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New Hope Recvery HomeThe Basics

The New Hope Recovery Home in Ventura, California first opened its doors in 2014. Founded by husband and wife team Ken and Karen Hartman, New Hope is a men only sober living home designed around a 12-step approach to recovery.

Accommodations and Amenities

New Hope offers 12 beds total, separated into two four-man rooms where newer clients stay and two double-occupancy rooms that are reserved for clients with seniority. Each man gets a half closet and two dresser drawers for their clothing and personal belongings.

Residents are responsible for buying and preparing all meals and cleaning up after food prep. Each client gets one shelf in a fridge and one in a freezer, as well as storage space for dry goods. There is a limited supply of “house food” for those who have not been able to obtain their own supplies. There are also coin operated laundry machines and an Internet-enabled computer available to all. Use of the computer is limited to research for the purpose of employment or checking email. Social media access is mandated at a max of ten minutes daily. Accessing pornography is not tolerated. The TV stays off during the day from 10 am to 3 pm and is turned off again at 10:00 pm.

Rules and Regulations

A new New Hope client is expected to attend 30 AA/NA meetings during his first 30 days. From day 31 on, they are expected to partake in five meetings per week. During the first 30 days, curfew is set at 6 pm (unless attending a 12-step meeting with a sponsor or senior house member) and moves to 11 pm after that. There are mandatory house meetings, Thursday nights at 6 pm and Sundays at 4 pm. The only ones excused from attending are those who have to be at work during that time.

All clients must either have a job or be going to school and have a 12-step sponsor. While New Hope is not explicitly a faith-based program, residents are expected to be respectful of others’ religion. Each man is assigned daily chores and once a week there are extra cleaning assignments given out by the house manager. The house is actually off limits from 10 am to 3 pm, during which time clients are expected to be either at work, looking for work, at school, attending meetings, or out receiving public assistance.

New Hope operates under a three-part zero tolerance policy: no drug or alcohol use, no violence or threats of violence and no theft of others’ property. Violating these rules means immediate removal without refund. Clients have 72 hours to pick up belongings before they are donated to charity. All guests are also required to submit to random urinalysis testing and a positive result means immediate removal. Smoking is allowed in designated areas. No women are allowed in the house without prior approval. All other guests must be actively involved in recovery. New Hope has its manager on-site at most times, while the owners come by daily and attend house meetings.

In Summary

Though fresh to the world of recovery, New Hope Recovery Home is certainly clear about its rules and strict about enforcing them. For those exiting inpatient treatment who want to continue their sobriety with a firm hand guiding them on the right path, New Hope may offer exactly what its name implies. On top of that, it is in a beautiful city, affordable and does not ask clients for more than a month to month commitment.

New Hope Recovery Home
1698 Swift Avenue
Ventura, CA 93003

New Hope Recovery Home Cost: $550 (30 days). Reach New Hope Recovery Home by phone at (805) 650-1514. Find New Hope Recovery Home on Facebook

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