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Newport AcademyThe Basics

Newport Academy is a youth facility geared towards 12-18-year-olds who are battling addiction and other disorders. Despite the name, the rehab is located in the city of Orange but it is an academy, since a fully transferable high school curriculum is available both during and following residential treatment. Founded in 2009 by recovering alcoholic Jamison Monroe, Newport Academy provides top-notch care for teens suffering from drug and alcohol addiction as well as other mental health issues like eating disorders, depression or even suicidal ideation. The website is bursting with glowing testimonials for a reason: this place has the whole package.

Accommodations and Food

Six boys and six girls live in separate residences about a mile apart from each other. The boys’ facility boasts modern architecture and beautiful views, while the girls live in a Spanish-style home featuring gorgeous gardens and a stable. Teens get paired off with roommates who are as close to their age as possible, and while everyone starts off in twin beds, they can upgrade to queens later. Teens stay there for a minimum of 45 days, but 60- or 90-day stays are more common, depending on ongoing clinical assessments.

Pro chefs serve customizable gourmet meals, and sweets are few and far between while coffee is altogether absent.

Treatment and Staff

Like the living arrangements, treatment is gender-separate to target the specific challenges teen boys and girls face in recovery. With a staff-to-client ratio of four to one, treatment plans are legitimately individualized. Particular attention is paid to unlocking the underlying issues that drive addiction as well as any co-occurring psychological conditions. On top of frequent one-on-one consultations with psychiatrists and licensed therapists, teens participate in a variety of process groups, art therapy and music therapy, on-site equine therapy, and Young People in AA meetings in the evenings.

Family involvement is integral to treatment at Newport and progressively worked into each teen’s recovery plan. On the first Friday after teens are admitted, their parents must attend Intensive Parent Family Day, six hours of educational groups and private meetings with the clinical team. Then, on the second Saturday of treatment and each Saturday thereafter, the teens, their parents and siblings all gather for Family Day, featuring expert speakers and multi-family process groups. Finally, about five weeks in, they complete the Intensive Family Program, which includes two days of educational and experiential groups, family equine therapy and the opportunity for teens to travel offsite with their families for five hours. As if that weren’t enough, counselors provide regular individual family therapy throughout the week.

Physical health gets plenty of attention, too. In addition to gym workouts and yoga, Newport offers mixed martial arts classes for both boys and girls, as well as nutrition and cooking courses. Computers are available only during classroom hours, and personal cell phones are not allowed.

Newport Academy Day School

As to why Newport calls itself an “Academy,” Newport also runs a Sober High School with a one to three staff to student ratio. Teens don’t have to have to attend rehab at Newport to apply to the Day School so long as they are—and stay—sober. As at the treatment center itself, boys and girls study on separate campuses. In addition to college prep, traditional high school and GED curricula taught by state-licensed teachers, guidance counselors offer special recovery-oriented programming (think relapse prevention, anger management, life skills and self esteem courses) to help keep the student body clean and sober.

In Summary

Although it has been operating for just five years, Newport Academy has already racked up a grateful network of alumni families that speaks to its quality. For teens, this is a solid package: clinical expertise, holistic experiential therapies, 12-step support, and family healing, as well as a launch pad into a sober learning community.

Newport Academy
899 N Ranch Wood Trail
Orange, CA 92869

Newport Academy Cost: $33,750 (30 days adjusted, minimum stay is 45 days). Reach Newport Academy by phone at (866) 367-8336. Find Newport Academy on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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  1. Mary Barton on

    Was there any test about a different treatment program. I am considering sending my son but I am really scared after reading reviews. Please post other programs or email me [email protected]
    Thank you

  2. I placed my son in Newport Academy’s Orange County, CA, facilities. He was only there for 23 days when insurance stopped paying. We then placed him in the stepped down PHP from 8:30-6 pm M-F. I could not say better things about the quality of care, committed staff, facilities, programs, organic quality food, and transformation that occurs here. We are coming up on 45 days of sobriety, honesty and a very different person (for the better) than the one we sent for help with anxiety and substance abuse. He learned to face his actions, learn copying skills of meditation and more, and approach communication and relationships in a whole new way. It will be a long path as recovery is a life-long pursuit for alcoholics and addicts. Our son was just 15 and we had no idea the depth of his substance abuse and addiction. We are grateful for Newport Academy and it’s staff for giving our son hope and a chance at a good drug-free future surrounded by love and meaningful relationships. I was nervous by the negative reviews. But everyone I have and continue to encounter is making this journey a very positive experience for my son and the family. He has really liked all of his therapists and counselors. Feeling blessed. ❤️

  3. Christina on

    I have seen a lot of people looking for great resources. My daughter suffers from severe anxiety and depression. She has been to UCI, Canyon Ridge and a few other PHP and IOP programs. We have had the greatest experience with a place called Polaris Teen Center in Encino.

  4. My son was just admitted on Monday to the CT facility and he is doing well so far. I have received about a dozen emails from various staff members and a daily update from the program director. I have been able to talk to Utilization Review, his individual therapist, his teacher and his nurse and it has only been 4 days. He is participating and so we are hopeful for a positive outcome. We have our first family meeting next week. J.

    • How is it going at this point? We are looking at this program for our son. The negative reviews are concerning, but I can’t tell if they are in the California campus or the CT. campus. We would be going to CT. Any information would be great.

      I hope your son is doing well there.

    • Suzanne Cosgrove e on

      We are considering sending my 14 yo daughter to the CT facility – she has severe anxiety. PLEASE let me know if anyone has more comments about the CONNECTICUT residential facility. Thank you!

  5. Please please read all reviews before you send your teen to Newport academy!! I sent my daughter here in September of 2017 after two weeks there I had to remove her and place her in treatment facility in Malibu California due to neglect and incompetent staff . Newport made promises of helping her and instead she was worse when I picked her up she was having a panic attack just telling me about her experience there . In two weeks I only talked to staff three times and it was virtually impossible to get in contact with someone there. Newport makes lot of promises don’t be fooled !!

    • Can you contact me. I am seeking residential therapy for my child and read your review/situation. I need to hear more. I am on the list to admit my child and now frightened.

    • Hello. My name is Kim and I would very like to talk to you about your daughter’s experience at this Newport Academy facility. This corporation plans to open 6 facilities in our communities. May I have your telephone number and talk to you?

  6. I was sent there and stayed for 55 days. it fuckin sucked. There are about 25 girls and 25 boys, and we see them quite often actually. We dont interact with them, but we see them, and the girls constantly get catcalled. You definitely don’t get as much schooling as they advertise. They are all about money, that’s it. The food is absolute shit, they give us boiled chicken and rice everyday, and we barely got therapy. The therapists there didn’t help, and when they did meet with you, they didn’t go over any coping skills, goals, or even try to learn about you. The family therapy doesn’t help, they try to tell you that they are going to help you and your family and that they are going to make you and your parents change, but if you go, you’ll see it complete bullshit and nothing gets done. i honestly and truly dont recommend this program, please dont send your child there especially if they are going for eating disorders, that was one of the reasons i went, and all they did was shame me if i didn’t eat enough by giving me constant refusals. There is also a lot of bullying that goes on there, which shouldn’t happen because it’s supposed to be a safe environment, and it definitely wasn’t. i felt constantly threatened there, especially after some of my past. It’s not a good program! my brother went too and he can back me up on this. Do NOT send your child here.

  7. Tina Miller on

    Our 16 yr old son is right now at The Wilderness Treatment Center in Marion Montana ! Top notch and highly recommend it to anyone!

  8. Deeply suggest looking elsewhere for your loved ones treatment. This place is very invested in making money and there is not a lot of focus on actual treatment. All the effort goes into making the property look nice but that is NOT what treatment is about. I would have never left my child here knowing what I know now.

    • Frustrated Parent on

      Please leave a way to contact you outside of this forum. I believe we have a A LOT in common and would love to share and possibly we can save another family from getting roped in. Please?!

      • Diana Young on

        Hi Jennifer,

        I am considering placing my son at Newport Academy. If you are able to provide me with some feedback it would be greatly appreciated.

        Thank you.

      • I am considering this program but now I am concerned while reading these reviews. Please help. I need program that takes insurance.

        • Did you ultimately get any responses about where to send your child? I am now deeply concerned about sending my child here!!

          • I’m in the same situation. I need to find a place for my daughter that does not have addiction or eating disorder. She’s bi-polar and has benefitted from DBT but I’m having a hard time finding a place for that.

    • Did you ultimately get any responses about where to send your child? I am now deeply concerned about sending my child here!! Do you have recommendations for other places?

  9. My parents sent me to this shit hole. I hated every minute of it. I took e when I was there- just because I could. I didn’t like it. Nobody gave a fuck. What else is new.

  10. I deeply regret sending my daughter to this program. I thought I was doing the right thing and believed that I had done proper research, but neither proved to be true. This program is all smoke and mirrors. Looking back I ignored all of the warning signs. Once in, I kept trying to make the best of it, make it work so that my daughter wouldn’t have to start over at a new treatment facility. Ultimately I had no choice. They were not only not helping her, they were causing her harm. They treating my depressed child like she was a juvenile delinquent. Eventually, I had no choice other than to pull her from the program and place her elsewhere. I am so glad that I did. Once I got her out of Newport, she ultimately thrived. I became friends with another family that pulled their child from this program. They put their daughter in another program as well. We both had much better experience elsewhere. The people at Newport are good at telling you what you want to hear to get you through the door. The quality of treatment once you’re there is very, very poor.

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