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With origins dating back over 30 years, Northeastern Ohio’s New Directions offers intensive treatment for adolescents. With a gender specific inpatient program that mixes 12-step based recovery with therapy heavy treatment, New Directions also maintains a focus on academics, making sure clients do not fall behind in their high school course work.

Accommodations and Food

New Directions uses a dorm-style facility which separates genders in different buildings. There are typically four clients to a room; the three rooms in each building come with two bunk beds for an average of 13 t0 18 clients on-site at a time (though there’s room for nearly 34 total). In fitting with the facility’s collegiate feel, bathrooms are shared and residents must take care of their own laundry. There is a chef on-site who handles the cooking, preparing two hot meals a day; breakfast is typically continental, with snacks provided throughout the day as well.

Treatment and Staff

Since their clients are of high school age, New Directions takes great care to instill a learning environment in the midst of the work of recovery. To this end, every resident in attendance receives a laptop to work on their studies, which is a major perk considering New Directions’ relatively low cost of treatment. The program typically lasts 60 days, though some clients have been known to complete their program in 45.

The teachers at New Directions are employees of nearby Orange High School, a highly ranked school in the nearby Cleveland suburb of Pepper Pike. Their teaching staff works in concert with clients’ native schools to make sure everyone stays on pace academically. Classes are held in the mornings, with the afternoons set aside for recovery. Each resident is paired with a primary therapist, with afternoons spent in group and private therapy. After dinner and a period set aside for recreation, clients can attend 12-step meetings both on and off-site. New Directions does offer a dual diagnosis program as well for co-occurring disorders, though this track comes at a slightly higher cost. There is no detox offered at New Directions, though after an initial assessment the intake team can help residents find a program at a neighboring facility to complete this process before enrolling.


With a firm understanding that their youthful clientele tends to have a lot of energy, New Directions ensures plenty of recreation time. There is an exercise facility on the grounds as well as a basketball court, volleyball court and pool table; New Directions also makes frequent outings off-site. In the past, residents have taken trips to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Football Hall of Fame, and engaged in other outdoorsy activities such as canoe trips.

While most inpatient facilities have some kind of family program in place, New Directions has one worth highlighting since each client’s family has a unique level of involvement in their program. Every Saturday morning during a client’s stay, parents or guardians can attend educational classes on recovery. Families are also welcome to attend a weekly session with a client’s therapist.

In Summary

With a comprehensive educational program mixed with 12-step recovery, relatively individualized care and dual diagnosis support, New Directions scores big on the basics of treatment. Their cost is certainly affordable considering their small client base, and they’re an established brand in the Cleveland area, making them more of a safe bet than some other competing programs. This is simple but effective treatment.

New Directions Location

30800 Chagrin Blvd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44124

New Directions Cost

$10,500 (30 days); $11,400 (for dual diagnosis). Reach New Directions by phone at (216) 591-0324 or by email at [email protected]. Find New Directions at FacebookTwitter and YouTube

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  2. As a former client of the male residential and recovery housing programs, I can personally attest that New Directions is only half as effective as they claim to be, if even that. The staff are either really chill and supportive people to talk to, or they’re self-entitled and argumentative, with little in-between. Therapists are even more hit-or-miss, and unfortunately the dual-diagnosis department is abysmal. Treatment is centered around packets that are mainly there to kill spare time. Many clients complain about the food, but honestly its pretty decent – a lot better than a public school lunch. The online schooling is probably the best feature of this facility, featuring 2 full-time teachers and one assistant that somehow are able to keep students on pace to graduate, or even recover credits (really, lots of appreciation out to the teaching staff).

    That being said, here is my personal experience: The first evening of my stay, I got to break up a fight that was a GD initiation. 5 clients were discharged within those first 48 rowdy hours, but things calmed down A LOT when the clientele dropped from 13 to 8. That lasted about two weeks. Honestly, my memories from ND all go by in a blur, but please be warned that any addict will find a way to get substances into here. My roommate was prescribed Ativan, a benzo, and on multiple hikes we found psychedelic shrooms. Coming into ND, I had only drank alcohol and smoked weed, so unfortunately I was surrounded by worse-minded people who didn’t really care. I joined in for God knows what reason. All I can say is that from the time spent here: I was dismissed from a superb private school nearby, I was pushed to the brink of loneliness and insanity, I was forced to “Accept” that I was an addict before any chance of discharge was spoken of, and I had to find myself in ways nobody should ever have to experience.
    If you are deciding to place your child in this facility, please realize there are other, tolerant ways to deal with your kids who experiment. If your child is an addict, by all means get them help, but if they’re anything like me, please please PLEASE consider if this kind of life-altering experience is really worth your child’s overall well-being.

  3. I’m really surprised by some of the negative comments. My daughter was a client at New Directions over i years ago when she was 17, and I can honestly say it saved her life. My 17 yr old son is currently there and when being bullied, the staff removed the bully. Remember, addiction affects all types of families, from different socio-economic backgrounds. Those with addiction also manipulate, to get what they want. It’s possible a client may blow a situation out of proportion to get his way, say to have a parent pull him out the first week instead of facing his addiction. Coddling an addict will only lead to his death. I suggest all parents and loved ones to attend the saturday morning parent classes so they can understand how to deal with someone that has this horrible disease and learn how not to be an enabler. You may save a life. Alanon support groups are vital, too. As for New Direction, they are probably one of the best facilities in North East Ohio, and they have a truly dedicated staff. I would recommend them to anyone thst needs help.

  4. Blazine Monaco on

    These are surprising comments and the exact opposite of what is known about New Directions’ reputation in our region. People who serve youth/adolescents or even adults with addictions didn’t enter this field with a primary goal of making millions. I’d also have to share that I’d bet every addicted person has crossed paths with the individuals described far before they came to New DIrections. They enter life-threatening situations every time they purchase drugs. I do know first hand that staff goes above and beyond what the job entails to support whoever enters their doors and hope everyone hears more of those stories.

  5. Mike Matoney, CEO, New Directions on

    Mike Matoney, CEO, New Directions – we are not a “perfect” adolescent and young adult treatment program as some of the comments indicate, yet 91% of parents and family members report being very satisfied with the services they received.

    Further, six (6) months post discharge our clients report:
    77% report improved school performance
    77% no new legal entanglements
    78% report improved family relationships
    69% drug & alcohol free

    We regret not being to assist all and we will continue to seek improvement in all areas.

  6. My grandson wasat New Directions for one week. When his mom went to visit, he told her that there were gang-like teens there and that they were continually threatening him. They went so far as to threaten him with his life. My grandson was afraid for his life. When my daughter spoke with an employee about this, she was told that yes, many of th kids at New Directions use the facility as a step-down facility after they’ve been released from hard core detention centers. many had tatoos of their gang “colors.” Also, my daughter was told my grandson would need a good pair of waterproof hiking boots for outdoor activities. To help, I had a great pair of boots along with a nice pair of warm gloves shipped to New Dirctions, obviously not realizing he would be leaving as soon as he did. I know the boots and gloves ($180 ) were delivered there but have no idea what they did with them. Then my daughter got a huge bill which she is expected to pay out of pocket because my grandson didn’t stay for the duration of his treatment. Well, no, not when his life is being threatened. The whole situation is a mess and I would not recommend this facility to anyone who wants help for their child.

    • @ Lisa I was looking at this place for my son after reading your comment I am second guessing looking into this place!

  7. New directions is a joke. They exist only to make money off your child’s addiction. Don’t waste your money or time with them. It is a great place for your drug addicted child to network to find better and cheaper drugs.

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