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Oakdale Recovery CenterOakdale Recovery Center Review

Located between Ann Arbor and Detroit in Canton, Michigan, the Oakdale Recovery Center has been offering substance abuse treatment options for over 25 years. Oakdale Recovery Center services include two to five day long detox, short-term residential, day treatment, a Domiciliary Intensive Outpatient Program (DIOP) as well as a standard IOP and basic outpatient treatment. Treatment at Oakdale utilizes the 12-step modality and is offered to adults over 18 of both genders.

Accommodations and Food

At Oakdale Recovery Center, three to four clients in the residential program share each room, each client getting his or her own bed and closet. Up to ten clients can be accommodated at a time. The clinic-style detox facility separates genders into a separate female and male hallway, with each hallway getting its own shared bathroom. No TV is allowed on the premises, nor are cell phones. All meals are served cafeteria style and  included in cost of stay.

Treatment and Staff

Oakdale Recovery Center treatment kicks off with an assessment that devises each client’s individualized treatment plan which may include individual, group and family sessions. Clients also get random urinalysis and psychiatric assessments, as well as medication management if necessary. Therapy utilizes a combination of CBT and the 12-step approach.

Oakdale Recovery Center’s detox is offered to persons who require a 24-hour, medically monitoring setting to safely manage the symptoms and medical risks during the physical withdrawal from substances. The average length of treatment is between two and five days. Upon completion, clients can transition seamlessly into the short-term residential treatment. This typically lasts at least a week but may be extended further if necessary. The day treatment program runs Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3:30 pm.

Meanwhile, the DIOP runs the same hours and is designed for clients who need intensive-level treatment and a supportive housing environment. The DIOP offers the communal support of a sober living house setting with clients in various stages of recovery serving as peer support for each other. Transportation to and from Oakdale is available. IOP means partaking in the more standard group and educational sessions option as well as in one individual session per week. The program runs three hours per day, four days a week. The basic outpatient option offers less of the same; individual, group, couples and family sessions are available one to four hours per week. Frequency and intensity is individualized.

Oakdale Recovery Center employs about 15 licensed counselors, two doctors and a number of registered nurses.

In Summary

The Oakdale Recovery Center has over two decades of experience in offering substance abuse treatment services. For those in need of treatment at a level and of an approach that matches their unique personal needs, Oakdale Recovery Center is quite accessible due to its sliding scale option.

Oakdale Recovery Center Location

43825 Michigan Ave
Canton, MI 48188

Oakdale Recovery Center Cost

Sliding scale $175 (intake fee); $150 – $300 (detox, per day); $4,500 – $9,000 (30 days, residential); $125 (per session, IOP). Reach Oakdale Recovery Center by phone at (734) 397-3088 or by email at [email protected]. Find Oakdale Recovery Center on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn

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  1. OAKDALE RECOVERY! NEED’S RECOVERY WITHIN IT’S STAFF AND FACILITY! THIS PLACE IS THE WORST OF THE WORST. (only 2% working there truly care) What you are about to read is all factual 100% from the inside of OAK DALE walls… This facility and 98% of it’s staff are running a business of ” keep the bed’s full for the payment and not for the sake of the client”.
    1. Lead recovery coach,Therapist, Tech supervisor,& other staff are dating and having sexual relationships with Client’s while getting IN PATIENT treatment. The facility has been made aware of this a number of times yet look the other way. Just as they looked the other way in 2014 when a Recovery Tech gave birth to child from a Client…
    2.The upper staff are covering up the Death’s of Client’s within the facility. fact check 3-4-2018 a Client found dead in his room yet upper staff was more worried about how to Bill the situation rather then the Client or his family.
    3.The over medicating of Client’s to the point they have no idea where they are or whats going on for 3 days straight . ( this has lead to a few client’s being sexually abused by a staff member as well as other client’s)
    4. Client’s getting the wrong Medications.
    5.Client’s with Mental disorder’s being left unattended or with staff that have no training on care for them. These are Patient’s brought over from the connected facility “Oakdale House” which is for treating Mentally handicap Client’s. They are sent to the addiction side in order to 2x bill and keep the bed’s full.
    6.The covering up of a Bed Bug infestation that has been ongoing for years and not treated as needed. it’s cheaper to use a store bought bug spray and a little heat. (never going to fix the issue)
    7.The turning of a blind eye by staff for the right price when client’s have visitors who bring in coffee and drugs to be sold inside the center.
    8.Upper Mang. showing Discrimination against other races including the LGBT community. Known fact the recently a member of the LGBT was let go from her job after there were HIPAA violation’s by both the Program Director and another staff member in which then included the FIRED EMPLOYEE. Although all 3 did the same thing, in which the Program Director made the first move and could have informed the employee it would be a violation but however continued to set her up to be fired. Both the other employee and the Prog. Director still have Jobs while the LGBT Employee was let go. This type of discrimination has been shown in treatment Client’s as well.
    9. Client’s in treatment are forced to live in filth. If you take a look at the floors in the sleeping area’s, they are covered with indoor/outdoor turf over un-padded cement. Turf is stained in vomit, urine and human feces. The floors are cleaned once every 5-10 years while the offices above are cleaned every 3-4 months. The kitchen is surface clean meaning thick food on the floor cracks, between boxes, equipment and walls attracts the mice that run freely and the water molded mop sink is a health hazard. The ceiling in the Lunch Great room is leaking but the clean carpets and new desks up stairs are priority over a dangerous room where Clients spend most of their time. Let’s not forget the sexual acts that have been caught in the act where the food is served by the mix of Staff & Clients.
    Dare a Recipients rights form be filled out, it comes up missing..
    This is Just a crack in the Egg of so much going on within these wall’s and you or your loved one is supposed to get help here to better their self. When your loved one call’s home and tell’s you the wicked stories, please listen and help them out of that hell! They deserve better while trying to get better. There is nothing to gain by leaving this review. I once worked there and could not be more happy in my life but I care about the future of those seeking recovery and a better life. Just as the past employees who are now not there either because they fought to save their clients, found there is a much better place to be and work or they were discriminated against for their life style and fired.
    The first Fact you can start with is looking at their main web site- 98% of the faces you see as staff, do not even work there anymore. They state they service over 10,000 a year and the services are based on goals… well, the service number is that high because keeping the beds full for money not recovery and the services are based on goals, GOALS of GREED and the health and well being of those who are lost and seeking a way to recovery.. NOT ONE of the individuals sitting behind the desks upstairs have suffered from recovery and they brag about their week-end meet and drinks. So, Think, how can they possibly care for the seeking help in recovery. This review is not meant to stop anyone from seeking treatment. ts meant to help pick a treatment center who really cares about the client and their life after treatment. PLEASE CHOOSE TREATMENT THAT SEE’S YOU AS A WHOLE AND NOT A DOLLAR SIGN.

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