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Ohio Treatment Programs

Ohio treatment centers are located throughout the state and serve a variety of inpatient rehab as well as outpatient rehab needs. Many Ohio treatment programs serve the general population while others serve special populations such as men only, women only, ex-offenders, adolescents or dual diagnosis. If you or a loved one needs treatment, we can help you find an Ohio rehab program to meet your needs.

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Substance abuse in Ohio

Trust for America’s Health indicates in their report “Prescription Drug Abuse: Strategies to Stop the Epidemic,” the state has the “12th highest drug overdose mortality rate in the United States, with 16.1 per 100,000 people suffering drug overdose fatalities.” The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) points out that approximately five people die every day in Ohio due to drug overdose. A 2013 report from the Ohio State Coroner’s Association (OSCA), in partnership with the ODH, determined that from 1999 through 2011, “the number of fatal overdoses increased by more than 440 percent, placing a large additional resource burden on Ohio coroners responsible for investigating these deaths.” Ohio has recently undertaken several initiatives to reduce deaths from substance abuse and to reduce substance abuse in Ohio.

Ohio drug rehab

Part of the efforts to reduce substance abuse in the state is through funding and support for Ohio treatment centers. The Statewide Prevention Coalition Association unites substance abuse coalitions and organizations to share resources and promote a safe, drug-free state. A new program, Start Talking, focuses on giving parents and community leaders the necessary tools to “start the conversation with Ohio’s youth about the importance of living healthy, drug-free lives.” For those already battling substance abuse, there are many drug rehab programs to help treat their addictions and to gain the ability to live as productive Ohio citizens with new coping skills.

Ohio alcohol rehab

In Ohio, there were 385 alcohol-related traffic deaths attributed to drunk driving, with 77.4 per cent of those alcohol-related deaths involving drivers with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 15+. The legal limit for alcohol in Ohio is .08. For the same year, there were 35,629 alcohol-related arrests in Ohio. Alcohol rehab programs in Ohio treat the whole person, not just the alcohol addiction.

Ohio rehabs

Ohio rehabs focus on the needs of clients seeking treatment for their drug addiction, alcoholism, compulsive gambling or dual diagnosis disorders. There are many treatment programs throughout the state, serving the needs of the general population, the youth of Ohio and those with co-occurring disorders. The Ohio Mental Health & Addictions Services is prepared to address compulsive gambling problems, now that there are several casinos located within the state and the fact that substance abuse and problem gambling often go hand-in-hand.

Treatment programs in Ohio

The needs of each person addicted to alcohol or other drugs vary from one person to the next. It is crucial to understand that the right treatment program for a friend or family member is not necessarily the right rehab program for you. The amount of time that you spend in rehab will depend on your recovery and is not always the same time that another person spends in treatment.

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