A Nurse Inspires Hope
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A Nurse Inspires Hope


Nurses having a conversation in the hospital hallway Located in Provo, Utah, Ardú Recovery Center has made a name for itself in the world of luxury treatment centers. Being a destination where those seeking treatment receive hospital level care in a spa like setting may be Ardú Recovery Center’s most defining feature, but Ardú has a stellar reputation amongst other providers serving those with addiction issues as well. Other medical providers respect Ardú for its ability to provide the highest quality care while working collaboratively to best meet a client’s needs.

This month we spoke with Ardú Recovery Center’s Director of Nursing, Amy McAllister, to gain some insight into her experience working at Ardú. Being both a seasoned veteran in the fields of ER and trauma medicine and someone who is also recovering from addiction issues, Amy’s professional and personal experience intersect at Ardú.

We asked Amy what her prior nursing experience was and what brought her to work in her current role at Ardú. Amy states, “My background is in emergency medicine and trauma and I spent 15 years working in that realm. Several years ago I found myself in treatment for alcohol detox and recovery. Not only did treatment change my life, it changed the way I looked at and dealt with addicts that came through the ER seeking help. I went from avoiding them to volunteering to be their nurse. I realized that sharing my story in their moment of vulnerability did as much for me as it did for them and I knew at some point I wanted to work in recovery full-time if the opportunity presented itself.”

A Hospital Setting in a Spa-Like Facility

We were curious to know what makes Ardú unique from a professional nurse’s perspective. Amy’s answer, “Ardú is a unique facility because an ER nurse and physician’s assistant developed the detox program from the ground up. We built protocols and processes that very much mimic a hospital setting but in a spa-like facility. We have a minimum of 2 nurses on site 24/7 and our clients are constantly being monitored and evaluated. Not only are most of our nurses ER trained, but our full time physician’s assistant has years of ER experience as well. That combined experience has allowed us to treat higher acuity detoxing clients who would normally be referred to a hospital setting.” Nurses generally spend more time with clients than most medical professional’s during the detox phase. Seasoned professionals such as Amy see what has and has not been effective, operationally, while providing intensive care in these settings. Knowing that a nurse and PA, two of the most important medical professionals a patient sees during the detox period, designed the detox program, provides clients assurance that their best interests will be considered, foremost.

In most addiction treatment centers, the role nurses play is limited to the detoxification period, but at Ardu the importance of nurses extends beyond medical detox. Amy explains, “We have 24/7 nursing, and our nurses not only handle the medical side of detox and recovery, they teach yoga, attend morning and nightly intention, go on experiential activities throughout the week, etc. Interacting with out clients in these everyday moments builds relationships of trust and it’s something we’ve become known for.” Extending the role of nurses into residential treatment is indeed unique. Many clients will take comfort in having familiar faces that helped them through the most physically uncomfortable part of the process of getting clean and sober working with them throughout their stay.

The Bond Between Staff and Clients

Ardu offers a truly unique variety of amenities! From the cutting edge Amino Acid Infusion Therapy to the experiential outdoor activities to the psycho-therapeutic approach designed to instill a sense of purpose in clients, Ardú Recovery Center provides a highly desirable destination for those seeking treatment. The focus on cultivating trusting relationships between clients and staff members will likely be a less obvious benefit to seeking treatment at Ardu, but these are often the benefits of greatest value, especially in the long term. The bonds forged among peers and staff are serendipitous treasures many find after entering a treatment center like Ardú.

Addiction is unbiased in regards to whom it affects. Whether you are a client or staff member, the shared experience of battling an addiction and finding recovery is a bond that transcends the roles we play or the titles we wear. It is a very human experience rooted in survival and connection. Hearing the experience of someone like Amy inspires hope. Amy, thank you for inspiring a sense of hope. Thank you for all you do and who you are!

To learn more, visit Ardú Recovery Center’s website. Reach the facility by phone at (801) 823-6832 or by email. Find Ardú Recovery Center on Facebook and Instagram

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