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Oliver-Pyatt Centers Review

Founded in 2008, Oliver-Pyatt Centers offers residential and outpatient treatment for women with eating disorders in Miami, Florida. It’s treatment philosophy was developed by Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, a Fellow of the Academy of Eating Disorders and a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist. She is the author of Fed Up! The Breakthrough Ten Step No Diet Fitness Plan, featured in Family Circle and Psychology Today. Oliver-Platt’s approach focuses on intuitive eating “and the belief that each person has the capacity for a mindful relationship with food and their body.”

Accommodations and Food

Oliver-Pyatt’s clients are housed in upscale apartments in a residential neighborhood in south Miami. There are 36 beds total, with each residential treatment unit consisting of three apartments having 12 beds and an on-site supportive coordinator. Clients usually have one roommate in the well-appointed modern two-bedroom apartments, which are located in secure, buildings with elevators.

When first entering treatment, clients have plated breakfasts provided by the center at home. As they progress, they become responsible for assembling their own breakfasts. Clients then have lunches and snacks at the nearby treatment center. In the evenings, clients often have dinners at restaurants in the community in order to learn healthy eating habits in for independent daily living. Clients can access their cell phone, laptops and tablets after treatment hours.

Treatment and Staff

Clients have a full bio-psycho-social assessment upon entering treatment. Most stay in residential treatment for at least six weeks, and stays can continue up to a year. Residents are transported each day to the nearby treatment center for group therapy, individual therapy, classes and coaching sessions from 9 am to 8 pm.

Residents have processing groups after lunch in which to work through the feelings they had at mealtime. Therapy uses CBT, DBT, and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. Oliver-Pyatt is known for having clinicians especially effective in the treatment of trauma related to eating disorders. It had dedicated groups and individual sessions to treat binge eating and a group for clients over 30. Clients also have a weekly session with a registered dietician and nutrition and cooking classes throughout the week.

The program also helps clients reintegrate into independent living by engaging them in exposure therapy activities, such as off-site social events and recreational outings, so that clients can learn to manage likely food and appetite triggers with the support of their eating coaches.

The treatment team at Oliver-Pyatt includes three psychiatrists, LMHCs, MSWs, R.D.s, psychologists, food coaches and medical doctors. Therapists usually only work with three clients at a time, ensuring much individual attention and customized aftercare planning. Oliver-Pyatt’s treatment team has considerable expertise in treatment co-occurring disorders. In addition to therapy for mental health diagnoses, the staff transports clients to local 12-step or other meetings for substance abuse peer support.


Clients are taken on evening and weekend recreational outings throughout south Florida.

Oliver-Pyatt’s residential program incorporates significant family support in the form of family therapy and education groups. Family therapy is scheduled as-needed, and Oliver-Pyatt holds a monthly “Family Friday,” a day of support and education groups and therapy sessions for clients and their families.

The treatment team works with each client to create a successful step-down and/or aftercare plan as they come to the end of residential treatment. Local clients may elect to enroll in the center’s Partial Hospitalization Program or Intensive Outpatient Program. For clients who live elsewhere, the treatment team has regional coordinators who are familiar with outpatient programs and therapists who specialize in eating disorders nation-wide.

In Summary

For nearly a decade, Oliver-Pyatt Centers have helped women overcome eating disorders through its mindful approach to intuitive eating. Its clinicians are experienced in treating the trauma and family systems underlying many eating disorders. With a multi-level outpatient program and regional coordinators, Oliver-Pyatt is able to ensure its alumni have the support to continue their success in recovery.

Oliver-Pyatt Centers Review

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