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New Found Life has been offering individualized, gender-specific and cost-efficient addiction treatment since 1993. It believes addiction is a treatable disease, rather than a moral failure, and take a holistic approach to rehabilitation. New Found Life also heavily emphasizes 12-step involvement, which is rather convenient given their location in Long Beach, California, one of the most active AA communities in the country.

Accommodations and Food

Men and women live in separate side-by-side residences, which have a very homey ambiance and are located less than a quarter of a mile from the beach. While New Found Life provides treatment for both sexes, they do not interact. The men’s home is a massive, Spanish-style house that accommodates 17, while the women’s is a modest craftsmen-style home that houses 11. Both residences offer semi-private rooms, which feature two twin beds, nightstands and sometimes a desk, and have common areas with large comfy couches and televisions as well as workout rooms with exercise equipment. There are also outdoor spaces available with tables and chairs.

While food is covered in the total cost of treatment, residents are responsible for preparing their own breakfast and lunch. For dinner, residents take turns cooking and shopping for one another. Each client has some sort of role during mealtime, whether doing the actual cooking or setting the table. This helps residents learn life skills and fosters a sense of community.

Treatment and Staff

New Found Life addresses the social, spiritual, psychological and physical needs of recovery. Upon arrival, each resident links up with a counselor, who acts as their treatment adviser for the duration of the stay. New Found Life does not offer detox, but can coordinate with a nearby facility.

Treatment elements include dual diagnosis and psychiatric care, individual therapy, group therapy, on- and off-site 12-step meetings, life skills training (in the form of education and rotating chores like cleaning the patio or the kitchen), drug and alcohol awareness education, job search training, spiritual sessions with mindfulness and meditation training, and experiential therapies like yoga, equine therapy and music therapy. They also sometimes take residents on organized recreation outings, such as to a nearby rock wall.

A typical day begins with a 6 am wake-up, followed by breakfast, an outside 12-step meeting, morning chores, morning meditation and a group meeting or an educational group. Residents then have lunch at 11 am before another group meeting and an afternoon of various process groups, recreational activities like yoga or walks along the beach and possibly an individual session. After dinner at 5 pm, residents have another process group and attend an evening 12-step meeting. Residents then relax until lights out in the late evening.

New Found Life has staff on-site around the clock. Their team includes a medical director with an M.D., a clinical director/therapist with a Master’s degree, a program director/certified therapist, four Master’s level therapists, two licensed addiction counselors, a licensed addiction counselor who is also a spiritual adviser with a Master’s in theology, an addiction educational adviser and house managers. The staff-to-resident ratio is about one-to-four or less, depending on the time of day.


On the last weekend of every month, New Found Life invites families to visit. On Saturdays, they host a Family Forum that features addiction specialists and physicians as speakers, helping families learn about addiction and the full impact of the disease. After that, they can spend time with their loved ones before finishing the day with an Alanon meeting. On Sundays, families can also set-up meetings with a counselor for family therapy (which can be done over the phone as well if families can’t attend in person), do equine therapy or simply relax with their loved ones.

After completing their intensive residential treatment, clients can enroll in a residential continuing care program, which serves as a transition between inpatient and Sober Living. Clients live in apartments nearby and can return to work and school. They are welcome to stop by the main buildings at any time for meetings, to join any activities or just to socialize.

New Found Life offers an aftercare program as well, which includes weekly process groups, 12-step studies, speaker meetings and social activities.

In Summary

It’s hard to go wrong with New Found Life. The staff is notably qualified and experienced; the treatment is thorough and comprehensive; it offers extras at an excellent price point; and it offers a lot of resources to get addicts in recovery back on their feet. As an added bonus, ex-residents seem pleased with the program—out of 16 Facebook reviews, New Found Life averages 4.9 stars out of 5.

New Found Life Location

2211 E Ocean Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90803

New Found Life Cost

$9,800 (30 days). Reach New Found Life by phone at (562) 434-4060 or (800) 635-9899 or via email at [email protected]. Find New Found Life on Facebook, YouTube and Google+

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  1. I was a guest of NFL almost 9 years ago. I stayed 90+ days and while I don’t keep in much contact with this facility I made some great friends and will celebrate 9 years on 10/4. NFL provided an excellent foundation in the 12 steps and I liked how you couldn’t go out with family until you got a sponsor. I’m choosy and waited to find a woman I respected and thus had to wait an additional 7 days to get an In N Out burger. Two other well known rehabs, one in Malibu and another in Rancho Mirage both recommended NFL to my family as a good aftercare program. I did not require detox and entered into this treatment center with 12 days of sobriety, so it worked out well for me and my loved ones. There were several folks that came here after their stay in another illustrious foundation in Minnesota. I hardly characterize this place as economical but compared to the two places I almost went, I guess most would say NFL is a far better value. Sobriety is what you make of it and you can find it anywhere at any price. I think preparing your own meals, cleaning up after oneself and other menial chores are exactly what the garden variety alcoholic needs. I was 32 years old when I entered NFL and while I was not the oldest, I skewed towards the mature side but that didn’t stop me from relating to my younger housemates and only wish I ‘got it’ when I was younger but that’s not my story. I have since moved from the LB area but I am still with the same company where I got my first ‘sober job’ while residing at NFL, albeit in a much higher position with much more responsibility.

    • I attended this rehab and their sober living for about 6 months. I found the staff to be very inexperienced and unprofessional. Favoritism, among other things was prominent with some residents getting treated better than others.

      The “owner” runs the rehab and all his residents on own will, making his job impossible and stressful causing him to lash out against random residents and his poor underpaid and inexperienced staff. This is seriously detrimental to the facility causing many of the problems mentioned before.

      This favoritism solicited by the owner and sometimes staff really effects anyone who has “graduated” from the rehab and attempts to attend their present but limited aftercare meetings. The owner alone selected who is allowed to be an “alumni” and attend alumni functions, no matter how bad or good they are doing. I will say I have seen this treatment center go far out of it’s way for some while pushing away others. Once again, favoritism is what I have seen in the past years.

      Ultimately, this is not a serious rehab. This is a sort of sober living style rehab. This place is more of a babysitter than a treatment center. There was not enough well thought out groups or treatments to fill a 30 day stay, which may be why they always ask you to stay 60 days and pay more money.

      I must add that as a sober member of AA for over 6 years in a row, this place terrorizes the local AA community and the 12 traditions of alcoholics anonymous, by selling the 12 steps and relying on local AAers to give it’s residents rides. Upon arriving to the AA meetings, these volunteers from AA must babysit the residents at the meeting. Moral of the story is this facility fills local AA with people who don’t want to be sober, who sometimes are not alcoholic and who never put a dollar in the basket. While this may not make complete sense to someone not in AA, let me tell you that for no money whatsoever, you can drop an addict off at an anon club or someplace with AA meetings for the day and get a better chance of recovery than NFL.

      If you are serious about care for yourself or loved ones, I would recommend a more professional rehab for a 30 day stay. If they are serious about recovery, they will go to AA after treatment. That is the cold hard truth, unfortunately.

      I will end in saying that finding a good rehab that is worth the money is very, very hard. In case you are wondering, based on my sober experience the best rehab in the US is probably Hazelden Betty Ford. I will say, no matter where you or your loved one goes for rehabilitation, if they are serious about recovery and staying sober, he/she can do it no matter what the circumstances!

      I hope this article was helpful to you and wish you or your loved one a safe recovery!

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