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Noosa Confidential Outpatient (NC2U)


The Basics

Situated in the gorgeous beach community of Noosa Heads, a suburb of the Sunshine Coast in the Australian state of Queensland, NC2U is an outpatient treatment facility that specializes in the partial and non-residential treatment of clients coping with a range of addictions and co-occurring mental conditions like depression, anxiety and trauma. Like its sister program Noosa Confidential, a private residential treatment facility, NC2U provides long-term solutions that focus on “the whole person” rather than only managing symptoms. The facility employs a holistic approach to care that integrates an array of traditional talk therapies with complementary holistic methods, medical screenings and nutrition. NC2U primarily offers outpatient therapeutic services and medication management. The 12-step recovery model is not a component of the programming.

Treatment and Staff

NC2U provides care for clients with a vast array of issues spanning various addictions like alcohol and substance use disorders, mental health conditions like depression and trauma, and physical illnesses like chronic pain and allergies. In addition, the facility treats those seeking to improve their personal life, marriage, sleep patterns and energy level. Every client receives support from a team of physicians, therapists, physiologists and holistic specialists. As a provider of outpatient services, NC2U is ideal for clients either transitioning out of a residential facility or for individuals that cannot commit to an inpatient program. NC2U allows clients the comfort and flexibility of remaining at home, as most of the programming can be completed through Skype, phone conversations and smartphone applications. If the individual prefers a personal touch, the client can choose the location for treatment.

Before beginning the program, clients undergo a comprehensive evaluation to help the NC2U team create the best possible treatment plan tailored to the individual’s specific needs, goals and schedule. While the duration of treatment varies depending on the client, the facility typically offers a lot of options. Some clients elect to spend two weeks of partial residential at Noosa Confidential followed by four weeks of non-residential (outpatient) programming at NC2U. Another option is six weeks of strictly outpatient treatment. In addition, the facility offers a bi-weekly therapy program, a six week naturopathic program, a month-long trauma program, a month-long female hormone program as well as a six-week integrated health program.

NC2U seeks to uncover the root cause of the client’s issues in order to achieve long-term sustainable wellness. To this end, NC2U believes in finding the perfect therapeutic solution for each person. The facility offers an integrative approach that includes a host of methods including evidence-based therapies like CBT, DBT, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and EMDR to treat past trauma as a causal element of a current condition. Other therapies include rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT), personal construct psychology (PCP), interpersonal psychotherapy (ITP) and narrative therapy as well as solution-focused brief therapy. Clients also have the option of utilizing NC2U’s new generation, innovative methods such as neuro linguistic programming (NLP), brainspotting and hypnotherapy in addition to various creative arts therapies. Like Noosa Confidential, NC2U only offers one-on-one therapy.

The NC2U team is comprised of physicians, therapists, psychiatrists, naturopaths, nutritionists, physiologists and counselors. Medication management is available.


NC2U also offers a popular “Gut Health” program that includes six four-hour sessions that focus on long-term diet plans, naturopathy, pathology, bioscreens and “food school.”

In Summary

NC2U is an outpatient treatment facility in Noosa Heads, Australia that specializes in the care of clients struggling with a variety of issues including alcohol and substance use disorder, mental health conditions like anxiety and trauma in addition to personal problems such as divorce, the loss of a loved one or low energy. In addition, the facility also provides hormone treatment, skin care and sleep quality. NC2U is the non-residential component under Noosa Confidential, and as such offers an integrated care approach that includes a number of therapeutic options including evidence-based, holistic, wellness activities and experiential methods. For clients seeking a comprehensive outpatient program with an excellent track record and top of the line staff, NC2U is a great option.

30 Mary St, Ste 3-4
Noosaville, Queensland

NC2U Cost: $8,959 AUD [$6,996 USD, per publishing day exchange rate]. Reach NC2U by phone at (800) 676 319 or by email at [email protected]. Follow NC2U on Facebook

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