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Located in the historic town of Canterbury, New Hampshire, New Freedom Academy provides residential treatment for young adult men between 18 and 35 who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Set on 17 pristine acres, New Freedom has provided rehab in a tranquil and structured environment since 2015.

Accommodations and Food

Newly renovated, the center includes single or dual-occupancy bedrooms for 20, all stylishly furnished with comfortable twin beds, desks and closets. Shared bathrooms are clean, modern and spacious. Clinical offices, group rooms and a 100-person capacity meeting room make up a second building, all newly remodeled and set on sprawling, landscaped grounds.

A Chef prepares nutritious and tasty meals on-site, serving residents in the café building. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated, and snacks are available around the clock.

Treatment and Staff

An abstinence-based program, clients remain at New Freedom Academy from 30 to 90 days. Engaging the 12-step model, clients attend daily AA or NA meetings on-site, study literature and complete step work with a sponsor. Along with daily meditation and community meetings, learning 12-step principles encourages clients to act with greater integrity and accountability. In addition to the steps, individual therapy sessions may utilize CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing (MI) and EMDR within the Stages of Change model.

Additionally, clients engage in group therapy three times a day on weekdays. These groups aim to develop healthy communication skills and identify triggers. Anger management, relapse prevention techniques and life skills training encourages independence. Daily chores and weekly group activities, yoga and nutritional coaching round out treatment. Visitation is on Sunday and families are strongly encouraged to attend Alanon meetings while their loved one is in treatment.

Those with co-occurring disorders benefit from a dedicated team of specialists offering evidence-based treatment. Though medication management is utilized if needed, New Freedom prefers to use medicines as a single piece in a larger, holistic treatment plan. A psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse and Master’s-level therapist determine the appropriate course of action, which often includes individual therapy, meditation, experiential therapy, sleep studies, exercise and nutritional counseling.

Though detox is not offered on site, transport to and from referred centers is arranged. Clients are ensured a supervised continuum of care from when they begin the process of recovery. Case managers, addiction counselors and therapists monitor treatment goals.


Aftercare plans include referrals to sober living or extended care facilities, 12-step resources, ongoing relationship counseling and six months of monitoring. For those in the area, a variety of alumni activities and volunteer opportunities are available.

In Summary

New Freedom Academy offers a targeted, gender and age-specific program in a serene, comfortable environment. With therapeutic modalities complementing 12-step work, clients find a supportive, structured and peer-driven program.

New Freedom Academy Location

367 Shaker Rd
Canterbury, NH 03224

New Freedom Academy Cost

Sliding scale (for 30 days). Reach New Freedom Academy by phone at (877)-852-4320 or by emailFind New Freedom Academy on Facebook

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  1. My daughter graduated from this program and I am thankful for it. I believe success comes from the person’s desire to change and put in the necessary work. And it does require work. My daughter’s case workers communicated with me and I was able to express any concerns with them and they responded. As a parent, this was a very positive experience.

  2. To some point I agree with the comments made by the two previous reviews. There was more to do than a meeting a night such as yoga class two times a week and they also brought you to the GYM three times a week. There was also movie night on site for Saturdays. If you were serious about getting sober and paid attention at the classes through out the day the structure was a good base for doing so. The staff was helpful and pleasant for the most part. I did notice a disconnect between the management and the regular staff that stayed with the clients in the dorms. I asked about this and was told management had regular meetings daily but that the information discussed in theses meetings was not passed down to the daytime staff in the dorms. This created some confusion at times and it’s something I think could have an easy fix. The facility was cleaned daily by the clients. There were options to call family through out the week and weekend visits. My concerns were with the information that was passed onto my wife during my stay. Unfortunately my insurance company would only pay for me to be there two weeks and then they wanted me to go to an out patient facility. How they can think someone is cured in two weeks is beyond me but that’s another story. My concerns with NFA were that my wife was told I was happy at the out patient facility which I was not and that it was a nice place and it was not. The facility I’m referring to is Queens City in Manchester NH. The house was old and run down. The toilets constantly ran and the client’s didn’t keep the house very clean. The back of the house looked like the local dump. The real kicker for me was when I turned the lights on in the kitchen one morning and saw cockroaches running across the counter. At that point I’d had enough and decided to leave the facility and go home. I am very fortunate to live near Portland Maine where there is a very strong presence for AA and a lot of meetings to go to. For me it was what I needed putting aside some of the issues stated above.

  3. This rehab is awful. Avoid at all costs. Literally the only good thing about No Freedom Academy is the food. They basically keep you for as long as your insurance will keep paying (usually 70-90 days) unless you plan on walking home. It’s in the middle of nowhere, the only “activities” are a meeting every night, at least a 20 minute drive away, and the ride is completely silent. No talking or music. No ipods allowed, no books allowed. It’s honestly fucking retarded and the program is a joke. You can get the exact same thing, save yourself 16,500 dollars, and also avoid a lot of ridiculous rules and a terrible staff by going to AA and working the steps.

    Basically the only point of their program is to funnel people into the Granite House or Queen City, both of which they own. If you are not going to either of these ridiculously overpriced aftercare options then they could not give two shits about you.

    Meredith, the aftercare planner and so called “family liason” is FUCKING AWFUL at her job. She never called anyone back, kept everyone in the dark, and straight up lied on numerous occasions to multiple members of my family.

    FUCK No Freedom Academy and Granite Recovery Centers in general. Money grubbing greedy little shits

  4. This rehab is an absolute joke for what you pay. I completed the program and was highly disappointed. The staff is exceptionally poor, most are addicts alcoholics with zero education on treatment and rarely have much more than a year of sobriety. They only intend to take your money and funnel you into the Granite House in Derry by manipulating your family into spending more money. They use AA which is widely available everywhere. Go to a meeting and get a sponsor. Save your money. If you do choose this joke of a rehab beware of Andy Young the quote in quote Family Liason. His sole job is to manipulate families into the Granite House. Good luck!

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