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Northbound TreatmentThe Basics

Northbound Treatment Services is a mid-level drug and alcohol rehab with dual diagnosis support in Newport Beach, California. Its beautiful, coastal location in sunny Orange County is definitely a plus, and though its price is largely similar to other mid-level rehab offerings, it has a few special perks that set it apart.

Accommodations and Food

Inpatient treatment is gender-segregated and the houses (Virginia for men and Broadway for women) are in nearby Costa Mesa. Both are comfortable and have full kitchens, lounges with HD TVs and outdoor patios with grills (Broadway also has a pool). The housing is about a mile from the beach, and each has room for six clients with private and semi-private rooms.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment plans are largely 12-step based and dual diagnosis friendly, and intervention specialists and on-site detox are available through the OneEighty program. Primary care is a minimum of 30 days, and focuses mostly on gender-specific step meetings with group work and counseling. Northbound has a one-to-one ratio of clients to therapists, counselors and case managers.

The other arm of treatment is on experiential therapy and sober fun, where residents are immersed into the Orange County lifestyle to experience the natural highs it has to offer. Sober fun means rotating weekly activities (an optional one every Thursday and a mandatory one on Sunday), and includes options like sailing, hiking, paint balling and cart racing (for additional fees). Many of these are led by Northbound’s spokesperson, The Hills and Celebrity Rehab star Jason Wahler (an AfterPartyPod guest and one of the best arguments around for how sobriety can change a person).


Where Northbound stands apart is in a few of its specialty programs, including the Christian-based “LINKS,” an option within the core men’s program. This is essentially a 12-step program but with the majority of the Higher Power work coming from The Bible.

Perhaps more universal is Northbound Academy, developed by Paul Alexander, the center’s executive Vice President and COO. Alexander was previously Executive Director at Morningside Recovery and Director of the TEACH Program at Sober Living By The Sea. That TEACH Program, also pioneered by Alexander, was one of the first programs of its kind to focus on integrating higher education into recovery. That approach seems to have now been perfected with Northbound’s Sober Academy, which offers year-round academic help for young adults alongside recovery treatment. This can mean finishing high school or vocational school, as well as enrolling in local community colleges or four-year universities. It also offers a bridge program to assist those going back to work, as well as a fairly comprehensive outpatient program that has meetings four times a week.

In Summary

Though Northbound’s surroundings are beautiful, the focus is on rehabilitation rather than luxury; still, the services its provides are more than thorough in terms of helping clients find recovery.

Northbound Treatment Services Location

4 San Joaquin Plaza #300
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Northbound Treatment Cost

$21,500 (30 days). Reach Northbound Treatment by phone at (877) 674-5907 or by email at [email protected]. Find Northbound Treatment on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Really because the vice article had evidence from the court proceeding involving the death of a client that showed illegal kickbacks were taking place. Also why would Northbond hire someone who was convicted of money laundering and illegal control of enterprise at the last rehab he worked at immediately after the incident to head up their addmisions. His name is Kent Sherman from Gatehouse Academy. These are the type of people NTS did business with. Why would NTS also purchase the Gatehouse website and then use all their old marketing material to advertise for their rehab. They just changed all the names and locations and literally used testimonials from a completely other business. This lasted several years until finally the sold the domain. For your questions about individuals like David Gates I would research the investigative journalism that vice undertook on the matter.

  2. I commented a few years ago urging readers to look at Northbound’s newer website at Northbound no longer owns that website. What is important to note is Northbound hired the president of Gatehouse Academy after he was convicted of drug tracking, wire fraud, illegal control of enterprise and laundering money through the last rehab that he oversaw called Gatehouse Academy. This individual appears to also have sold the rights to the Gatehouse Academy website to NTS though Northbound finally sold the website to another domain. As well you may also want to look into Northbound’s relationship with David Gates from the Morning Side Recovery lawsuits. I looked into staff who worked at Northbound. The amount that had business relationships with fraudulent rehabs many of which had been cited by the DOH or sued by ex clients was overwhelming. As well NTS evolved from the TEACH program developed by SLBTS (Sober Living By The Sea) which has been in and out of the news for negligent and fraudulent business practices that put client safety in danger. Their are numerous staff affiliated with SLBTS and First House Detox who have worked at NTS. NTS has changed their name several times from National Therapeutic Services to Northbound Academy and finally Northbound Treatment Services. The independent online reviews for National Therapeutic Services makes it obvious why the company has changed their name so many times. View Vice “Dying For Treatment” for a history lesson on Northbound’s past head of admissions David Gates.

  3. Northbound is a cult.

    If you have a loved one you wish to place for treatment run as fast as possible from this place.

    They will hold your child without communication for 30 days, and then restrict communication severely. During this period of enforced family separation the inmate is indoctrinated at a time he or she is most vulnerable. Repeated calls and attempts at contact are blocked by Northbound staff.

    If you have any difficulty paying they will threaten you with insults, accusations of insurance fraud, and sending your child back to jail.

    The purpose of Northbound is to create a dependency on Northbound to replace the substance dependency. Inmates are incessantly drilled that they are powerless to help themselves. Family is endlessly told they are powerless to help their loved one. Only the cult can help and that will cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

    They have no program for family involvement. Their so-called family program requires taking off a week from work, and you spend most of your time listening to Northbound staff tell you how powerless you are. There are no family meetings, no visitation programs, no encounter sessions…nothing that integrates the family into the process.

    I would send my loved one to the Roque Center if I were you. The ambiance may be gritty but they deeply believe in family and are not very concerned about calling you powerless or isolating you like the cult Northbound does. The Roque Center has family nights and multiple visitation times.

    Passages would be great if you can afford it. Look for any non 12-step program that bolsters individual power and promotes direct family involvement.

    All cults seek to separate their victims from the family so they can indoctrinate and extract as much money as possible. That is what Northbound does.

    When my child finally got out of Northbound it was like a release from prison.

  4. This facility is also know as National Therapeutic Services, Northbound Treatment Services or Northbound Academy owning previous programs with names like The Rap center or Joshua House. Please if any one is moderating these comments I ask that you take a quick look at Northbound’s newer web sight at Take a good long look at it and think long and hard of its implications. Then possible look up Gatehouse Academy. If you feel like redoing this review after fully researching this company and you have any questions please contact me.

    • I am a middle aged woman with an addiction to pain pills. My husband thought this would be a good place for me. I did not look into it and allowed him to make the arrangements to get me into a rehab. That was a terrible mistake. Do not and I repeat DO NOT use this rehab facility if you are an older woman with a high bottom. If I could list what is wrong with this rehab facility it would take three pages. I will only give the lowest moments of my torturous 30 days. No contact with my family or children. Thrown in detox with disgusting loud smelly young adult men. Smoke was a constant in my face. No escaping it. Bathrooms shared in detox with other male clients and the clients were foul as well as the bathrooms. Pictures on website show a nice pool facility. In reality the concrete was crumbling into the pool, the concrete wall dividing it from the next property had paint chipping off it. In general the property is dated. I never felt like it was clean even tho we were in charge of cleaning it. It was just a dirty property. There was no time to cook nutritious meals. What they call gym workout is really hurry up and get in the van and be done in 40 minutes. There was no regard for my physical limitations or my age. It is one size fits all. The constant theme was WE DON’T TRUST YOU. How belittling, disrespectful, dishonoring, and counterproductive to recovery. I went into survival mode at the two week mark and did all I could do to hold it together. I felt like a prisoner and in my mind I was. I did what I was told so I could come home.
      I did not need a 30 day rehab and they were not about to let me leave because of the money. They let me talk to my husband to get out but he was thinking he was using “Al-Anon” on me and did not know the extent of my trauma. I was trapped. The unprofessionalism by the house staff was beyond what you can imagine. The drivers, house staff, therapist, care team were all working to keep the client from leaving the facility sooner than the 30 days. I was not honored with the smoking issue and suffered greatly from cigarette smoke blown in my face by other clients. Walking through the smoking areas to get to clean air. It was a joke! I was isolated because I have asthma and could not be around the smoking. There was smoking in non- smoking areas and the house staff did that too. I am clean and sober but it is not because of Northbound. It is because I go to AA. All Northbound did was ring up my bill in my hometown to a 200 dollar an hour psychotherapist to process the acute stress I suffered at Northbound. I still have spontaneous crying spells when I recall what happened to me in this rehab. I try not to think about it or talk about it. I am trying to move on with my life and forget this nightmare. My reason for this review is to let people know this is not a safe place to send your loved one.

    • I have researched much about these people. Was anyone convicted and if so of what? I do understand adequate care lacked in the case of a child who died. I do see that one was shut down due to this. Morningside I see is still in operation with their residential revoked. If I am reading that correctly. I also see a lot of positives for northbound. It doss address on their website that the facility was purchased which caused a name changed. I would appreciate solid evidence that does back up accusations to these people addressed. I see Paul Alexander and David gates were at morning side when this child didn’t receive adueqate care. Curious if they were responsible for this death or had anything to personally do with it then why were there no convictions ? In all business venues people recommended back and forth between agencies. I again don’t see any facts stated that kickbacks were taking place. I read accusations but no solid proof. Is there any solid proof or criminal charges that can be provided? I search and scan for these men to see a criminal past or history but see none except the affliction w morning side which is still in practice. If you have solid evidence against them I would be interested to be directed to where I can find it

      Thank you

      • According to a deposition given by Richard Perlin kickbacks were being given out for the so called “parking” of clients at places like First House or Morning side. David Gates was one of the defendants in the lawsuit that the family ended up winning.
        Perlin admitted in court to providing Morning Side with illegal kickbacks at least three times. The deposition that is cited by Vice mentions David Gates contacted Perlin and said he wanted to get around 100 dollars per day for these clients. These type of shady business practices that are discussed in the vice article and in the court proceedings went on for years before they got exposed and likely still continue to this day. You then you find all these guys doing business with NTS or even working for NTS heading up their admissions. Literally for some period of time Kent Sherman was overseeing the admissions at NTS after he had just been busted for one of the most shady rehab rackets cases seen in AZ. Makes you wonder how Northbound is running their business with all these connections. Now this was serval years ago. How NTS is run now could be different. These types of business relationships and practices is enough evidence to look elsewhere.

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