00 on a Monday evening 3.5 hours from anywhere no bus station or anything and I drove in the dark by myself to pick him up, in my opinion if this is how they operate the State really should look into their employees behaviors and counselors. Not only did this happen but he was without his medication for 4 days because they forgot about it and I still have not received the money or the phone card that I sent to him and he never got. Very unprofessional place and it is a co-ed facility and addicts have a hard enough time coping with the addiction let alone the sexual attraction from men and women.

  2. I cannot imagine my life without OMART. It changed my life. Wow its not up to date. Where were you living before omart. 5star hotel? I doubt you were. My family loved it. I loved all the staff. They work for pennies. They give us the tools to save our lives. Three meals a day yes. How many of us had 3 squares a day. All we have here is a chance out there i ad no chance. I still stop and visit every time in in town. They Give me Life. For that i can never repay. If your hurting really hurting and its time for a change a real change here is your chance. I hope you find what you need. GOD

  3. This place is a joke. It’s unsanitary, unprofessional, and money hungry especially for that state money that’s paid for those poor souls who are court ordered. Please I implore you, do not take a loved one here for help because help is the last thing you’ll find at this dump if any at all.

  4. I loved it at omart. The staff was very nice except when we broke rules but they did gives us plenty of chances. I was there Nov ,Dec,2015 an Jan 16 I loved it cause if you needed someone to talk to the counselors would talk to you. So yea I loved it. If you can’t follow rules in there how can you out in public. But whatever you do Do Not go in there looking for a hook up if there in there that means they have just as much if not more problems than you do. They can’t keep you sober an if you do hook up in there chances are 80% of it working out between y’all. Cause 80% if he/ she relapse the other will too. Take that time an work on yourself. Its a selfish program an stay away from drama. Stick to yourself. No one can help you if you don’t No one can can get your kids back but you. Good luck

  5. This place is absolutely DISGUSTING!!!! I was embarrassed to even be around it.. We went to get a relative and they came out bawling. This place needs to be looked over by the health department! How could anyone relax and try to get healthy with the FILTH that is there. Cockroaches, springs coming out of the mattresses, smells like cat piss, not up to’s pathetic! Use the patients to clean and serve? Ha! The patients are there to GET help, NOT GIVE. I DO NOT recommend this “rehab” to anyone..

  6. I was really excited about going to this facility upon looking at the website…However once I got there I was doomed! The staff was rude, people ran around like children, and they do nothing to help you detox…I left and I forgot a few things that were never in my possession from the time I walked in so I called back up there and asked about my things and one of the consulars basically said losers weepers…very unprofessional

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