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Nevada Treatment Programs

Are you in need of substance abuse treatment in a Nevada drug rehab or alcohol rehab program? You’ve come to the right place. RehabReviews is the best source for unbiased recommendations to the best treatment programs in Nevada. Nevada alcohol rehab and drug treatment programs can provide you services such as detoxification and long-term rehabilitation in a safe and comfortable environment in addition to psychotherapy and support. If you are on the fence about getting treatment, keep reading to learn more.

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What Addictions Do Nevada Rehabs Treat?

Nearly three-quarters of the 2.8 million residents in the state of Nevada tend live in or around Clark County. Home to Las Vegas, Clark County has plenty to offer as far as recreation and attraction which is why it brings in more than 40 millions tourists each year. The high-level gambling action of the Las Vegas strip is a breeding ground for addiction.

The White House Nevada Drug Control Update revealed that Nevada’s rate of drug-induced deaths and the number of residents who report using illicit drugs in the past month are both above the national average. Overall, Nevada is ranked as one of the top ten states with public health problems associated with alcohol and drug abuse.

Substance abuse disorders account for an overwhelming percentage of the state budget for productivity losses, health care and treatment, injuries and accidents, as well as drug-induced deaths. Therefore, the growing epidemic of alcohol and drug abuse is a concern for all state residents.

Treatment programs in Nevada most frequently encounter patients who cite the following as their primary problem:


Often called “uppers”, stimulants are the most common substances that patients entering Nevada drug rehab admit to being addicted to. Including both amphetamine and methamphetamine, there were over 1,800 stimulant-related admissions to inpatient treatment centers in 2010. If you are having difficulty controlling your stimulant use, don’t try to quit alone. Studies show enrolling in a qualified inpatient rehab program, or even partial-day outpatient rehab program, can lead to higher success rates.


Many people think marijuana use cannot lead to addiction. Marijuana is often viewed as a gateway drug that results in an individual moving on to more dangerous, physically and psychologically addictive substances. For instance, many people entering treatment programs in Nevada cite marijuana as a primary concern (White House data shows over 1,500 in 2010) for getting help, while others cite it as a secondary or tertiary substance abuse problem.


Although seen less frequently than stimulants and cannabis in Nevada drug rehab programs, heroin continues to be a problem for Nevada residents. Nearly 800 heroin addicts entered treatment in Nevada in 2010. Getting help for a heroin addiction is important for your health and that of those around you since intravenous use can cause a host of health risks such as contracting HIV or hepatitis.

Prescription Narcotics

Prescription opioid analgesics are also on the rise in Nevada as they are around the United States. Approximately 550 individuals entered treatment for other opiates aside from heroin and cocaine in 2010. If you are someone you know has developed an addiction to prescription narcotic drugs, get help at one of our highly recommended Nevada rehabs today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nevada Rehabs

If you have come to the point of accepting or admitting that you need professional treatment for your substance abuse problem, you have made the very first step. Recovery is a long process but every step counts.

Many addicts looking to get professional treatment are often confused about the process of enrolling in one of these quality treatment programs in Nevada. Below, RehabReviews has included a number of common questions addicts and their family members often ask about going to a Nevada drug rehab program:

Can’t I work to quit using drugs on my own? Why do I need professional help?

Many research studies have proven the effectiveness of Nevada rehabs. Whether you enroll in an outpatient rehab or an inpatient rehab program, your odds are better than doing it alone. Plus, these treatment programs can offer you education about providing your body with proper nutrition after addiction, medical-supervision during detox to minimize the effects of withdrawal, and counseling with trained mental health providers.

Which type of program is best for me?

All addiction treatment programs are different and not all of them are for you. The program you decided on should offer you quality psychotherapy, support, and education. Read up on a variety of programs and their treatment approaches and see which ones are most attractive and fitting with your needs. It is best to make this decision with your loved ones beside you.

How long does a Nevada alcohol rehab or substance abuse treatment program last?

The answer to this question is dependent on the type of program you choose and the severity of your addiction problem. You may also require complementary treatment for comorbid or preexisting conditions or mental illnesses which may lengthen your treatment process. Generally, inpatient treatment centers offer a range of 48-day, 60-day, 90-day or longer programs.

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Do I have to give up my life to get proper treatment?

Many addicts worry about moving away from their spouses or children to get their addiction treatment services. If this is a concern for you, you might be able to enroll in an outpatient rehab for partial-day services. These programs are typically ideal for addicts who are in the early-stages of addiction or who have less severe forms. If you have persistently tried to quit before with no success, have two substance for which you need treatment, a comorbid psychiatric disorder, or are a danger to yourself or others, you should probably be admitted into a partial hospitalization or inpatient rehab facility.

How much do Nevada rehabs cost?

Rehabilitation services can vary widely in cost. These numbers depend on the treatment facility, the length of stay, and the type of treatment you will be receiving. Yes, rehab can be costly but it is worth the money when you consider the danger your life would be in without getting sober.

If you need financial assistance in order to cover your treatment, consider insurance for rehab. Many policies have a mandatory option for mental health and substance abuse treatment. Additionally, many Nevada rehabs offer financing through the facility or a third-party lender to provide loans for individuals who cannot afford to pay for treatment.

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