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MultiPlan Network Addiction Treatment

MultiPlan Network Addiction Treatment

When facing the realities of drug addiction recovery, one of those realities is the shear cost of treatment. Treatment can be quite expensive, especially if it is a residential treatment program. Just a simple drug abuse recovery maintenance program can cost up to $4,700 a year, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Because of these high costs, many individuals who are struggling with drug addiction turn to their insurance provider for financial help.


MultiPlan Network is a regional PPO network health insurance that serves people in the southwest as well as the state of Wisconsin. It is known as an excellent insurance company that processes around 110 million insurance claims per year. For those who are struggling with substance abuse disorders, MultiPlan has a solid reputation for offering excellent coverage under its behavioral health coverage.


Types of MultiPlan Network Addiction Recovery Options


MultiPlan Network addiction recovery options cover everything from inpatient hospitalization for medically-assisted detox to outpatient counseling and recovery treatment. However, they do first ask for the individual to see an in-network primary care provider for a diagnosis and referral. If recovery is possible without more intervention, then this is what the insurance prefers. Other treatment requires the referral from the primary care provider.


Once you have the referral, you will need to find addiction treatment facilities that are in your network to ensure that you have full coverage. Your doctor and therapist will determine the ideal length of treatment, and extensions may be possible with permission from the insurance provider.


Costs for Treatment in Addiction Treatment Facilities Under MultiPlan Network Insurance


Each MultiPlan Network policy is unique, but the majority of policies do charge a deductible and co-pay that patients are responsible for before the insurance will kick in. After the deductible and co-pay are met, patients may still be responsible for a portion of the cost of their care, depending on the type of facility chosen and the details of the policy.


Exclusions from MultiPlan Network Addiction Recovery Coverage


While MultiPlan Network addiction recovery coverage is considered excellent, it does not cover all types of treatment. Some treatments that may be excluded include:


  • Luxury treatment
  • Alternative therapies
  • Group therapies
  • Executive treatment
  • Spiritual treatment programs


If you feel that one of these addiction treatment centers would be you best option for a full recovery, talk to the facility about the options available to you. Many offer payment plans that will help people afford the costs of recovery. Otherwise, with MultiPlan Network addiction recovery coverage, you can get excellent coverage for other forms of drug abuse and addiction treatment.