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For over 35 years, New Hope Foundation has been helping substance abusers, young and old, regain their life and reestablish their hope. Boasting a grand total of seven facilities, most of which are halfway houses and outpatient providers, throughout central New Jersey’s Monmouth County, New Hope Foundation’s primary headquarters, which serves as the location for detox and inpatient services, sets up shop in the small township of Marlboro, NJ.

Accommodations and Food

The Marlboro campus, which formerly housed the now defunct Marlboro Psychiatric Treatment Center, opened in 2007 and is described by visitors as “clean, bright and modern.” NHF can house up to 140 residents here, usually with two people per room, and separate wings for their adult and adolescent (13-17) programs.

Clients should expect to be eating cafeteria-style grub during their stay at New Hope but one former client dubbed it “five star cuisine” so the term cafeteria should not conjure images of elementary school pizza day. The dining hall is shared with The Discovery Institute, another rehab housed on the same grounds but not affiliated with New Hope Foundation.

Treatment and Staff

New Hope Foundation operates under the blanket mission to provide “the science to restore, the caring to renew” which are both inarguable components to successful treatment. The duration at NHF is determined on a case by case basis but 30 days is considered short term residential care and any length of stay after 30 and up to 90 days is considered long term. Clients in need of detox are first assigned to the medical unit and can expect to remain there anywhere from three to 14 days under the supervision of a 24-hour nursing staff. There are a few physicians on staff every day but NHF also utilizes its “Partners in Caring” initiative wherein therapists and doctors in the campus’ surrounding area are involved in the client process but not necessarily full-time employees. This rehab is fully equipped to simultaneously treat co-occurring disorders and incorporate that as well as family history, physical health and the drug of choice into their plan of action for the client’s therapy and long term recovery. In addition to your standard rehab specialized addiction counselors, psychiatrists, nurses and social workers, NHF also boasts dieticians, financial counselors and 12-step facilitators. A truly comprehensive team is at the disposal of clients and their families.

All clients in the residential program can expect to follow a structured routine every day of treatment. Wake-up is usually 7 am, after which residents undergo a combination of meditation, group therapy sessions (usually geared toward specific topics ranging from gender related issues to stress management to recovering from emotional/physical abuse and, of course, 12-step work). There are also individual appointments with doctors or therapists, community meals and recreational activities up until bedtime at 9:30 pm. The team at New Hope aims to create a foundation based on the lifelines of Alcoholics, Narcotics and Gamblers Anonymous in hopes of releasing clients back into the world with adequate preparation for what they dub “recovery behavior”—the constant quest for self-actualization as a sober person healthfully living in society.

NHF is a little on the strict side when it comes to allotted personal belongings. Clients are not allowed to bring any reading material unless it’s religious or recovery related. The facility also prohibits makeup, cell phones, radios, laptops, body piercings, sweats (allowed for sleep only), board games, cards, matches, lighters, perfume, nail polish and short shorts (or other revealing or paraphernalia-oriented clothing). Cigarettes and smoking are permitted but only at designated times and they highly encourage utilizing their treatment program to cure that addiction, too. As far as what clients should pack, they recommend a week’s worth of clothing (laundry services and soap are provided), loose fitting jeans, two pairs of comfortable shoes and flip-flops for the shower. They provide linens but clients need to come with their on towels in tow. Permissible toiletries and a small amount of cash for vending machines are also recommended. In addition, storage is very limited so NHF asks incoming clients to bring their belongings in clear plastic bags rather than in bulky luggage.


The adolescent program at NHF is unique because it fully incorporates standard education into the treatment of addiction. They believe achievement in school will help ground the young person for an adulthood of sobriety. In fact, the adolescent program has been awarded by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities for the success rate of its “virtual classrooms.”

In Summary

The daily fee at New Hope Foundation encompasses the cost of room and board, physician and nursing services, psycho education, as well as individual, group and family therapy. They accept health insurance but also have grant funding available for those who are not insured. There are additional costs associated with detox services. NHF prides itself on providing high quality but affordable treatment so it’s definitely worth consulting one of their financial advisors if there is any concern regarding cost at any of their facilities.

New Hope Foundation touts a solid reputation and an innumerable amount of resources. Its centralized location is a definite advantage as are its numerous options beyond inpatient treatment. Those seeking halfway house living or continued outpatient services after their treatment have a lot of choices with other NHF facilities that will offer continued care under the same philosophies and network. If you or a loved one is in deep turmoil with addiction and on a limited budget, there is definitely still hope.

New Hope Foundation Location

80 Conover Rd
Marlboro, NJ 07746

New Hope Foundation Cost

New Hope Foundation Cost: $5,700 (28 days). Reach the New Hope Foundation by phone at 800-705-HOPE (4673). Find New Hope Foundation on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. I have a family member who has been waiting 2 weeks (so far) for a bed to the detox. They desperately want help and would like to get it ASAP especially now that they have a good support system in place. I just can’t tell you how upsetting it is for not only this person but for all of our family. How can someone believe this is a disease that kills and are asked to wait!!

  2. This is the most non compassionate facility I have ever encountered. You call daily for bed availability the operator is the rudest woman I have ever meant or spoken to. My husband was called saying a bed was available. I was at work so I could not transport him there. He had a friend in which didnt come to take him. We immediately called New Hope and made them aware. They said call in the early am and we will accommodate. Now we call and your nasty ignorant operator says. No sir I gave your bed away. Youll have to find somewhere else or go back on the list. What do you have to die to get help. You need to really hire someone that at least has compassion. Rudest most ignorant people I have ever meant. Im so glad my husband didnt leave for there. Never ever had I dealt with such arrogance and ignorance.

  3. They are somehow politically connected with Middlesex County Probation in some way, I’d like to find out where the connection is, whether it be pay-to-play or some personal relationship between this non-profit and someone in government. If required by probation to attend outpatient rehab, you are forced to go here as no other private rehab counts towards your probationary requirements.
    All they do is provide urine tests and make you sit for an hour in a room with no counseling at all.

  4. I was thinking of putting my son there. But after reading some of these horrific stories I’m not sure this is a great place to put him

  5. Went there way back in ’88, when it was on the psych grounds, when the psych center was still open…. They should have closed it with the rest of the psych center back then.

    Whatever stain was in that place has continued in ‘new hope’.
    It hasn’t changed one bit.

    It’s just a profit making front for some members of AA, making a profit off of AA, which is a completely dysfunctional program that destroys lives.

    “new hope” is just a p.o.s. “alano club” like all the other s-hole alano clubs and the like around the world. Except they charge people to go to the new hope alano club.

    It’s all a HUGE scam started by a stock swindler back in 1935.

  6. I’m I a social worker, I was visiting a loved one, they said be there by 9:30, they made us stand outside in a line like wild animals for almost 30 minutes, we finally get inside and the floors were so sticky you could barley walk, going to the bathroom you had to walk over huge trash bags thrown in the middle of the hallway, coffee and food stains all over the floor, water puddles, the chairs were completely stained or fabric was ripped off, they line the chairs up not even arm length away from other visitors during your visit in a dirty cafiteria facing whoever your visiting, once the visit was almost over a TA missing all his teeth was screaming 5 minutes people with his feet up on a lunch room table leaning back in his chair. I have been in multiple rehabs and other facilities in my line of work and I have NEVER experienced such filth, unfriendly staff and absolutely NO professionalism. I walked out of there disgusted, I will not go back and I will NEVER refer a client there. I don’t even want to know what goes on behind closed doors in that horrific place people call “NEW HOPE” there’s nothing hopeful
    About that place. Sickening.

  7. I also have a bad review…I have to go into an inpatient facility and some lady interviewed me on the phone and she’s asking questions about my passed charges and she’s laughing while she’s asking me…I no joke wanted to ask what was so funny cause I don’t find any of this stuff funny since I would be going into this place for 3 months and just for relapsing on marijuana…like calm down its gonna be leagalized soon…I could see why I would be going in if I did pills but I’ve only done marijuana!!!

  8. This rehab is run like a military by vicious monkeys! Complete brainless animals! You will only meet the most lowest form of ingrate degenerates there who will question and treat you like a kindergartener mainly because the diseased scum that go there are on ISP or homeless prostitutes that are extremely horny and only focus on the opposite sex and act like the jungle animalicious demons that they all are. There are a very rare amount of human beings in that facility.. Those are only the people who come to try and get something out of this experience but they are mainly harassed by the completely inappropriate and unprofessional “TA’s” that are on their own power trip whilst are drug addicts and users themselves. So do I advise anybody to go there? Anybody that truly seeks the right treatment should stay away from there and avoid the diseased workers and clients at all costs! This will be the biggest waste of time and you or your loved ones will leave this tehab with a million more connections to illegal drugs and alcohol. That was not only my experience. That was everybody’s experience who didn’t really have any obligation to be there. The counsellors DO NOT take their jobs seriously and they are even worse trash than what walks in there. The staff steals everybody’s expensive personal belongings and use and treat especially the women with the utmost disrespect and foul language. The staff harass and take advantage of only the ones who fear them. The staff break so many federal and state laws in this facility. They are on their cell phones all day and make fun of the weak. The staff flirt with and sexually harass whomever they please. Unless you crave attention and triggers, stay away from this dangerous environment. Hope this post helps those in need of TRUE rehabilitation and treatment! By the way, the nurses keep you drugged up on stuff that is way harder to detox and withdraw from than whatever addiction you came in with. You will come in hooked on alcohol or opiates but will leave addicted to sleeping pills and benzos and barbiturates which are way worse so you really have to pick and choose your demons. Good luck!

    • Michael Stanislawczyk on

      Inga, I could disagree with you more and please let me explain. I walked into there with a chip on my shoulders and in complete pain from withdrawal of 50 plus bags of heroin a day. I was ready to take my own life just to stop my pain and the pain I was calling others as I recieved the call that there was a bed open for me. Shit was definately lose in there but I am one who never has bit my tounge for anybody. I was there for a reason, a selfish reason and focused on me. However, I was a voice to be heard. I spoke out not only to my community but to the t.a’s,, the staff and yes, even the director and yes, sometimes I had to come off as asshole just to be heard but in the end I was given more respect and others began to respect themselves. Just as you spoke out on here, did you speak up in there. You have something to say, let it be heard because your voice, your feelings, your thoughts may be that one that gets through even if to just one person… Staff included. I’m not cocky but confident and when I speak, I make sure I’m heard. You can be to because it’s true when they say if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. If you’d like to talk, please, contact me… Who knows, maybe we can make a change cause of nothing changes, nothing changes.

    • I agree with you 100% up until leaving addicted to worse then you came in.
      I went for alcohol , but was phyically dependent on…sleeping pills,benzodiazepines,barbiturates and codeine. They wouldn’t give me ANY of my regular medications! And nothing for physical withdraws from them. It was horrific. A few librium for alcohol. Try to rush you out of detox too soon.
      Another patient and myself both went into severe panic attack n seziure.
      Blood pressue thur roof. Paging DR FEEL GOOD? Wt? And went back to detox for 2 more days. With only 2 librum n 1 blood pressure med.
      Food is CRAP had swollen legs n feet. That couldnt even fit in my shoes. Salt!!! Gross, food. Given nothing for that. Not 1 diuretic. And all counselors bitched at me for wearing flip flops. Nothing fit. And made me wear socks with them. Almost fell n busted my ass a few times.
      Never saw a Pych Dr. Either!

  9. mark ortman on

    i was there for three(3) WEEKS AND IT REALLY HELPED AND SAVED ME….THE FOOD IS DEFINATELY NOT “5 star cuisine” as mentioned above….the food is awful…..

    • Can anyone tell me about New Hope Foundation? Are the adults separate? Is it a good program for alcoholism?

      • The staff members by the name of ASHLEY, NATALIE and KIM will bring their own alcohol and drugs from home and sell them to the females that offer them the most amount of money.. Not sure how it is on the men’s side, but this is an extremely corrupt program that bribes drug addicts and harass people who actually try to get help. Also, prepare to have a ton of expensive personal belongings like jewelry and money stolen, mainly by the staff. And do not sign and paperwork! Beware of people who are legally obligated to be there as they will tear you to shreds and stay away from the opposite sex! It’s all about how to find more and new drug connections in new hope. Very few are strong enough to withhold themselves from this corrupt society.

    • That’s a first! Are you sure new hope didn’t just help you get more connections to drugs and drug dealers??? I’m pretty sure that’s what you meant.

    • Charlen Nonya on

      I am a nurse and the nurses there are so uneducated. The only good thing about the rehab is the food! Loud noises and a ton of fights. Sleepless nights. Stupid councelors. I only went because I needed my nursing lisense back. I am suing new hope for giving me headaches and not letting me get enouf sleep.

      • Why did you need your nurses license back Charlen?? Doing drugs and probably stealing drugs on the job in a doctors office or a hospital. I see you women in AA but most are more humble and honest about why they’re there.
        Frankly you’re lucky the authorities at your job didn’t send you to jail.
        NOBODY can sleep in rehab. Welcome to sobriety. You were used to passing out and now you need to learn to sleep. You’re coming down off of drugs and you actually expected them to give you MORE drugs to help you sleep? WTH? A month of less sleep won’t kill you. It shows you weren’t serious about your treatment if your major complaint was “you didn’t get enouf (spelling) sleep” You didn’t focus on your treatment-sounds like you just whined. You have an illness that could kill you and you’re complaining about the nursing staff. I hope you found sobriety eventually because I can tell you didn’t make it this time. It’s sad but you didn’t reach bottom.
        P.S. You didn’t sue New Hope-An attorney would laugh you out of his office.

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