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Ocean Recovery in Newport Beach is a residential extended care facility for people with addictions or eating disorders who have already spent 15 to 30 days in an inpatient facility elsewhere. As such, detox is not available. The main goal is relapse prevention and a smooth transition into a more independent sober living environment—which Ocean Recovery also provides.

Accommodations and Food

Residents stay in furnished apartments with granite countertops, leather couches and flat screen TVs with a full line-up of movie channels. Weekly barbecues take place in on the narrow patios.

Clients must purchase their own groceries with an allowance and cook in fully-equipped kitchens with advice from a nutritional counselor. Men and women stay in separate facilities and attend completely different groups.

Treatment and Staff

Ocean Recovery is a 12-step rehab, and meetings are considered integral to each resident’s continued recovery. The staff help connect residents with sponsors in the community. Clients who are resistant to AA may criticize this as one-size-fits-all, but there are plenty of non 12-step-exclusive centers for those individuals.

Treatment consists of individual counseling based on CBT, psychoeducation groups, process groups, and a trauma-informed care that includes EMDR and family therapy. Other holistic treatment offerings include equine therapy, a ropes course, yoga, Tai Chi and Kung Fu.

Most of the therapists on staff at Ocean Recovery have Master’s-level degrees or doctorates, and a psychiatrist is available for any necessary medical consultations.


Ocean Recovery entrusts its residents with a good amount of free time. Most of the afternoons are devoted to group bonding—not only to create healthy, sober friendships, but also to encourage clients to stay on at Ocean Recovery for sober living. Volleyball, surfing, swimming and kayaking keep residents active, while group cookouts are a regular ritual. Outside trips may also include sporting events and museums.

In Summary

Once clients complete the 90-day extended care program, Ocean Recovery urges them to transition into the sober living program, which lasts for 12 to 18 months. On the whole, Ocean Recovery is solid for extended care. While not necessarily ideal for those who require a lot of structure or are trying to avoid a heavy 12-step emphasis, Ocean Recovery could be perfect for someone looking to save money on extended care or escape from a less-than-ideal primary care situation.

Ocean Recovery Location

3419 Via Lido
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Ocean Recovery Cost

$15,000 (30 days). Reach Ocean Recovery by phone at (855) 445-8737. Find Ocean Recovery on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. DO NOT place your loved one into this facility! Its an overpriced “sober living” facility. OCEAN RECOVERY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN. My daughter came back worse off and had to hire someone to locate her after she simply walked away from one of the facilities. They act concerned and caring but all they want is to fill their beds and collect your hard earned money. I had a consult with the owner and my gut told me he was a slime ball. Ocean Recovery is run by a con man and felon. BUYER BEWARE you will lose your life savings only to find your loved one has become more adept at hiding her addiction.

  2. I am a former employer of this facility. I normally don’t troll or post about somewhere I worked but I feel the need to do so now. I am deeply disappointed at the state of rehabs and the unethical activities that occur in order to “win over” clients. This industry has seemed to put a blank check into the hands of convicted felons. Kevin Cullen (a convicted felon) initially seems genuine and caring. He is an expert at being a con artist. I am aware that there is an investigation into Ocean Recovery and all of Kevins business dealings including owning a smoke shop? Rehabs ARE a dime a dozen. DO NOT enroll your loved ones into this one. They will say whatever they need to have you pay for another month of your hard earned money.

  3. Do NOT come to Oceans if your looking for personal growth. This is a place that is run off fear, keeping the clients in the dark from the reality of the situation to the family, simply because they understand the vulnerability of a drug addict/alcohol and use that for the insurance money. It is a cruel and traumatizing place and nobody should ever.. EVER go here or send someone here. I have reported the place for investigation and it is currently being looked into, but until it becomes a public case I can only post my observations and experience dealing with the sadistic staff, program, and management of this place. There are REALLY good programs close to them, do NOT EVER choose this for anyone dealing with addiction/alcoholism, they will not grow and become happy people without drugs or alcohol…..

  4. Dear Sir/Madam


    I am 45 years old man, got very addicted to sleeping and relaxing medications since about 5 years. (Stillnox for sleeping And Lexotanil for relaxation).

    This affected my life badly and I need to come back clean and normal within a maximum of one month.

    Can you give details about your program, duration, and cost. and Need to Know the Best Place for me.

    I need to do the treatment ASAP.

    Waiting for you reply.

    Jr Doq
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Mobile:- 00962795293280

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