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The Basics

Odyssey House, located in Salt Lake City, is the largest substance abuse treatment provider in Utah. Offering inpatient, outpatient and sober living services to adolescents, men and women with children, and single adults, Odyssey House is a comprehensive treatment facility. The adult residential program aims to create a sober foundation for men and women with substance abuse issues.

Accommodations and Food

The accommodations and treatment at Odyssey House are in the same facility. Between 25 and 30 men and women are housed separately in shared dual-occupancy rooms. Each client gets a twin-sized bed, desk and cabinet for storage—all bathrooms are communal. Living areas include recreation rooms with cable TVs, games and computers.

The kitchen is cafeteria-style and provides three meals a day with healthy options (such as fruit for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and salads for dinner.)

Treatment and Staff

Potential Odyssey House clients are interviewed to determine which therapies and group topics will be most beneficial to their individual recovery. The program length varies per individual, but is typically six to nine months. Treatment is individualized using a modified Therapeutic Community (TC) model with a dual diagnosis option. Clients attend two group sessions per day, one individual session per week and family counseling as needed. Various types of therapies are used in group sessions including CBT, DBT, dual-diagnosis enhanced, mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing (MI). Employment counseling, independent living skills, relapse prevention, and medication management are also addressed.


In addition to their comprehensive inpatient program, Odyssey House offers an outpatient program and a transitional housing community. Recreational opportunities are offered to clients, with options such as daily walks, yoga sessions, seasonal sports competitions and other supervised activities.

The Odyssey House vocational training program provides training so clients can learn trades such as upholstery, painting and building.

In Summary

Those looking for an inpatient program that combines comfortable housing with multiple treatment tracks will be well served at Odyssey House. With comprehensive, holistic and evidence-based treatment options, as well as relapse prevention and sober living options post-treatment, Odyssey House gives clients every hope of long-term sobriety.

Odyssey House
344 E 100 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Odyssey House: $900 (30 days). Reach Odyssey House by phone at (801) 322-3222. Find Odyssey House on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+

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  1. my daughter is in odyssey house as far as i know its helping she has struggled with heroin for 10 years. before her addiction she was the fun, loving, caring, and generous. she has not had it easy her mother is also struggling with heroin she lives in southern Ut. My daughters addiction has caused our family a great deal of pain, during her addiction she had a child that we raised for 7 1/2 years,as she continued with her struggles then on 5/12/2017 her drug dealer kidnapped her son with the help of the court. here is a link to the full story. https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vTscTmDsJ5dv2jKk8ExnKuoQSJ9a6Bwfa4TmJZf4PmytUzklU6Tt40pSL8T5OmR9qxFA1x6fJU9Wiir/pub

  2. I fail to see a review of anything. Where is the review of Odyssey House? This can hardly be the most trusted rehab review site when you don’t offer any reviews!

    • Do recommend oddessy house of slc to anyone ! The staff is extremely corrupt and unprofessional . Many things take place at this center that are quite shocking . Check your family member out and I to a new center

      • I agree. Not only is this rehab infested with mice and rats. Staff members are cruel. One is actually jailed right now for stealing a clients disability check and trying to cash it. This place is overcrowded 100 clients with a 60 client inpatient license. Also, you are made to work outside Odyssey House and give your earnings to them even though you have paid for your rehab. Clients are coerced into signing over their food stamps. 194.00 a month from each person. You do the math! The monthly Nicolas Food Bill is 3k. The food bank delivers a truck load 3 times a week. One hour of group treatment a day and you are treated like garbage. No positive reinforcement. Public humiliation in front of your peers and no privacy

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