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Delray Beach FloridaNext Chapter Addiction Review

In December 2015, Next Chapter Addiction opened a 10-bed residential treatment program for men in Delray Beach, Florida. Founded by NFL Tennessee Titan tight-end Anthony Fusano, NCA treatment is supervised by Abe Antine, a LCSW with an extensive background in addiction and family counseling.

For individuals seeking substance abuse and addiction help, NCA provides symptom management and life skills training. However, it distinguishes itself from other programs by also offering comprehensive therapeutic services that investigate childhood trauma and un-met developmental needs that may be the underlying causes of the client’s problems with addiction.

In addition to residential treatment, NCA offers detox, a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), as well as basic outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP). Treatment methods are evidence based and rely heavily on the 12-step program of recovery.

Accommodations and Food

Clients are housed in a well-appointed suburban home with modern décor, leather furnishings, an open kitchen and a backyard swimming pool surrounded by palm trees. Residents are accommodated in double-occupancy rooms which are equipped with two double beds and modern bathrooms with updated fixtures.

In order to improve their life skills, men take responsibility for food preparation. Residents work together to plan daily dinners, which include the menus and who is responsible for preparing each meal. Clients are given a weekly $90 food allowance and are taken to a local grocery store for purchases. The men are permitted to prepare their own individual breakfasts and lunches, but so far most have chosen to pool resources, ideas and efforts for daytime meals as well.

Treatment and Staff

Clients must stay in residential treatment for a minimum of 60 days—though 90 days is considered ideal for most clients. Evidence-based practices such as CBT alongside an immersion in the 12 steps are the core methods of treatment at NCA. Program director Abe Antine considers a commitment to this combination of methods sets treatment at Next Chapter apart from other centers that tend to heavily favor one or the other.

A typical day begins with a group meditation practice and goal setting. After, on alternate days, yoga and breath-work instructors lead classes. Clients then have breakfast at the residence, following which they are transported to Next Chapter’s nearby clinical building. In the mornings the men participate in group therapy and the afternoons are filled with individual therapy, education and life skills classes. Following treatment’s conclusion at 4:30 pm, residents relax and exercise before preparing dinner. After dinner, clients are transported to a nearby community 12-step meeting. The day concludes with an evening meditation and personal inventory.

Therapy groups explore CBT and DBT skills, Seeking Safety and Motivational Interviewing (MI). In both individual and group sessions, clients learn how to dig deeper into the origins of their substance abuse through Post Induction Therapy. PIT allows clients to explore difficult experiences from their personal history and teaches how to access the functional parts of themselves to heal the inner children whose needs haven’t been met. Clinicians also lead clients in feeling reduction work in which they practice giving negative feelings back to the people in their lives who are responsible for them.

As part of Next Chapter’s 12-step Immersion program, clients attend a meeting each day in which they’re taught how to best use the 12 steps. They’re taught what to look for in a sponsor and how to best work the steps in daily life.

The residence has two staff members on site at all times, most of whom are also in recovery. The treatment team at Next Chapter includes LCSWs, Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHCs), Certified Addiction Professionals (CAPs) and psychologists. Clinicians can treat co-occurring disorders, as long as substance abuse is the primary diagnosis. A psychiatrist is on-call to assist with medication management and therapy.

Once a client has successfully completed six weeks of treatment, his team begins working with him on crafting professional and educational goals and guiding him through the action steps to achieve them. During this time, the treatment team also helps to treat secondary addictions, such as gambling, work and overeating. Personal computers and cell phones are not permitted while in treatment. However, residents may call their sponsors and approved family members from the house phone and do have access to a computer for job-search activities.


Next Chapter takes residents to a nearby gym four times a week and currently is planning camping and snorkeling trips. Every Sunday, the residence hosts a cookout and invites clients’ sponsors in an effort to help foster a sober social network beyond Next Chapter.

Next Chapter has an extensive family program, with families of residents receiving their own recovery coach who works with them weekly. Families can participate in a Family of Origin assessment, which gives them insight into their own illness and injuries. They can then work with their recovery coach to enter a treatment plan to heal the family dynamics that have aided and/or been damaged by the addict’s disease.

After their time in treatment, clients are encouraged to take up residence in one of several nearby sober living facilities affiliated with Next Chapter while stepping down clinical services in its outpatient program.

In Summary

Next Chapter Addiction Treatment offers an intimate and immersive treatment program for men in a comfortable and upscale residential setting. Therapy at Next Chapter Addiction reaches far beyond symptom management to help men face and heal the trauma that feeds their addiction cycle. By not only requiring 12-step participation but also teaching residents how to best use the 12-steps in their daily lives following treatment, Next Chapter Addiction ensures that they leave treatment with recovery techniques and a support network to rely on in the long run.

Next Chapter Addiction Treatment Location

1300 NW 17th Ave, Ste 170
Delray Beach, FL 33445

Next Chapter Addiction Treatment Cost

$22,000 (30 days). Reach Next Chapter Addiction Treatment by phone at (561) 563-8407 and by email at Find Next Chapter Addiction Treatment on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, LinkedIn and Google+

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