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The Basics

New Beginnings North is a sober living home for located in Chicago, Illinois for residents in early recovery from addiction and alcoholism. The facility is a lakefront building open exclusively to men on the north side of Chicago. In addition to providing a safe and secure environment for all residents, the organization’s staff can also assist in finding outpatient care or additional off-site support.

Accommodations and Amenities

The New Beginnings North facility is a 6,000 square-foot building with a total of 24 beds available for men.  All rooms are shared and include queen-sized beds with comforters, dressers, bedside tables and basic decorations. In addition to the bedrooms, the building also has seven bathrooms, four refrigerators, three dishwashers, three fireplaces, central air and heat, high-speed WiFi and cable TV, comfortable common areas and a kitchen. Throughout their stay, all clients are expected to cook and prepare their own meals.

Rules and Regulations

First and foremost, residents at New Beginnings North are required to sign a house behavioral contract that forbids a range of problematic behavior. All clients are forbidden to drink, do drugs or fight in the home. Residents are also expected to attend on- and off-site 12-step meetings—one meeting a day for the first 90 days of their program. Sponsors are required within a week. Curfews are enforced at 11 pm on Sunday through Thursday and at midnight on Friday and Saturday.

As with many sober livings, all clients are expected to do basic chores and to keep things clean and tidy. Sexual contact between residents is forbidden. Clients are also expected to commit to 25 hours a week of volunteering, though this doesn’t apply for those who are working a job more than 30 hours a week or who are attending school. Regular and random drug tests also apply. A full list of behavioral rules and regulations is also available on the facility’s website. As the program is relatively hands-off, those in need of extensive dual diagnosis support may want to seek additional help.


The New Beginnings North facility is also located a mere 10 minutes from downtown Chicago and is even closer to lakefront biking and jogging paths. Local businesses and transportation lines are also easily accessible from the facility. Lengths of stay in the program are flexible and as mentioned, those who complete a program can work with staff members to develop stepped down aftercare plans or wraparound services.

In Summary

Overall, New Beginnings North provides a tough-love approach to sober living for men with an emphasis on personal responsibility. The facility itself is expansive and comfortable, all conveniently located near local commerce and transportation. All residents are expected to work a 12-step program and to remain engaged at the home and in their personal lives as well. For men in the area looking for a strictly run sober living facility, New Beginnings North has programs worth considering.

New Beginnings North
809 W Lawrence Ave
Chicago, IL 60640

New Beginnings North Cost: $750 (30 days). Reach New Beginnings North by phone at (773) 960-4379 or by email at [email protected]

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  1. Patrice Coine on

    Response from the owner
    It is difficult to understand why someone who stayed with us in 2011 would write such an untrue review 7-8 years later. Not only is it false, but obviously irrelevant. Nevertheless, we wish him well. Please check out or reviews on Google which are overwhelmingly positive and provide accurate assessments of the quality of our recovery home.

  2. First if you are transitioning straight out of rehab and are taking your recovery seriously please do not go to this facility. I stayed there two seperate times and I personally was not ready to take responsibility for my recovery I will admit that right off the back, but if you are still in that mindset this place is a very bad place to go if you are fresh out of rehab. I openly knew how laid back and unstructured this place was and knowing that I went to this place two times just to get my parents off my back and the fact that there is no structure there is one of the other reasons because I knew I could openly use and get away with it and not be held accountable by the guy who was in charge of the house at the time, George and the director at the time Patrice. I phyically have never even seen what Patrice looks like. She lived out of state when I lived there and I to this day have no idea what she looks like, but she is quick to take your money and let George run the show but that was if George was even there. They are quick to take your money and call themselves a “sober living house” but I was not the only person who knew what was really going on and there were multiple residents there that were on the same thing as I was rather their were honest with themselves or tried to portray themselves as sober but everyone was using there. The only person who didnt use was the guy in charge of the house, George and the next person in charge after him who’s name was Sam. There is no sense of security there and people come and go as they please. At first I didnt know that there is a difference between a halfway house and a sober house. Sober houses are less strict and where you transition too after a halfway house. But from the first day I was there I noticed right off the back that there was no structure, and if you didnt have a job and find something to do to keep yourself busy there was absolutely nothing to do there. The neighborhood was kind of sketchy too down by the Aragon ballroom. The first time I went there I admit I was fifty fifty about staying sober and was there from September 2011 to December 2011. My second stint however a judge ordered me to go to rehab and after rehab I had to go to a sober living facility of my choice. Knowing how unstructured new beginnings was from my first stint there and how distorted my thought process was at the time I willingly and happily applied and went back to new beginings that was summer 2012 and was required to stay for atleast 30 days and sure enough nothing changed and it was even worse in my opinion. In recovery you meet people who are kind of in the same network of recovery programs and living facilities and after my 30 days was up I got out of there and continued to use until I finally decided to get my act together and after I left new beginnings that second time I finally got sober at the end of 2012 got serious about my recovery and program and went to one more rehab on my own to get my act together, but I promise you if I had stayed at new beginnings north up until around the time I legit got sober, there is no way I would have got sober staying at new beginnings. That was 2012 and I had ran into another person who was there around the time I was and they said nothing had changed. So as of right now I dont know who is running the place or maybe some people have had positive experiences there since but I know for myself personally my two times there it was not good. Their is no structured environement there, and I feel like Patrice would take anyones money and allow them to live there as long as they claimed they were sober. The only time the house had any type of meetings or group get together was on sundays for a 1 hour house NA meeting but other then that nothing. I know sober houses are more laid back then halfway houses but this place didnt feel like a halfway house at all and the guy who was in charge of the house George was such a pushover. He would give you drug tests once in a while but myself and a few of the other guys failed our drug tests and he just aloud all four of us to go detox across the street at the Chicago LakeShore hospital and as soon as we’d get out he’d let us right back in and we’d be using that same evening.

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